Friday, May 08, 2009

The Basics Of Phone Game

Hey guys,

Today we’re back with another issue of The Basics.

This time we’re going to be going over Phone Game.

First you have to understand that the purpose of the phone is to build comfort and get the girl to meet up.

You want to avoid having the following conversation:

You: “Hey Shelly, what’s up it’s Hank from the bar. How was your day? Wanna hang out?”

Instead we want to use the phone to go from being some guy she met at a Starbucks or a club, and start becoming a part of her day to day life.

Once you get a girl’s phone number you want to ping a text message to it, to make sure she’s going to respond. I like to send the following text courtesy of my friend Debonair Dave.

“ Hey girl’s name, very important question, do you speak text?”

Once the girl responds you can be pretty sure she’ll pick up the phone.

The basic structure of the first phone call should be:

Callback Humor- Use an inside joke or nickname to establish who you are.
Funny Story
Commitment To The Call- You want to make sure she’s not multi-tasking
Future Plans- Start discussing the events you’ll be going to this week.
Set up plans with her.

You always want to get off the phone first. It may seem simple and juvenile, it really does help maintain your social power.

If you get an answering machine, you want to leave a short simple message. Something like this community classic courtesy of Hollywood.

“ Hey, it’s me. I’m in and out all night , but try to catch me. If not I’ll talk to you later.”

You never want to call or text more than once a day. It’s also important that if you call, and don’t get a callback, you don’t text her. Don’t try more than one form of communication a day without a response.

Lastly you want to make sure that you call all of your numbers. A lot of guys through the work of gathering a ton of phone numbers and then wuss out when it comes time to call them. Don’t be one of those guys. Instead pick a time EVERY day when you are going to work on your phone game and call all your numbers.

That’s the basics of Phone Game folks,

Talk to you guys soon,


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  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Great post.

    Also I highly recommend your "Phone Game 2.0" cd from your inner circle stuff. It is awesome and goes very in depth in the topic.

  2. this has nothing to do with your Blog but the B.S. report is out on the Lakers/Rockets series. never fails to be entertaining.
    GO LAKERS!!!

  3. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Why not text more than once a day if she texts back? Clearly don't cling to her and text back and forth repeatedly, but are you saying not to text back?

  4. Gaelic2:10 AM

    No he just told us not to send more than one texte a day if she don't respond.

    If she text back, you can do it too, if you do it in a non-needy way.

    Great post but it looks like I have alreaday read it before.

  5. what happened to your facebook? I was like 1 of the first people you added.. lol.. I was like.. I feel special.. lol..

    I am planning on going to the CC lair talk, I am driving 6 hours just to hear you talk.. :)

    see you then JL

  6. thanks a lot. Your phone advices from your inner circle CD are the best advice about phone game out there. It cut down like 50 percent of my flakings. I´m psyched to going on to test it and see what my future results are with it...
    best from Germany

  7. Anonymous8:42 AM

    what response should you do if the conversation was just ok, you get no text back? do you wait 2 weeks and throw out a hail mary? if she's a 10 does that mean she's bored and its on you

  8. You can also have girls role-play how "over the top" excited they're gonna be when you call them while you're getting the number.

    When you call you can usually get her to follow through and do the role-play and re-create the fun mood you had originally with a little light teasing.

    David Gideon