Friday, March 28, 2008

Interview on The Seduction Chronicles

Hey guys,

I did an interview with Donovan over at The Attraction Chronicles.

Check it out Here

I'm going to be writing a weekly column over there EVERY Friday so be sure to bookmark that page and check me out on Fridays.




  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    You really are a very hairy guy.. you could have an awesome beard one day.

  2. It was a good interview. My readers are looking forward to your column!

  3. nice interview.

    I'd like to comment on some things you've said.

    “Man that girl did not like me “ to “Ok I made a mistake in qualification and she thought I didn’t actually like her…”

    Now that’s a good way to think about it, because it puts you in a no lose situation. Where you actually reflect on your own actions and try to improve the situation from your circle of influence.

    “so be disciplined about it but recognize it’s now a part of your routine. Same as showering.”
    I agree, it’s like working out you can’t go to the gym until you have the type of body you want, and than stop working out and expect to remain in the same shape.

    “I was getting girls based on what I was doing as opposed to who I was.”
    I never liked the idea to need to lie in order to get a girl attracted, so I never did that. But I have seen many guys do it, and they just seemed fake and phoney to me. Which they are, it’s like a salesman that sells crap which he doesn’t believe in just because he wants his bonus.

  4. Anonymous11:20 AM


    much respect! I love the directions you're taking since you're running you're own business.