Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bang The Monkey To Get Captain Jack On My Podcast!!!

What's up guys,

I'm hungover. In other shocking news, the sun rose, and Matador is still a tool.

I was checking out the nearly overwhelming results from the poll of who you want to hear from, and it's none other than the Pirate King, and noted reclusive PUA Captain Jack.

So because CJ asked a question publicly about my dancefloor game and has written about how he used to get me dragged onto dance floors to have seizures...

I'm publicly encourgaing EVERYONE out there who wants to hear CJ on the Podcast to email him at CaptainJackPUA at Email him everyday until he agrees to come on the podcast and share some of his amazing new insights from Mass Sexual Framing. Email him 10 times a day if you have time. Don't know what to do to kill time in a club? Email him from your phone. Email him before you go to bed and after you wake up. We will annoy him into action!!!

I'll teach him to talk about my dancing!!!!



  1. Anonymous3:44 AM

    he s a celebrity and we don t know that he need to be asked 100000?
    fk him then and ask someone else

  2. Ahoy!

    Cj is King!

    I will email him x10!

    He should do one podcast too so that you can share more on your "AI fast pull tactics"...

    This is FUN!

  3. Anonymous11:08 PM

    um dude that girl that you posted yourself with is not cute and has a fuckload of makeup on...i know the great sinn is pulling better than that...

  4. Avast!

    Load the emails into the cannons and fire at will!

  5. jason6:55 AM

    poor moxie on the last spot! even female weirdo erika is doing better.

    that doesn't do moxie's game justice.

    give us podcasts with all the guys!

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