Friday, February 13, 2009

A-Fraud/A-Roid or Why Savoy is Wrong.

Savoy has launched an unprecedented verbal assault on me based on my preference for the term A-Fraud as opposed to A-Roid when discussing disgraced Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez.

First of all Savoy's opinion should be rendered moot anyway, as while he knows much about meeting women and dating, he knows NOTHING about Sports. As exhibit A: I present his affection for both the Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers.

Secondly A-Rod is A Fraud. Literally. He is not a roid, though Savoy's opinions on Sports are often more irritating than Hemmoroids.

Here's Savoy's Arguments with my Comments:

Savoy:"A-Roid" just sounds worse (in a good way). You can say "A-Fraud" fast and it still sounds kind of cool. You might even think you're hearing "A-Rod". But when you're called A-Roid, you'll know people are making fun of you. And when you've made millions of dollars by cheating and lying, you deserve to be made fun of.

Sinn:A-Roid is harder to chant, I'm all for him being called A-hole as he was by The New York Post, but A-Fraud will be heard and he will cry. Like Savoy after this debate :)

Savoy:"A-Fraud" is also just's as yesterday as furry hats and Baja Men. It's the OLD insult about the guy's failure in the clutch. It's not about steroids. You don't just take something that about one thing and then say...hey, it's about something else. Remember when Elton John pretended that "Candle in the Wind" was about Princess Di when it was originally about Marilyn Monroe? Lame.

Sinn: A-Fraud is like 65 Mustangs, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra. It's a classic that never goes out of style. It could pertain to A-fraud's play in the clutch, to his possible affinity for Tranny Strippers, to his Steroid use. It's the Swiss Army Knife of insults. A-roid only relates to Steroids or Hemmroids. Which I hope A-Rod gets.

Savoy:If we let Sinn, and all the Sinns of this world, get away with this, then civilization itself is threatened.

Sinn: I disagree, me ruling the world would be the best thing for EVERYONE :) Except Matador...

Savoy:Think about it. If we decide that, say, any TV exec who puts episodes of the cringe-out-loud 1990s "comedy" Home Improvement into syndication should be punished by exile to a desert island (why this hasn't been done yet is beyond me), and we then find out that one of these execs also cheated on his taxes, what do we do? We wouldn't say "go to a desert island". The dude's already there. He's already being punished. We need a new punishment for him. (reading the tax code while watching endless reruns of home improvement sounds like a fitting punishment)

So with A-Rod...he's already got his A-Fraud. He's earned it by turning his bat into a wet noodle every October. He needs a NEW nickname to allow us to laugh specifically about his cheating. And that of course is A-Roid.

Sinn: I feel A-roid is a fad, it's like "new" Coke or Any TV show starring a member of The Seinfeld cast...

Savoy: Though I will meet Sinn halfway....if we're going to make fun of the fact that A-Rod not only sucks in crunch time, but he sucks even though he's cheating, then we can combine the two and call him (on those occasions only) A-Froid. Which has a nice symmetry to it, since "froid" means "cold" in French, and that's what Alex Rodriguez is every time it matter what we call him.

Sinn: I actually kinda like A-Froid, but for the sake of battle and proving my Sports superiority for real! I reject this compromise and score this round Sinn:10-Savoy: 8. I've opened up a cut and will be looking to end the fight early :)

You can check out my column on A-Rod and steroids from earlier this week at



  1. Sinnster, seriously, where do you find the time for such silliness? ;-)

  2. Rodriguez was one of 104 players who have been incriminated on the basis of a test they voluntarily submitted to when MLB and the players union were agreeing to a testing regimen. The union thought MLB was overstating the use of banned PEDs, so the agreement reached was that the players would submit to an anonymous test and if the percentage crossed a predetermined threshold it would trigger mandatory random testing (it did).

    The government has gone and sized these samples, results and lists from multiple labs across the country, matched names to samples, and leaked one, and only one name: Alex Rodriguez.

    The use of banned PEDs was prevalent. Singling Rodriguez out was a cheap publicity stunt on the goverment's behalf.

    Also, your so-and-so isn't clutch claims certainly qualify you to join the ranks of mouthbreathers that call into talk radio shows to overreact each and every day. I wouldn't go around telling other people they aren't knowledgeable about sports.

    What kind of sample size are you basing your opinion on? Rodriguez' 13 career games in October? This one strikeout you remember at the end of a game? Or just parroting the likes of Sportscenter anchors or New York tabloid writers?

  3. Re: Rf Interference, and really the OP as well...

    It's been empirically proven by statisticians that no baseball player in history has actually been truly "clutch." That is, no player has performed significantly better in "clutch" situations than he performs on average. The most important part of being "clutch" is just being a good player in general, so that you have a higher chance of doing well in the clutch; but again, there has been no evidence that any player has performed particularly well in the clutch vs. his normal performance (especially not the players who are oft-touted as clutch players).

    AKA no such thing as a clutch player (at least not to date).

    See the book Baseball Between the Numbers.

  4. Anonymous7:11 PM

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