Monday, March 03, 2008

Video Blog Part Deux


  1. Good stuff Sinn. I would like to comment on your thought about surrendering to the moment.

    I read a book recently called "self-discipline in 10-days". It tells that there is a side in all of us that does not want to accomplish anything. It wants us to stay inside of our comfort zones. This side of us is called Hyde.

    Hyde tries to poison our efforts whenever we try to step out of our comfort zone.
    The poisons include:


    Hyde does not want us to achive our goals, so we sabotage ourselves with poisonous thoughts.

    This is where surrendering plays such a healthy role. The phrase "I'M GOING TO BE OK" is like an antidote.

    When I feel the negative thoughts waining through my head, I like to inhale as deep as I can, hold it for 5 seconds and then exhale. I Feel my body release. I Surrender. I feel relaxed in the moment.

    Thanks Sinn, quality video.


  2. Great! Puts humanity to cold text.

    Looking forward to more.

  3. I love these video blogs because I feel like you can communicate your ideas better than in writing. Because for me, writing complex ideas such as pickup would be hard (especially framing, if you get around to it).

    Keep it up, we are listening.

  4. You seem much more positive on video. I love your videos Sinn. Thank you for the value, and I WILL send you an email soon when I find out what to say.

  5. Awesome, getting so much out of the video blogs, keep em up!

  6. Sinn, all i gotta say is you are the man...these ideas in your videos and posts are absolutely mind blowing.....btw, i'm relatively new to the game and def looking forward to reading your book and attending one of your seminars

  7. Anonymous1:34 AM

    You know you seem friendlier on video than in the written word.

    I cant help feeling though that you and Tyler were separated at birth! :p

    Great video, and very helpful.

    Maybe you could shed a little light on breakthrough comfort? I understand you would want to keep a lot of it for your seminars but its one of the areas that have very little coverage.

  8. Posts are great, videos are even better.

    Keep it up


  9. Cool stuff man! wish you could post some LR video :)

  10. Great advice Sinn!

  11. Anonymous9:25 PM

    This is amazing stuff!!
    It partially explains why guys quickly fall into one-itus.

    Thx Sinn !!!


  12. Anonymous11:18 PM

    thx sinn for your effort it helps really I try this out with being in the moment when approaching

  13. Some really valid points that hit home for me, so it was good to hear [rather than just read..made me feel like I was sitting in Chicago with you and Future again :-p], especially about "One thing smart guys are good at, is making excuses" - I finished that sentence even before you did and started laughing, because I know it's true, with myself personally and generally that I've noticed.

    [And I love the "If you like to drink :-) I do :-D" loll]

    Also, "What you resist, persists"..and it rhymes.

    Thanks for the different ways to approach or think about anxiety, it really does help!

    Oh, and about the brain region causing real physical sensations of associated with anxiety, the cingulate gyrus is part of the limbic system and does play a role in the process you described, but I think it is more the amygdala that deals with the signaling of things related to anxiety and fear, as well as positive sensations such as reward.

  14. Michael2:43 AM

    You strike me as being very cool and laid back, I can see why the girlies like you. Very good and insightful video

  15. Anonymous9:48 PM

    i'm gonna make my own post about it