Friday, February 06, 2009

My Inner Game Song Of The Moment

I'm excited it's Friday!

That means tonight they'll be tons of girls out in barely anything looking for a guy like me. Or anyone with the exceptional good taste to read my blog :)

Anyhoo, today I'm in a great mood and I want to share one of my favorite songs that always seems to life me up and get me in a good mood. Some songs just do that, and I'm not talking about the pump you up and make you want to break shit/hit someone way that songs like "Break Stuff" or " Lose Yourself." do. Instead songs like this make me sing along and feel better about myself. Though in this particular song I do have to change girl to boy :)

So I present without further ado and much anticipation to see the comments "Work That" by Miss Mary J. Blige.



  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Sweet state pumper bro. This will be great for my DHVs and make my game super tight. I don't even feel like using negs when I listen to this. Keep it warm alpha dude. herr herr herrrrrr

  2. I like Mary J Blige a lot. This is not my favourite song from here but I agree it has a really good vibe to it. Makes me feel chill

  3. I'm so adding this to my sarge playlist on my ipod! -- I might be a geek but I'm a geek that gets the girl. :P

  4. each his own right..personally I like akon for getting in-state.

  5. Sinnster,

    I like how you've gotten into literature and pop culture game analysis lately (not to mention Mary J. Blige state pumpers).

    The Thomas Crown Affair is perhaps my favorite seduction ever. I also really like George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight (you can see that I am only getting myself in trouble being interested in these sorts of men).

    Anyway, if you ever feel inspired to write about either of those, it'd be a fun read. At least for me. And hey a guy needs to cater to his girl audience - just kidding - I love teasing you about silly stuff!! ;-)


  6. State songs are awesome. They always send that chill down your spine, making you feel invincible.. you can do anything. My myspace playlist is filled with em.

  7. Anonymous10:45 AM

    check out just fine from her ..compared to this that track works like an atombomb to your state