Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Podcast!

Hey Guys,

In this Podcast I talk about:

A relationship that's ending because the girl is moving away
Mailbag questions on Internet Game and Social Status
Some Amazing 12M2M Success
My Trip To LA
For The Love Of Ray Jay Reunion and more!!!

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  1. PUA! at the Disco1:29 PM

    Hey Jon,

    I've been a huge fan of your show for a while, as you probably know from my comments past and present.

    And I've thought about what keeps me interested and I found that you might want to consider having more guests and more personalities on the show. Nothing against you, but it makes for a more interesting experience. When I think of what makes shows like Barry Kirkey's interesting or Howard Stern, or hell, even Loveline back in the day (with Carolla), it seems to me the many personalities that really brought the shows to life.

    Again, nothing against you, but I think the podcast could benefit from more guests.

    Oh and get toecutter on the podcast. :)

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Hey Sinn get someone else besides Cam on your damn podcast...get fucking CJ or Cajun somebody else damnit...nothing against Cam but some variety with your guests would be cool

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    you cant beat revolution31 mr. jonathan lee.

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    You and CJ should do a podcast

  5. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I thought Cam was a great guest. Podcast #2 was awesome... I actually listened to it twice (I've never listened to a Barry show twice but they are a lot longer). Poster above: you may want Cajun for variety but I don't think he would be as fun as Cam (if you use his appearance on Barry's show as a barometer).

  6. Benzene7:53 PM

    Okay this whole sugar daddy situation should be solved like this: you and Cameron Teone talk to her, just as you did to each other in a previous podcast, in a "your better than that" speech.

    Or just get Cameron to do a Rocky impersonation the whole time while talking to her would be hilarious podcasting!!!

  7. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Hey Sinn. BTW, you're going to LA? Do you ever do bootcamps? I mean where you take 10-20 guys and run bootcamps in different cities and post the schedule months in advance.

    And short of that your 12m2m - does that ever open up to the public anymore?

    You've been talking about private instruction, which sounds tempting, but no word on these more middle of the road coaching solutions. Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

  8. TightGame12:43 PM

    Good episode. Look forward to the Cam interview as well as the interview with the student.