Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Who Wants To Come On The Podcast?

Hey Guys,

I've gotten a lot of suggestions for more guests on the podcast and I agree....

So I want to hold open try-outs, if you think you would be a good guest, send an application with your name, phone number and reasons why you'd be interesting on the podcast to Sinnstravel at G

I'll pick the best couple people and have them on for 10-15 minutes each in a future podcast. I may even let you guys vote American Idol style...



  1. Anonymous7:26 AM

    bring Fader!!!!!!!!!!

    thx u.

  2. I'd be interested, than I ask myself, what do I have to offer everyone out there.

    I would love for you to bring El Topo on though.

  3. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Fader. Bring him on your show, even if he does not want to go on Barry's.

  4. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Yo. I am "your worst student ever", blah blah blah. Future once told me, "Sinn hates you because you remind him of himself." I made many of the "I hope you die ASAP of cancer" comments. I was helped immensely on my cold approach game my Matador and Hypnotica, and I will verbally destroy you on your podcast. Now, it's time to go get another SNL. You cowardly bitch.

  5. Late Thirties Guy2:46 AM

    I recently read Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. In a nutshell, he sort of destroys the myth that success is determined solely by a person's determination and skill. In reality, he shows that luck and being in the right place at the right time are far more important. I think you and some of the people from the SoCal/Toronto area who found the scene as it was starting out fit this bill.

    That leads me to this observation about you. You are beginning to piss me off about bagging on older guys. I have heard you make fun of Mystery, Style, Johnny Soporno, and now this new Sugar Daddy guy for being too old. As if they shouldn't try and get with younger chicks and we should just move to Florida, take up shuffleboard, and wait for our Social Security checks to come in the mail.

    It pisses me off that I spent the first 35 years of my life as an AFC in the Northeast spending my formative years during the "Baggy Sweater Era" or the "Dead Ball Era of Chicks" as Bill Simmons would say. I wish to God I would have been 17 and had the then-very-much-underground pickup community fall in my lap.

    So please, lay off the old guys. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Whenever you rip into guys one of the first cards you play is the "Dude, you're 40 - act like it" card.

  6. To old pervert above me:

    Chance is usually an obstacle to success, not an aide. When you work your ass off to get more out of life than the the majority of lazy fucks, random events come along and will tend to push you back toward the average.

    It's through great diligence that any level of success is achieved. But keep rationalizing successful people are just lucky. I bet it's a pretty comforting belief to have.

  7. eltopo has his own stuff ..

    Cj would be awesome.great guy.

    PSYCH would be great cause some guys say he got good fast and more fo the guys here in this for the longest arent happy with our results...
    we are over and one with AA

    its a mid level thing for the guys that 99% suffer is closing when to close and when to back off.
    when you put the moves and coming off desperate..its confusing even instinctual but its is consistent and repeateble by guys like you?

    or is it a myth to get lucky to find the specicif girl looking to hook up and trying to close one that a prude...

    in your experience I know you dont waste time but this isnt touched by other guys or gurus..if I wait for signals then I know its bye bye and go home...

  8. Anonymous11:25 AM

    1) Matador - For obvious reasons (and be sure to ask him how much he can bench)
    2) Future - Ask why he "retired" and how he feels about the community.
    3) Savoy - But no "community" talk
    4) Any girl you dated who you are still cool with - Hey, real quick. I need female's perspective on something but I only have a sec...

  9. Find someone who is legitimately retarded who thinks hes a lady's man and get him on. Think Howard Stern...

  10. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Late Thirties Guy, I don't think Sinn has displayed a negative bias towards older guys, so much as he's pointing out the immaturity of some older guys he knows - as in Mystery's terrible fashion sense (for a guy who's almost 40) and overall arrogance towards interacting with followers of his teachings and Johnny Soporno being the douche sleazebag that he is at his age (49 or 50). We cut younger people (under 30) some slack for emotional - mental immaturity, but older people need to be called out sometimes (and I'm over 40) when they don't act their age.

    Sinn has made the point -positively interact with women and actively have sex, but you don't want to be player guy in his 50s (not unless you come to the PUA field late in life like me) trying to chase women and do that for all your life.

  11. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Old guy game?

    Jon, I would adopt you... as my booby guard... so every time you see big boobies, with each beat of your heart through your cock, each breath you take through your gaping mouth, I could beat you about the head with my cock like a proper sugardaddy would. Isn't that what stepkiddy bastards are still alive for?

  12. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Get Future on!!!

  13. Late Thirties Guy1:38 PM

    If there is anyone that shouldn't be commenting on another person's maturity it is Sinn. He even admits he was a immature jerk in the past. Hell, he even said this is something he needs to improve on a few podcasts back.

    There is a reason Sinn is one of the most hated [as well one of the most admired] gurus in the scene. The venom on the Barry Kirkey forum is not all misplaced. It is because there are two sides that you get to see. One is the thoughtful, introspective, positive, and insightful Sinn. This Sinn is enjoyable to listen to.

    Then there is the whiny, jealous, and insecure Sinn. Still whining about Mystery stealing his girl or whatever years ago. Still making fun of about The Pickup Artist even though it is the best free infield video you'll ever find. Still whining about Style for whatever reason - probably jealousy. Still crying about Matador - he must have made Sinn his bitch or something. I'm not even going to talk about his feuds with Mehow, Hypnotica, et al.

    It is very transparent when Sinn praises every Love Systems instructor and puts down everyone from Venusian Arts. Perhaps Savoy put this in Sinn's non-disclosure agreement when he left. You never want to sign any contract with Savoy.

    No matter how people try to spin things, Mystery is the Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, and Elvis of pickup. Style packaged it in a way and made it legitimate to the mainstream and convinced them it wasn't a scam.

    Who cares how Mystery dresses? Who cares that Matador is bald? Who cares about Johnny Soporno - just ignore him.

    If it wasn't for Mystery, Sinn would be making $10.50 an hour at a Barnes & Noble in El Cahon instead of making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and getting laid while traveling the world. Countless others owe their success to Mystery.

    There is something in Sinn's personality where he can't take the slightest bit of criticism and gets manic and super defensive. He needs to relax.

    I would theorize that Sinn likes to associate himself with "lesser" PUAs in order to make himself feel superior and defeat his insecurity. Let's see who he admires:

    1. Tyler - a complete joke at this point. Barry Kirkey has totally destroyed any credibility this guy ever had by showing the truth. No one even knows if this guy ever gets laid. A total fake.
    2. Fader - do we even need to go here?
    3. Cameron Teone - I have no idea if this guy has any pickup skills at all. When I am listening to him, he seems like Sinn's comic relief.

    So let's have more of the interesting Sinn and less of the whiny Sinn. Dude, you are a big winner in the game of life. 99% of guys would switch places with you right now. So, relax. Who's the big winner - Sinn is, that's who.

    Why don't you have on some of the many women you know to get to female insights? Whenever I get inside info from women I find it extremely enlightening.

  14. Anonymous4:53 AM

    puGAY--- skype name "pu-gay"

    of and fame

    he is sure to be interesting

  15. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I'd come on your podcast, but that's kinda messy, and I practice safe sex.