Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another review from Orlando

This one is from a member named Nektar

I’ll add my review to this thread.

First, you guys already know my high opinion of El Topo’s teaching ability, and I believe you got to experience that at the lair talk and REDstack seminar, so I won’t repeat what I’ve already said about him…bottom line, the products he puts together are solid.

One of the reasons why I decided to take a 1x1 with El-T was through word of mouth, basically a lot of PUAs who I know are good recommended the guy. The same can be said of Sinn – his reputation for teaching is among the best in the community. With that said, I decided to take his Breakthrough Comfort seminar.

In my opinion, one of the shortcomings in the Lovesystems bootcamp is that it focuses too much on attraction, leaving comfort on the backburner (at least in my July 2007 bootcamp). Breakthrough Comfort provided a very thorough review of deep comfort game, which is one aspect of game that a lot of guys (myself obviously included) don’t really understand.

I’m glad that a lot of the “newer” guys in the lair had the chance to take the REDstack seminar, SNL seminar and/or Breakthrough Comfort…this stuff is going to move us more in the direction of “real” game, rather than dancing monkey entertainment bullshit.


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