Saturday, March 01, 2008

First three lair talks are scheduled!

Hey guys,

Couple of things, first I want to thank everyone for the outpour of support for my lair talk tour idea. I really appreciate it and will try to get to EVERY lair I can. The only real issues are monetary, as I can't really afford to fly out somewhere and get a hotel for a free talk :( I'm gonna try though...

On to the announcement. The first three talks have been schedule and will be;

1. Socal Lair- March 13th.
2. Dallas- March 17th
3. TOP Lair in Orlando- March 21st.

I'll be updating later this week as to the topics of the talks. Usually i let the group pick what they want me to talk about. So if you're hitting me about a lair talk make sure to include what the group wants to hear about.

Can't wait to meet all of you guys.



  1. Hey Sinn,

    I thought Dallas was going to be on the 17th?


  2. Hope you get a chance to come by Houston. El Topo just came by and the turnout was great. Thanks!

  3. Hey Sinn,

    I'm looking forward to having you speak at the SoCalLair. For those in the Los Angeles Area that want to come, go to or visit the lair at

    See you soon.

  4. Hey Sinn,

    I am the owner of the San Diego lair and we would love for you to talk to our guys ...

    Also, any guys that are into pickup and in san diego, go ahead and email me for an invite