Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lessons Learned From Students Part 4 of 5- El Topo

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Today we have part 4 of the Lessons I’ve Learned From Students.

So far we’ve heard about the power of reframing from the Admiral


We learned all about the power of classifying touching from Tequila


And we learned about investment and flake management from training Future


Today we’re gonna be tackling what I learned from teaching the enigmatic El Topo.

I was El Topo’s original bootcamp instructor when he took his program in Phoenix. I thought the guy was a little nuts. He talked about how he’d played in bands and had done a ton of drugs on tour. He also bounced around the clubs that night like he was still on the junk ☺

Later on I found out that he had driven from Fort Worth to Phoenix to take the program. He showered at truck stops and slept in his car. He was definitely dedicated.

The last night of his program I ended up stealing this hot redhead he had opened. I ended up banging her then going back out to meet the guys at Denny’s. There was El Topo hanging out with Captain Jack, Tenmagnet and two Mexican girls.

I honestly didn’t think much about him again after that, until he started to hang out at the same bars Captain Jack was at in Dallas. CJ told me that he thought he had potential and had coached him to a couple of same night pulls.
So I hung out with him and CJ a few nights. I noticed that ET was kind of crazy. He had a tendency to really push the envelope when it came to the boundaries of taste. It was almost as if he was always trying to get a reaction out of people by saying the most twisted things he could think of. I believe I once called him “ The most reactive person I have ever met.”

But despite that he started to get better with women. Furthermore he was able to really break down a lot of what CJ and I were doing. In fact he was the first guy to point out that Captain Jack didn’t really DHV at all.

In fact he called what CJ was doing grounding story-telling. The idea of grounding in the old school Mystery Method sense of the word was to tell stories about your life to illustrate how you attained your identity. El Topo took it to mean something else. He took grounding stories as an opportunity to ground yourself emotionally. This idea was a great innovation for attraction. Now instead of telling women about how you rescued your ex girlfriend whose a supermodel from a tiger or a group of horny stalkers, you could tell stories from your life that give women clues as to how you’re going to behave in the future as well as stimulating them emotionally in order to draw them in for qualification. This was a great new tool for attraction as well as a great explanation of what CJ and I had been doing for awhile.

The cooler part was that grounding could be used in all sorts of situations from day game to dealing with strippers and hired guns. Everyone has stories from their lives that can be used to ground your personality. In fact we have an hour long exercise we teach at all the 12 Months To Mastery Bootcamps for just that purpose. Grounding also added another way to be emotionally stimulating which is a major part of being interesting, one of the four tiers of Natural Attraction.

There’s a lot of great stuff in there, be sure to be back here for the finale to hear what I learned from the most hard case student in my 3 person coaching group, I guy I like to call Outkast.

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  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    How has no one commented on this guy yet? Have people seen the videos he's been putting out lately? One word: CREEPY.

    Sinn, I appreciate the way you approach this subject, infusing psychology and pop culture references along the way, because it's interesting and informative. The last 5 posts on your former/current students and the Sex and the City posts were well done.

    I have one question for you Sinn: how do you feel about training creepola-robots like El Topo? (good, bad, ambivalent - it would be interesting to know)