Thursday, February 05, 2009

Day Game- a Primer

I've been getting back into Day game right now, after a long time doing mostly night stuff. Even though I wrote the rules on Day game, and have probably done more approaches during the day than anyone, I wanted to post up a primer of the basics to remind myself and you guys of how to meet women during the day.

1. The energy levels are A LOT lower. You don't need to be that interesting, high energy or funny. Day game tests your ability to be a normal person. This is especially true in less social environments like the Grocery store, the street, and bookstores. This is one of the many reasons I advocate going after girls by themselves in the day. The energy level you need to keep two people(especially if they're moving) engaged is too high to come across normal.

2. You need to be loud enough to get her attention and let her know you're talking to her, without drawing attention to the fact she's getting picked up. This is a big one. You don't just have to deal with your problems regarding the social pressure of the situation, you have to deal with hers as well. Girls like discretion, so it's important that you help create it.

3. The sets go much faster. You have to know how you're going to structure an opportunity to see her again. Oftentimes girls will have legitimate time constraints during the day. A girl who has to get back to work or to a DR's appt is not going to hang out with you all day NO matter how good your game is. This is one of the reasons I like direct better during the day. it cuts through a lot of the bullshit.

4. You need to assess your logistics before you approach. The way you approach any girl in a bar or club should be relatively similar. In Day game, you can have completely different tactics that work for completely different situations. For example, you would approach a girl who is seated at a cafe completely differently from the way you'd approach a girl walking down the street. Knowing and obeying these small contingencies between approaches leads to a much greater level of success.

5. Don't touch girls or go to sexual during the day. This is a huge one! Touching a girl too much during the day, before you've instant dated her is the kiss of death. In general I say don't touch a girl during the day in any way that would make you UNCOMFORTABLE touching your boss. You also want to refrain from making any sexual comments until you've moved her onto an instant date.

Which leads me to my last rule for this primer:

6. It's instant date or die bitches! You always want to be pushing for the instant date as soon as you get any attraction whatsoever. You have to move the girl in order to change the dynamic between the 2 of you. When you first approach a girl during the day, there's a separate vibe. But if you simply move her 30 feet to a coffee place all of a sudden you guys are there TOGETHER and the vibe is completely different and better. So you should always be looking to go on a quick instant date if the girl has time. Otherwise you should be getting phone numbers and moving on.



  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Sweet!!! - More Daygame!

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Nothing we havent all heard before

  3. Dimension12:18 PM

    this sounds like gold to me. awesome.

  4. Day game sets usually last from 3-7 minutes if there isn't an instant date. So it's important to get in there, state your intent, make her comfortable and go for a number or date.

    Like you said, there needs to be an attempt with every set pretty much, whether an instant date or getting her number.

    And touching is very minimal.

    It really is "night and day" when it comes to the difference in game.

  5. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I hope the conference is being recorded because I'll have to leave 30-40 minutes into it :(

    Anyway, thanks

  6. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Awesome primer to day game!

  7. Marco3:59 AM

    Hey Sinn, when will you finally write an ebook on daygame only? I've read magic bullets and there is very basic info on it. They say you are a master of day game:) I'm sure you won't disappoint all these guys all around the world who reeeeally admire your advice and materials

  8. Look forward to hearing your follow up of what you do if you don't do an insta-date (obviously it's a call, text, or maybe email). Keep up the good work!