Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions About Day Game

Hey guys,

I created a short video to answer some of the email questions, I've been getting over and over about the Day Game Course.

Check it:



  1. I like dodo birds. They rock(ed).

  2. In case you were wondering, this is EXACTLY how Sinn looks when he daygames. The hair, the style, everything.

    I just went to Macy's to look for the Haines V-neck Sinn made so popular with his videos.

    Learn from the master and order the course.

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    what is you buy the daygame course but cannot make it to the super conference....due to living in London and being in university during october.....will the superconference be recorded....I wouldn't mind paying extra cash for recording the super conference...

  4. Anonymous4:49 AM

    Im very interested in the daygame course, but how much will it be which is the most important. And I cannot attend the 1st ever SOA super conference too because I'm living in Asia. Hope it can be recorded.

  5. I'm on a boat - we're on a boat open bar on a mother fukn' boat!

  6. Anonymous7:06 AM

    I dodo bird extinct?