Monday, February 16, 2009

First Episode of The Podcast is up!

Hey guys,

The first Episode is up...

I'm not revealing the name, until you guys listen to it!

Check it out there's some unsettling information about Johnny Soporno in there as well.



  1. I enjoyed the podcast. I do have one suggestion though. If you put the sports bit at the end, it would be easier for people who aren't interested in it to skip it. I live in the UK, and so have no real interest in or knowledge of american sports.



  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Erm I've got firefox and it isn't logging :S what plug-in do i need?

  3. dude its very good...
    I like how you correct certain things on other people..cause some new guys like myself at first would think johhnys attitude would attract super hot pornstars at a bar...when in reality it would come off desperate which is unattractive.Its balsy but yet its socially unacceptable at a business meeting...
    -Maybe he doesnt get the why he is doing it?

    -Im no one to critisize nor am a master instructor but it shows that you dont have to try hard to impress anyone.

    Alot of gems in this... gracias


  4. Alex Caron3:28 PM

    can someone link this on a file share site, I need a plug-in that isn't available on Ubuntu to get to the podcast page, thank for the inconvenience

  5. fader3:42 PM

    How about an mp3 version?

  6. Anonymous4:45 PM

  7. Hello, nice to meet y-. . . COCK!!

  8. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Just finished listening to the podcast and I liked much better than Barry's, which is too odd for me personally. It's funny sometimes but personally I didn't need to hear for 10 minutes about the piss jar he has. No piss jar Sinn... seriously!!

    One person I would lie you to interview is TD/Owen or someone from RSD. Only because the advice they hand out can be a bit contradictory at times, I know this because I used to only do what they said for about a year and didn't get much success. And for someone in your position to interview them would make for a great conversation.

    Anyways I thought the direction you wanted to take the podcast was great and am all for it. However when you break down a LR/FR could you be more specific in terms of what was said. I don't know if your into that these days as you once posted your not so much into but hey, doesn't hurt to ask!!!

  9. I'm the first guy to say "Say whatever the hell you wanna say, but spell my name right!" so I'm amused and bewildered by how important I am to Sinn... :D

    To be honest, there's NOTHING in his story about me which is remotely true, especially since the ONLY time he ever met me was in Toronto, when he and Future and Trance had come up there to do a bootcamp.

    To make a long story short, Sinn has NEVER seen how I do things - and while what he's describing IS CREEPY AS FUCK, it is absolutely and categorically not anything I would do, nor have ever done.

    I HAVE invited girls to take photos OF ME, for my photo series on my attempt to become a beautiful girl - through the 'You Are What You Eat' method. **

    As a matter of fact, I don't even HAVE ANY photos of my cock [excepting in the context of some girls' mouths, etc] which, while very widely appreciated, is nothing so remarkable as to be worth showing off in public.

    Johnny Soporno ** (NSFW)

  10. On second listening, I now understand better what Sinn was talking about...

    While I believe he's recounting things as he remembers them, I have to keep in mind that to him, seeing ANY of my cock overwhelms every other part of the image; whereas to me, the photos were principally of the OTHER PEOPLE enjoying my cock, and not of my cock itself.

    So I'm no longer offended at being misrepresented - I _DO_ frequently and unabashedly tear off the lid of most people's traditional socialization - but I try to ensure I don't do it in an off-putting way.

    While I'm sure that I'm not always as well-received as I would like to be, I'm also comfortable that filtering out those who are 'too conservative' works very well for me.

    Johnny Soporno
    Worthy Playboy

  11. cool podcast. It was worth listening to. What was the name of the book he was talking about ''lil lila'' i think, Does anyone know please let me know.

  12. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I really liked the podcast. The format and length are really spot on and I like the mix of learning with some entertainment. 10/10

  13. TightGame12:08 PM

    Great start to what one hopes will be a very successful podcast. Good mix of game, comedy, scene talk, personality, etc...

    Great to see guys in the scene coming out with products like these where gurus aren't hiding behind the guru frame and are actually putting out content that conveys their real personalities. Cheers to both you and Barry and all the others who are creating this positive trend for the community.