Monday, February 16, 2009

Putting Savoy in his place :)

Showing a glutton for punishment mentality usually only seen in women who try to "save me", Savoy came into our version of the NBA's "paint" with a Mark Price circa 1991 layup of a response.

I am now going to administer the Hakeem Olajuwon in his prime rejection...

Savoy writes: The other day, I wrote the latest installment in my continuing series of Things Sinn Doesn't Know.

I would have thought that verbal annihilation would have made him run for cover. But no. With the same lack of any sort of judgment whatsoever that would have inspired Tennyson, Sinn picks himself up from a bottle of vodka and the redhead of the night to do battle.

Sinn: She was blonde... In an homage :)

Savoy: The first shocking conclusion is that Sinn likes cheaters. He points out the football teams that I support, neglecting to mention his favorite team, the New England "I can design fiendish complex defenses year after year but I 'misinterpreted the rules' even after I received a league memo specifically and clearly laying out the simple rule 'Don't videotape the other team's coaching signals' after other teams complained about me doing it" Belichecks.

A-Roid cheats, goes gangbusters all season, and then fails in the clutch. The New England Patriots cheated, went 16-0, and failed in the clutch.

Sinn: Here is the place where I would argue that EVERYONE tapes. Seriously check out ESPN classic sometime every other game a QB is explaining that he audibled because the other team knew his signs. I've seen both Favre and Montana talk about this on my own soon to be donated cause I'm moving TV.

But then Bellicheck walked off with one second left in the Super Bowl... Then Brady got injured, I've officially retired from being a Pats fan though I do still like Brady, Moss and Welker and want them to do well. I may be a Football atheist for awhile until Bellicheck leaves...

SAVOY: Yes, I know San Diego has its fair share of cheaters too. But we prefer our cheaters to either spend the year on Injured Reserve or get one of the biggest contracts in team history and produce nothing.

We don't go around cheating and having great seasons only to fail in the clutch. We cheat, have crappy seasons, slop into the playoffs because our division is weaker than a team of diabetic mice trying to restore the Mona Lisa, briefly rise to the occasion (provided we get to play Indianapolis) and then, and only then, do we fail in the clutch.

Big difference, Sinn.

Sinn: I do admire the fact that you robbed me of my mocking the chargers individually. But you forget I know about the Eagles... Though I'm sure you'll come back with something about my first screen name ( Daneighbrhoodpusha) or about the Minnesota Vikings :) Ha I freely admit to it. How about you Savoyre... Savoy, Nick Savoy.... You change names like I change my underwear. Or did when I still wore it :)

See Eagles fans are perpetually tortured by a leader(Donovan Mcnabb) who can only get so far before he completely deconstructs and vomits. This brings us back to A-Rod and his particular shortcomings. Fans in glass houses should not throw stones. Especially since if Mcnabb did more steroids and less Mcdonald's maybe he'd be able to play all 16 games one of these years without getting injured or benched.

Savoy: While A-Fraud was a great nickname to describe the guy's failure when it counts (maybe someone should have been telling him how much other teams wanted him), it skips over the part where he cheated and still failed. Fraud doesn't do it justice anymore. It's the milquetoast of insults. It's the O'Doul's of bar drinks. It's the I like you but it's my twin sister's engagement party tonight and I fly home tomorrow of blowoffs. It's not something you want to have, but it's not something that bothers you five minutes later either.

A-Roid cuts straight to the issue. It's the absinthe of shots. It's the "talk to you never" of rejections. It's what Sinn feels every time he loses a bet with me. You can wake up the next day, but you'll still feel it.

Sinn: First of all, I believe I'm on a two game winning streak not to mention my complete dominance in virtual drinking.

A fraud is not the " I like you but I'm at my twin sister..." It's the " You are short, fat and ugly, Please come to bed with me." Direct, to the point, offensive and all time classic to be placed by his name in quotes in every story leading up to home run 7 whatever breaks Bonds' tainted record. Feel free to place that quote's awesomeness into context for the readers :)

Savoy: To sum up -- A-Roid is clearly the superior moniker to the old A-Fraud. It's not just new, it's better. It's like Love Systems and Mystery Method, Magic Bullets and VAH, or "Sinn" and "Daneighborhoodpusher". I'll let Sinn explain that one. If he dares.

I just went there.

Sinn: Claiming that A-roid is better is like calling your 1989 Oldsmobile a "Classic." No one buys it or should. In fact the only thing more Idiotic would be cheering for a Basketball team during an era when they employed one Isiah Thomas...

Any Basketball rooting alligiances, you'd like to share Nick?

As Michael Scott said in the First "Office" after the SuperBowl "ROASTED"



  1. Ok, this has become altogether too much ... my eyes are glazing over. I really don't know where either of you find the time or the blog space.

    Sinn, if you ever get "saved" by one of these girls, then please call me and I will save you for real ...

    "Daneighborhoodpusher" ... good God what were you thinking?

  2. dude. i first heard about you like 3 years ago on some PickupPodcast episode. You said you buried the shit with Savoy. This is getting old, eh?

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    i watched brokeback mountain and i thought about u and savoy Nice going!