Friday, August 07, 2009

End Of Week Vlog

Hey look, it's a VLOG where I'm not in bed and it's not creepy :)


  1. Hey Sinn,

    Looking forward for the stuff on monday.

    Couldn't agree more, the only thing that gets you with sticking points there all internal and not external, per se.

    Anyway man,
    See you on the forums.

    Later days!


  2. Sinn,

    I'm a big fan of your work in the community. You seem to be a very honest, no-bullshit kind of guy and I have a lot of respect for you, because of that.

    I'm wondering, since you've decided to debunk popular myths about social and psychological science as seen in the seduction community, if you'll consider that NLP is not accepted among the general scientific community as effective and what that means for the myriad of pickup ideas that are based on principles of NLP.

    What concepts have you found helpful in NLP and why do you think they've been helpful to you?

  3. The most helpful and honest guy in the community. He's also a really cool person and I felt SO much caring from him at my bootcamp. I'm not going to lie he cut out alot of bullshit in my head that I use to read from all marketing hype and stuff. I am soo thankful I took his bootcamp instead of anyone else's because the community has really fucked me up bad. I was headed on a downhill path and he did what he could in 3 days to reverse me off that path. Thanks man, love ya.

  4. I used to eject to easily, and didn't kknow why i couldn't even plough... I thought i was holding up ppl's time..then i realised i took every set as practise that i didn't take them seriously enough. When i started aiming for numbers, i finally broke thru my barrier and could plough and make conversations that last at least 5 mins..and close.

    Its also pushing thru that pain barrier...getting comfortable with things that were once least for me..