Thursday, May 01, 2008

LR: Out Alone-Obstacles or Opportunities?

This girl actually just left my apt, about 20 mins ago.

Flashback to last night. Nobody wants to go out. CJ has a date, Printer flakes for no explained reason and doesn't return calls or texts. Fidelio and ET are working and then going home, Shaft is working. S0 here I am in my underwear watching the Hawks and Celts play and wondering if I should go out tonight. Add to it that in my experience Wednesday is the worst day to go out in Dallas and I don't have a car because... well because my car sucks balls. Most guys would see that as enough of a reason to stay home, smoke a bowl and play on the internet. Not me. This to me is a big difference between the guys who get massive results and the guys who just kinda struggle. CJ for awhile had no car, his daughters two weekends a month and lived at his Mom's house. yet he still got good at SNLs because he saw opportunities instead of obstacles. Most guys are too quick to make excuses as to why they can't go out or why they can't approach or why they can't try to pull etc.. There's two sides to every coin and that means that in every situation that seems to suck there's some way to improve and try to get laid. You just have to be looking for it.

Onto the LR. I decide to roll out to the bars by my house. I'm not expecting it to be a great night but I stop by the bar across the street. It's dead. The guy ET and I know who works there isn't even there so I bail and go to the sports bar across from there. The Stars are getting beaten by the Sharks yet there are no attractive hockey groupies, so I finally decide to go to my local dive. This is a place I never really go as it isn't a great placer for pick-up usually but tonight it's packed. I'm standing line for the bathroom when I hear everyone in the bar clapping and then turn to my right and see a seven foot tall drunk Dirk Nowitzki. He's so drunk he goes into the women's bathroom to piss. I text Fidelio about this and he responds " That's y they lost he's got a vagina". I go out and start opening sets.

The first set is a two set of blondes who I open with Brad P's Lesbian DTR opener. It doesn't really hook and I walk away without plowing. The next set I open I actually just want a cigarette and I ask for one but the girls don't have any. I've noticed that lately I am having way more trouble getting people to give me cigarettes. It started when I was in San Jose a couple of weeks ago, and has continued through Vegas and Dallas... Weird. Anyway I try to stack forward, but to no avail. And now I have two blowouts. I open another two set and get nowhere again when two girls who are in matching business wear walk in. They're very cute and more importantly they're the only set I haven't opened yet in the tiny shitty bar.

So I open them. There is a seat next to them at the bar so I sit down and open situationally by saying that I wish I had worn my white button down shirt too so I wasn't wrecking the sequence. They laugh and then we start talking about the drunk girl who is basically falling down and popping out of her shirt at the same time. I say we should start taking bets on what's going to happen. Her falling down is even money and her boobs popping out is 2 to 1. The target girl suggests that I go for her. I tease her and say we're not going to get along. Then I run rings on fingers and slap her hand. The obstacles boyfriend shows up and is all " Hey what's up dude!" He brought a friend or my girl but she doesn't even look up. She moved seats with the obstacle to sit next to me which I tease her for. We're both really mean and people watchers so we make fun of everyone including her best friend's BF for awhile. It turns out that they met in a sorority. Of course I tease her for that. I run Strawberry fields and she wants me to to run it on her friend. I refuse as her friend is already occupied with the BF and there's no point as I say the same thing EVERY time.

I ask her what's special about her and she tells me she's in commercial real estate. I run a role-play about her being my sugar mama and me lifting weights to show her what she's paying for. This leads into my summer of the ripped abs routine where I put her hands on my abs. TD pointed out to me that I should take more advantage of being in shape and make girls feel my muscles. I've been using this for awhile and it works really well for physical arousal.

Her friend and the boyfriend decide to leave. Earlier I had found out she drove herself so I know she can stay and she does. We have a few more drinks and play the question game. I ground my family a little bit and talk to her about what I'm writing right now. I've been doing some really good sexcalation and I eventually say something like " I wanna makeout with you in the bathroom. We get in the bathroom and I put my hands down here pants, but my friend the bartender bangs on the door and tells us we can't be in there together. I take that as an opportunity to bring her back to my place. We drive the two blocks because she doesn't wanna leave her car there. Get back to my place and all ends well.

She had a super hot body under that business wear. Huge boobs and a nice ass. The funniest part of the night was when the BF was leaving he tried a lame cockblocking attempt by telling her to use a condom and I tell her she's not getting laid. She also busted me on being out alone but I frame controlled it away by making it a joke. She even sent CJ a message from my phone calling him sexy... Sorry CJ :)

So that's 4 nights in a row of going out and pulling and 3 lays in those nights.



  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I think this LR just teaches you that life is what you make of it. You can either be a negative bitch or you can make things happen and get a sugar mama lay. Awesome.
    -R (arr-ah)

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Thanks man. The details really help. I'm starting out and I had this image in my mind that the PUA masters go to one set every night(the hottest one) and the girl just begs you to take here home. And I'm sure there are some nights like that but it's good to know that what I'm going through is the norm.

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    fantastic LR, sinn!

    first: thank god you're human and get blown out too from time to time! ;-)

    second: awesome insights! really enjoyed reading this and I definitely learn the most out of LRs! so keep em comin...



  4. I just came across this blog, seems pretty educational. Cool.
    Can anyone tell me what the Strawberry Fields routine is?


  5. Awesome.

    Can someone point me to where i can find 'strawberry fields' .. this seems like a very popular routine. I'm intrigued.

    Also, what did you say when she teased you for being out alone? My comebacks always seem a little lame for this.

  6. Anonymous4:48 PM

    If you just do a google for PUA and Strawberry Fields you'll get like 20 good hits. Should be pretty easy to find.
    Sinn, I'm also interested in how you handle being given shit for being out alone. I end up out way more than my friends, so I have this problem a lot.

  7. I love this game!

  8. Keep posting the LR's! The detail really helps. I've learned and implemented a shit-ton just from your last two.

  9. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Hey man can you post a DAY game approach? That would be really helpfull. Thanks for this LR!

  10. Anonymous10:43 AM

    field reports from you daygaming would be uber awesome!!!

  11. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Sinn my man, you are a beast. i love it.

    did toecutter talk about going out alone in his old Melbourne Seminar?! we're curious here! :)~

  12. o love your post man!! this LR is fantastic...i´m just curious about your routine "summer of the ripped abs"..this sounds great.. I´m in shape and never take advantage of this!! can you talk more about this routine?

    i´m curious how you talk about that whithout taking the frame "look how good i am" or "i need to do that for you like me"



  13. This is really helpful, for me personally, for 2 reasons: it's nice to see that everything doesn't always go perfectly, not because I enjoy other people's failures but simply as a reality check - no one goes 5/5, regardless of what some [very tall and skinny guys in furry top-hats] may claim ;-)

    The second is the idea or rather the attitude of going out, regardless of the circumstances, and at the end of it all, it is what you make of it: if you stay home, you are guaranteed not to meet any women; if you go out, even by yourself, then at least you are out there, doing your thing, instead of sitting on your ass at home and scratching yourself. I end up having to make this decision more than I'd like, simply because I tend to go out more than some of my closer friends, so something like this is quite inspiring, to basically be like "fuck it, just go out and do it".

    By the way, just to emphasize what others have said, your LRs are very much appreciated, to help fill in those gaps that we may have [some which we might not even realize], by seeing most parts of the process from start to finish.

    Thanks, bro.

  14. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Thanks a lot!
    Your last two LR's have been really helpful.

  15. Anonymous3:46 PM

    One of your people just admitted to the mental hospital coz of this crzy blogs out there...

  16. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Love this game....

  17. Anonymous11:34 PM

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