Thursday, March 06, 2008

How " Curb Your Enthusiasm" helps your game.

As many people know, both CJ and myself are big fans of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as we find larry David's particular brand of asshole behavior hysterical. He also reminds both of us of Shaft except way more of an asshole.

Onto how this applies to game. As many people have no doubt read here or on CJ's blog. We believe that the number one rule of pick-up is to ignore anything that doesn't help you. However this can lead to uncomfortable silences if you don't know what to do while ignoring something.

I'll list a few of your options while ignoring things.

1. Talk louder than what's being said or done. This is an active frame control technique. Meaning that you are actively trying to shift the attention of the interaction off of what you don't want and onto your own conversational threads by simply being louder. This can come off as try hard.

2. Act like you didn't hear what was being said. This on can be highly effective. You just act as if you didn't hear what the girls just said and continue doing your thing.

3. The Larry David. The LD is a combination of entirely ignoring what the other person just said and changing the subject to something completely different. The best example comes in the pilot episode of the show where Larry is being talked to about a friend's dead someone( Mother?) and instead of answering the questions of what he was doing and what took him so long, he asks if they can believe his gum only costs 79 cents. The essence of an LD.

So when ignoring things, it can be greatly helpful to remember our bald friend Larry David and change the subject to something non-sensical.



  1. I love this show, I always watch it w/ my dad and I did not know you guys liked it. I use the ignoring thing alot...and maybe at the wrong times.

  2. PUA! at the Disco3:01 PM

    hahahaha my homie/wing LOVE this show too!

    "you still go to this guy even with affirmative action"



    btw, toecutter review all up in my grill soon? si?

  3. The episode where he asks Xena the warrior princess girl is classic.

    "I don't want you to think I'm a cool guy or anything... but would you let me waste a couple hours of your life."

  4. The episode where his pants make it seem like he has a boner is friggen amazing.

  5. Related to this: how do you decide whether you're going to ignore a shit test or whether you're going to give a response to it that passes the shit test (e.g. some CF response etc)?

    I've realized that at certain times if I try to pass a shit test with anything but ignoring it, it is counterproductive. But it's not as simple as "ignore it in comfort, pass the shit test in attraction."

    Do you have some sort of guideline for this?

  6. Curb your Enthusiasm is one of the funniest shows ever. Absolute genius.

    Remember the episode in the first series when Larry's wife's Aunt had died and he arranged the death notice in the newspaper.
    The text he submitted contained a typo - Beloved Cunt.
    LOL - simple but genius

  7. Hi:

    I haven't see the show, but I will.

    Thanks for posting with so much passion. It's great to read your blog, man.