Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lifestyle Part 2: Lifestyle Design

Hey guys,

I just wrapped the final filming for Day Game. I'm gonna celebrate not having to get up at 8 AM everyday by getting RIDICULOUSLY drunk tonight.

But before I do that, I wanted to follow up on the article I wrote a few weeks back on Lifestyle:

In it I mentioned the three keys to mastering your lifestyle.

They were:

1. Lifestyle Design
2. The People You Know.
3. The Places You Go

Today I want to talk about Lifestyle Design. That is the process of shaping the way you want to live.

If you want to be going out 7 nights a week with 7 different women, you can. If you want to NEVER go out at night and date 3-4 college students a week, you can.

That's the first part of Lifestyle Design:

Figuring out what the F$*k you want.

I would say 99% of guys who take workshops don't have an answer for the following question:

What do you want your dating life to look like?

You can actually live any type of life you want involving women, you just have to plan it before you try to build it.

Guys with ridiculous lifestyles like Scotty (of didn't end up with them by accident. In fact Scotty even toured simply to PARTY with the Rolling Stones. That kind of life doesn't happen by mistake.

So figure out what you want. I just did this, I decided I wanted to get into something that let me express myself and my feelings for women in a different way. So I'm actually moving to a city for the next three months to do a photography apprenticeship with a friend of mine who does high fashion photography. I'll also as a side benefit of this get to spend a lot of time with models.

Here's a good exercise:

Create a picture of your ideal day:

Set aside 15 minutes and write nonstop about your IDEAL day.

Start with when you wake up.

Where are you? Who is with you? How do you feel?

What do you eat?

What do you do next? After that? Then What?

Who do you hang out with?

How does it end?

Don't stop writing for 15 minutes.

Then go through it and identify what YOU can do to one day have that day.

If you guys want to publicly commit to achieving an ideal Lifestyle, post your "Ideal" day in the comments below.

The second Key to designing your lifestyle is:

Escaping The Comfort Zone.

The Comfort Zone is your worst enemy when it comes to designing a lifestyle.

Most people are EXTREMELY uncomfortable when they are taken out of environments they're familiar with. When I left LA for Dallas, it was scary, it's scary right now as I'm in flux between lives, but it also makes for a WAY more interesting life! Plus, much like in relationships, if you're not happy with the way/place you're living it's probably not going to change much without YOU changing it.

And change can and often is difficult. Deal with it! You're not owed everything you want. It would be nice if everyone got handed everything we wanted. Unfortunately it's not reality.

Refuse to be a victim of your circumstances. Change Something, or if you really need to change EVERYTHING.

The last part of Lifestyle Design involves Timelines.

Timelines are what let you know how hard to work on each goal of your ideal lifestyle. If you want to be a self employed millionaire, it's not going to happen overnight. But it can happen in 5-6 years if you're talented and hard working. However if you want to be a self made millionaire, quickly, you're going to have to work a lot. So if you're other goal is to have 3-4 SNLs a month, those are gonna be difficult to reconcile.

Overall you want to strive for balance in your timelines, if right now you're super focused on getting finished with College, figure out how much work it would be to get done in the timeframe you want to be done by and put aside that time first.

You always want to number your goals and timelines by importance.

I generally recommend you set 3 Timelines for your lifestyle:

One 3 months from now: This can be something as simple as meeting and befriending the promotors at all the clubs you go to.

Then a 6 month goal: This one should be more intermediate such as getting 1 date a week from Day game if you want to avoid Night Game completely.

Then a 1 year goal: This one should be halfway to your ideal Lifestyle. Something like sleep with 2-3 girls a month from a brand new social circle of Hooters waitresses. Or something else if you don't like Hooters waitresses :)

Next post I'll be breaking down how to deal with the next part of Lifestyle Design: The People You Know. I really learned a ton about this recently from Scotty. So look for that pretty soon.



  1. thx bro I did all the exercises, Looking forward to the conference call

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Great exercise Sinn, here is mine I just wrote up:

    I wake up around 10am, there are two modelesque women in my bed naked with me. One who I love, the other someone we're dating and have grown quite fond of recently. The air is cool, the sheets freshly washed by my maid. I slip on a silk bathrobe and mozy on down to the kitchen. There is an infinity pool and an awesome view of the city with the sun coming in the windows. My chef has gotta a nice plate of fruit out....i make some coffee, toast, etc or an omelet. The girls walk around topless to join me for breakfast and after some food we shower together and make love in the shower, we then get ready for our respective days. The girls head out and I throw on a super comfortable pair of designer jeans and a perfectly fitted button down with some nice shoes.

    I wander down to my in-home office with a nice setup of dual flatscreens plugged into my macbook pro. After reading some blogs and checking a few updates on my various businesses which have deposited several thousand dollars into my account overnight, I hop into my aston martin db9 or Tesla Roadster (exiting the gate of my property) and head to lunch with a one of my idols in business. We're discussing respective projects and he invites me an upcoming party/weekend excursion/conference.

    In the afternoon I sit down for a few concerted hours of focused work on my latest project and perhaps write a post to my blog. Or checking on my latest real estate investments.

    Dinner is a nice home cooked meal (chef/girlfriend), or a night out. For the weekend I take a private jet to give a talk to some aspiring entrepreneurs or attend a conference. I'm working on another book deal. I donate regularly to charity and certain politicians. I have an assistant to act as a gatekeeper, a great accountant to handle the IRS, and a crack legal team to fend off unwanted nuisances.

    I'm regularly called up to be interviewed on TV or make guest appearances on various programs. I'm friends with various models/celebrities who call me for business advice.

    Through it all I remain humble and down to earth amongst my friends and family, many of whom are way cooler than me.

  3. Great post... a lot of people don't know 'what' they want from life, don't develop preferences yet expect to have it all! Look forward to reading more on this ;)

  4. keep the legal bullshit out of your podcast.

    and get it on the itunes music store.

  5. In the end, you have to be able to specifically determine what you want your life to be.

    We want it all and we want it now, but no one is going to give it to you. And although, you can work on many things at once, I feel as though it better to prioritize and get the more important things first.

    The great thing people need to understand is, the night life and women will always be there no matter how old you get. Let it not be more of a priority than say, college, like Sinn said.

    Get all the other shit in your life together first and continue to develop yourself as a man.

    Or as Sinn would best say it:

    "Stop being a pussy, and get your shit together."