Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Ass cup of destiny!!!!

I'll probably write a longer post about sexual escalation at some point this week, but for now I want to add a small piece that I've been using when it's on.

It is the Ass Cup of Destiny(ACOD for short). My thinking was that there has to be a way to figure out how comfortable a girl is going to be with you putting your hands in her pants. IME that's where you're going to get your LMR when you do things in a sloppy way. I've never really gotten LMR before the pants. So I started thinking about how you could test for this in a venue, on a date or walking up to your place.

It started off with me reading a zan post about how he was talking to these two girls while he had his hands on each of their hips under their thongs. But that wasn't quite intimate enough. It hit me one night when I was on a date. It was on there was tons of sexual tension, I had set all my sexual frames and we were in the process of walking from one bar to another, when I noticed she had a much nicer ass than I had realized earlier. So i said something like " I really want to grab your ass right now" she was silent which I always assume means consent and I stuck my hand down her pants and cupped her ass. I also learned she wasn't wearing underwear at this point :)

So since it worked once I decided to add it to my game. I've now used this for the last few moths on dates and SNLS. It's a great tactic because it involves you putting your hand down her pants to get her used to it, but doesn't involve anything she can actually get mad about or turned on enough for her to lose state.

Obviously it has to be on and you have to have a sexual vibe and frames set in order for this to work. So have some common sense and don't just run around shoving your hands down random girls pants as you will get in trouble. And rightly so. So that's my idiot disclaimer. But when it's on don't be afraid to cup that ass.

Since I started this technique, I have yet to not close a girl who allowed me to cup the ass...



  1. YES!!!...Getting her comfortable before the act just makes the act easier later...
    I am coming along but in my game I have noticed that if within flirting you do the "hair pull" , the make out is definitely happening!
    This sexual escalation shows dominance and puts the girl at ease for what is coming next.
    Just my thoughts!!!

  2. I've noticed something kind of like this, too..I didn't have a specific tactic or test to run to gauge where the girl is at, but when I have randomly done something "in the moment", it made things later on that much quicker/easier.

    For me, it's seemed like a sort of sexual kino-escalation meets push/pull, since you get her used to your touch like being touchy-feely [but in a sexual way now] and at the same time you pull her in with the action..but rather than completing escalation then, you kind of push her away after it [especially since you are not in a place to escalate at the time, anyways..well, I haven't been - I'm not anywhere near you and CJ's level of being able to close a girl in/just outside of wherever, period, much less on the same night of meeting her loll].

    And then there's no awkwardness/uncomfortable feeling later when you escalate "with intent" - it's normal. So there's much less [if any] ASD/LMR.

  3. Hey man,
    I did the ass cup.

    I ran into a girl I knew at a bar and she was ALL over me, grinding on me etc. I kept pushing her off me, until she came up to me and grabbed my ass. I said "Well, if you are going to be so forward..." then I cupped that ass, pulled her in and she grabbed my crotch! and ran her hands up my stomach then my chest and grabbed my hair, then squeezed my ass and ran her hand back down... it was hot. I wasn't used to this sort of attention, so I pushed her off again and this drove her nuts and she just bent over in front of me, and everyone and was going crazy and then jumped on me...

    My friends said they overheard her tell me to "Grab her ass" but I didn't hear it, I just did it. Basically, it was ON hard but I couldn't pull because she was at the bar with 10 of her friends and I'm not the most advanced PUA... but, her friends obviously saw her all over me etc.

    But thanks man, "CUP THAT ASS"!