Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The fucked up bootcamp

Today on the drive down from Napa which included me getting us lost in Monterrey and then getting a ticket for going 85 in a 55 in the rented Grand Prix. The Ponti as I like to call it from my younger days had already saved me from a near fatal crash in the tunnel where PCH turns into the 10 freeway in Santa Monic but could not save me from my FIRST ever speeding tickets. Recently I had even been bragging about my ability to talk cops out of giving me a ticket. Then I failed at that but was polite so it didn't get worse as I think I have unpaid parking tickets... But the drive ended at a lovely Best Western. Gotta love the good life :) Bunch of meetings tomor plus hopefully I'll get to go to my favorite stores and get some much needed shopping done. Hooray!

But on this drive somewhere between some trees and some water, Moxie and I decided that we were going to bootcamp each other while we were going out. With him being super unreactive as fuck to social pressure and my mastery of technical game we can each workshop each others weaknesses. Plus we're both really fucked up. So now we have an elaborate system of punishment and reward around gaming girls. I've been plotting things to do to Moxie while he's in set to freak him out all day! It's going to be super evil. And I'm sure he'll have more fucked up shit for me to do.

I'll report back...



  1. you guys are nuts, haha. Looking forward to hearing what you guys do to torture each other.

    Brett :)

  2. "hopefully I'll get to go to my favorite stores and get some much needed shopping done. Hooray!"

    you're taking your girlfriends with you? ;)

  3. They have cops on PCH!!!??? I've never seen any before. I definitely wouldn't drive 85 on a two lane street though thats crazy.

  4. You Sir need a radar detector. I have the Passport X50. Top notch. Saved me more times than girls you've fucked.