Monday, March 24, 2008

Lair guidelines

Hey guys,

I’m sitting here in the Orlando airport with the slowest internet connection ever, but that doesn’t stop me from bringing the heat…

I just finished doing a couple of programs for the guys in the TOP lair. Props to Zuzu for setting everything up! It was good to meet some of the guys down there. Zuzu runs a tight ship. It’s probably the best lair I’ve ever been to, and I asked Zuzu how he was able to keep the level of discussion so high. He said that running the lair came down to three things:
1. Make guys post 3 field reports a month. This is a GREAT idea! This forces everyone on the board to actually like go out and talk to girls. It also will quickly separate the KJs who will then be banned. I think this should be adapted by every board out there.
2. Once every three months there is a lair event. Zuzu runs what he calls an approach-a-thon where the guys meet up in a high traffic area of town and try to do as many approaches as possible. This is a great fun way to get guys to meet each other. That way the guys who get along can start to wing together and the other guys at least put names to faces. One of the funniest moments of the weekend was my continued inability to process why there wasn’t a prize for the winner. That’s just me being way too competitive though ☺
3. Moderate the bullshit off the board. I know it’s America and everyone has the right to say whatever they want. But the truth is a lair is only as good as the content on it’s board or email list. If that stuff sucks then better guys get bored and stop reading/posting. I don’t think in any way Zuzu censors anything but he does keep pointless threads and questions that have already been answered a bazillion times off the boards.

Really makes a huge difference. The TOP lair had a bunch of cool guys who were already getting results and still committed to getting better. Including RSDnation star Ratisse and long time ASFer Nilatek. Good to put faces to those names.

Overall the weekend was great El Topo and I did a lair talk on Fri night and then Saturday I sat in on ET’s red stack seminar which was the shit. His stacks are soo different it’s almost revolutionary. Then I taught SNLs.

Sunday I taught Breakthrough Comfort and then got stuck when my connection through ATL was canceled for the second time in two weeks. Which led to me creating a new rule for life which is never have a layover in ATL.

Here’s reviews from the weekend….

I ended up going to everything. The lair talk and all three seminars. I saw a lot of value in everything. Normally I don't endorse products or anything but I have to say that I would have paid more for these. Both Sinn and el topo are really good at the way they present the material and they do their best to make sure you understand it.

For anyone that that is hesitant about taking one of these I would say go for it. With my experience level I didn't know how much I would get from these but after sitting though them all I was fairly impressed. What course(s) is going to depend on the specific goals of the pua.

SNL- I learned some new stuff from this program but the big thing it did for me is that it solidified in my mind what I was already doing. For anyone not pulling and closing on a regular basis I would highly recommend this program.

Breakthough comfort- This program literally blew me away. The information that Sinn released in this left me with chills. As he was teaching this I was having epihanies pop up in my head. Ways I could use this and how I made girls fall for me in the past. Really powerful stuff.

Red stack- This is a massive tool for anyone that wants to be able to generate a highly dynamic interaction between yourself and women. Honestly if you are not getting the results you desire in set I would give this a shot. It's cheap for $500.

These guys told me they are planning on coming back in July. I would recommend taking these.

I’m really psyched that the first weekend of programs went so well. In the future I’ll be working with the greatest collection of talent in the community including El Topo, Captain Jack, In10se, AFC Adam and many more. It’s nice to finally have control over instructor quality! Life is good.



  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    hell yea Sinn...i'm really pumped to hear you're going to do more lairs in any chance, do you have any thoughts of doing any talks in the ny area?...if not, i'm def gonna have a flight booked for're the man Sinn

  2. "In the future I’ll be working with the greatest collection of talent in the community including El Topo, Captain Jack, In10se, AFC Adam and many more. It’s nice to finally have control over instructor quality! Life is good"

    Very goooood, oh and get your bff Future to make a comeback I say :P

  3. Congrats bro, good to see you branching out and still doing well.

    Can't wait to see what things are in stored for you

  4. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Hey man, just wondering, will you be doing BCs anytime soon? And will you have the same 100% money back guarantee as the TMM camp?

  5. Anonymous1:05 AM

    sounds really awesome, dude!

    those programs are held in front of lairs, right? what about non-lair guys like me? how can i attend?

    and as you mentioned afc adam......are you going to do programs in europe? THAT would be the shit!



  6. If anyone is even thinking about Breakthrough Comfort or SNLs - my recommendation is to just do it.

    They are revolutionary.

  7. Cool man... we run our lair with similar guidelines.

  8. Great stuff Sinn! This really looks like the real deal and I can't wait til I can save up enough to attend one of these..thanx for the info and the great job you're doing, keep it up!

    Btw, I know you hate the airport here so (all of us do lol), but it would be great to have a talk here in ATL! I second bringing Future back!