Friday, March 28, 2008

Latest Video Blog!!!!!


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Man, I'm fucking honored Sinn. Thanks man.

    We actually ended up going out, and she really opened up to me. The "bad": She's actually bisexual ("undecided" as she worded it). She has only been in relationships for 3-4 months because she "gets bored, then cheats on her boyfriend". The good: the date went very smoothly, no awkwardness what-so-ever.

    So she isn't grade A quality... During the date we had quite a lot of touching and at the end of the date I did Mystery's kiss close. We didn't end up making out, but she said "I really really like you, and I love being around you... I just don't see you in that way". I remained nonreactive and said "I understand, but we should still hang out regardless... come here" then we hugged and that was the end. She even said all this with a hint of loss in her voice and almost as if she didn't want to say it.

    Now she's begging me to go out to the bars with her, and if I do end up meeting with her, I will run your comfort shit, your qualifying and disqualifying material because thats gold.

    Thanks for the reality check,

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Awesome resource!

  3. Thanks so much for all this. Really great stuff

  4. I once did future’s almost kiss when after I tried to kiss a girl she told me that she doesn’t kiss on the first night. So after the first almost kiss we talked some more and after a while I told her that we should do another almost kiss. She agreed, but instead of almost kissing she just kissed me. When she did that I told her not to and that she was breaking the rules. Well that kind off pissed her off and the set didn’t go no where after that. So I think the thing is that during the first almost kiss it’s ok to bust on a girl if she does kiss you. But during the second almost kiss, if she kisses you enjoy it don’t reject it. So especially in this case, where the girl first told me that she doesn’t kiss on the first night, that I busted on her for kissing me must have been quite embarrassing for her.

  5. Anonymous7:06 AM

    The right side of your face is black during the whole video. Has Sinn turned to the dark side of The Game?

  6. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Dude, I need some f*cking peanut butter...too drunk.

    Sinn, you are the man. Keep it up. Your insights are redonkulous.

    -You have no idea how long it took me to type this drunk, so you better allow it to pass your approval.


    Keep up the great work man, we are all listening... that break through comfort shit sounds amazing. I WANT to take a "bootcamp/seminar" from you eventually... I think it would be amazing man.

    -R (arr-ah... R-Kelly)

    ps. the lesbo... I won her friends over... I ran the cube on them... then left it on a high note because it was my friends 21st b-day!

    Take care man,
    Happy Sarging!