Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hey guys,

I just did my first interview after leaving TMM. It was with A.J and Jordan over at Pick-Up Podcast.

You can check it out Here

We discuss my new take on teaching and the future of what I hope to bring to this industry.



  1. THETANK11:20 AM

    A+ honest and to the point
    props to you man!

  2. I enjoyed this interview a lot. After teaching for a year and a half or so, and reading and listening to almost everything out there, I have pretty much reached my information capacity. It is rare that I actually learn something from an interview, or here something someone says that really makes me think. I got some of that from your interview.

    When you talked about not really developing personality as you matured because you instead just developed a "pickup personality" (paraphrased), this got me to thinking about how my personality has developed, and how that development has been influenced, affected, and possibly stunted by past heart break, and then the pickup community. This stimulated my own thoughts more than any other "pickup" type information or interview has in a while.

    Plus, I am a big comic book geek too, and it is nice to hear about others out there that get girls, and are into cool comics too.

    Well done, cheers.

  3. Hey what's up bro- I just heard your interview. Mad props, it takes balls to reveal the things you did.

    Much respect, if you want bro- I want to get with you steve, cj and--exchange ideas.

    Maybe get together for happy hour before Republic Tuesdays or something

    if your down let me know

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I can't log on to your website. Is it open or is the problem at my end. I can't find An E-mail addres to ask for help. Sorry

  5. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I loved the interview!

  6. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Sinn, that was really cool......the one thing that i really liked about the podcast and your videos is that it sets the right rhythm, it sets the right tempo for hearing how you talk (as a PUA) which i think analysing that is important...i feel at times that the rate i talk at is too quick and will lack control and hearing you talk kind of sets a "guildline"...granted the content that you're talking about is important but the way you speak holds weight as well......well, enough about that...your interview was awesome...nothing but respect for you Sinn

  7. Excellent. That was probably my favorite podcast from pickuppodcast, and I've listened to about half of them.

    Sinn: Would you say that your lousy inner game prior to your recent developments goes hand-in-hand with your age, ie generally that guys that age (20-24) have a lot of growing to do? Reason I ask is it seems like a lot of the PUA instructors are around that age, whereas the older guys (David D, Wygant, even TD) have it figured out as a natural progression of age and life experience.