Friday, May 15, 2009

Latest Podcast is Up!!!

Hey guys,

Sorry for the tardiness of the episode, it took awhile to get shit done this week.

In this episode Cam and I chat about Day Game, Having a Strong Frame, structure versus fun and more!!!




  1. PUA! at the Disco12:31 PM

    buahahahaha awesome!

    But seriously Jon, now that you acknowledge the fact that you have been depriving the masses of the toecutter seminar review and notes, I think it's time we put this whole debacle to rest. So cough that shit up!

    Much love.

    ps. it's more compulsive than obsessive, really. :)~

  2. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Best podcast ever!

    The part on flirting was really educational. Lots of good game advice in this podcast!