Monday, February 09, 2009

Ayn Rand Applied To Dating - The Fountainhead Part 4 of 4, Gail Wynand and the cost of sacrificing your values.

Hey guys,

Today I'm going to quickly wrap up the 4 part series on The Fountainhead with a short post on Gail Wynand.

Gail Wynand, besides having a girls' name, is the publisher of the newspaper The New York Banner. It's basically a National Enquirer type rag where he prints stuff catering to the lowest common denominator. Gail had grown up on the streets running gangs until he was able to eventually buy the Banner.

However Wynand was a man of great principles and will. He simply sold them out for money, and eventually love.

Ayn Rand has a thing for love triangles, quadrangles and rectangles. So inevitably Gail Wynand steals Dominique Francon away from a loveless marriage with Peter Keating. Into a semi-loveless marriage with himself. He realizes he must have her after he sees a statue of her from one of Roark's failed buildings. But he also realizes she doesn't love him. He assumes she'll grow to love him eventually. What he doesn't know is that she's alrady possesed by Howard Roark. All of this comes to a head when Wynand and Roark become friends.

Wynand's paper had dragged Roark's name through the mud, spearheaded of course by Dominique Francon. This was all done without Wynand knowing what Roark's building looked like. When he eventually sees them he feels terrible. He even goes so far as to become Roark's greatest advocate. Which causes him to lose his entire readership and his employees as Ellsworth Toohey leads a strike. The strike in fact is only resolved when Wynand decides to reverse his position on Roark. Here he sacrifices his values again, this time for his love of the paper.

This is something that guys do with women a lot. Oftentimes, guys will sacrifice things like their self respect, their friendships, even their own lives in order to have a chance with a specific woman or women in general. Unfortunately this doesn't actually work. Women are not attracted to men who are willing to sacrifice their values for sex. This is what makes you desperate and needy. When you don't have things that are sacred above getting laid, having a girlfriend, having girls in your life etc... You shoot yourself in the foot overall. As we saw through the examples of Roark, and Keating having values is an important part of the attraction process, but it's even more important in relationships. Because Values are related to trust, which is the most important factor in any relationship. If a woman cannot trust you to hold on to your values, she can't trust you at all. Because you're behavior isn't governed by anything....



  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Last paragraph is probably the number one problem of all the guys.

    You summarized it well.

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Excellent 4 part post of Fountain Head! Great interpretation & PU application of the second best book I've ever read (the best being Atlas Shrugged)... For anyone who hasnt read either of these books,I gotta say that they are absolute gold for PU because of the unique portail & demonstration of the pure alpha male mindset which the main characters effortlessly live & unquestionably thrive by (Howard Roark-FH & John Galt-AS)... Sinns overview of Roark is right on the fuckin money & something that should be internalized by anyone and everyone who is serious about bettering themselves and having more success in the field...

    Howard Roark says "The absence of self is the root of all despicable actions." - simply said, acheiving happiness is the most important thing in the world. Having the confidence to take whatever (or whomever) u want solely because you KNOW that u are worthy of having it (her). Nothing is more attractive to women than internal confidence (inner game) of this nature.

    I'm lookin for a new book with a badass alpha male character - any suggestions?

    Sinn, awesome posts!

  3. You inspired me with your literature and movies ... this is a good one:

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Damn man, that's all so true.

  5. Shit man. This taught me a lot.

  6. Erika sent me...and you're just brilliant. Everything you say sounds exactly what I would say to a woman about having a passion and importance about something in your life that transcends whether or not you "get your man."

    It's fairly shocking to think we're all actually in the same place, should all be coming from the same place as people - and what that might look like when we come from different polarities as lovers. Look forward to the podcasts. Rori Raye

  7. Anonymous3:04 PM do know what happened to Ayn Rand and her real life love triangle, right?

    I'm suggesting there's more to relationships than her books might let on. There's lots of validity so some of her philosophy but its only a small part of being human.

    Typical of an under 30 year old player to think Rand is the shit though. Age will hopefully introduce nuance and understanding.

  8. Anonymous1:50 AM

    After reading this book, its unclear if Howard was a virgin before he raped Dominique. I mean, he seemed to not give a shit about anything, even sex until he rapes her.

  9. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I really enjoyed the Fountainhead book and movie. I had a different interpretation to you on Gail though.

    Where you see Gail as selling his principles for money, I see him sticking to his principles - that money corrupts and those who it corrupts should be punished (by him).

    Later you've drawn a comparison between his sacrifice of everything for his paper, and men sacrificing for women. What's happened here is the opposite - he sacrificed his girl and friendship, in order to fund a new building for Roark.

    I think it was the only way to go, and he knew it.