Monday, May 05, 2008

In progress soon to be lay off the internet.

I've fooled around with internet game a little recently, I started off with some of Cajun's stuff off the attraction forum and then I tailored a bit and started to help out some of my friends with their profiles and messages. I have closed about 10 girls off of it in the last three months and I've met up with 12 girls off it. One of them was gross and I ditched her with the super quickness. I think internet game is retardedly easy and a monkey could get laid if he knows how to write a good profile and has a about 5 responses. I was working on a way to automate internet game with the collection of messages I have from my experiments on various websites. But i have way too much to do right now. I have been writing profiles for students and their results have been really good so far.

Now onto this particular instance

This super hot girl hit me up on Myspace with the following message:

I was looking around on this stupid (Internet Dating site) thing and i found you, but it said you hadn't been on in a while, so i looked up dallas to see if you happened to be around where i'm moving to and i found you on here! i promise i'm not a crazy stalker or anything! just thought you were very interesting!
and i'm moving to texas next month and was wondering if you were still around?

sorry if this is weird lol i just had to message you!

Her name

I responded with a modified version of one of Cajun's online openers:

Well I am fascinating... :)

Seriously though you had me when you're about you blurb was about a lifted truck. I'm so adopting you as my country little sister... Don't worry, we'll spend all our time together climbing trees and drinking kool-aid. Actually you seem like a pretty cool person, I'd love to get together sometime and let you cook for me haha

Her response:

well i mean, don't flatter yourself or anything ;)
two things though, i won't be adopted as anyone's little sister, thank you. and i'm the worst cook in the world. unless you're into cereal and grilled cheese.. then i'm your chef :P
sorry about the truck thing.. it's just fascinating to me lol or maybe i'm a nerd?
talk to you soon ;P

My response:

Oh you're definitely a nerd :) but you're kinda cute. For a nerd.

Gotta run... Going to Vegas.

I expect a saccharine sweet message when I check back here :)

Her response:

Hello darling! I hope your trip went wonderfully!

.... okay that's enough sweetness out of me for today.
I hope to shatter this nerd image sometime in the near future, so you can pick another adjective if you want to. :)
but it better be something nice.
Seriously though, how did it go? I've never been there, sounds too big and busy for what I'm used to. You should just come to (Where she lives), instead!
Well, i'm off to get more done to my tattoo yayyy
Hurry back!!!

My Response:

I'm gonna give you a B+ for the sweet part of the message, but until I actually get to know you off the internet... You're still a dork! A kinda cute dork, but I digress.

Tattoo eh? What did you get done?

Her response:
Oh yay, a B+! Well that was more than I expected so good! At least you think I'm "cute" lol whatever the hell that means ha. i'll add you so you can see the rest of my retarded pictures and laugh.

I pushed my date to move back a week. I'm getting a little nervous about moving all the way down there and knowing like 4 people lol I'm gonna miss my Momma :P But you seem to know your way around, so I'll be sure to ask you first!
Good luck on the rest of your adventure. I'd love to help lol but unfortunately with gas being seventy dollars a gallon and i have a 16 hour drive, I'm not much to ya.

As for my tat, I just got a long sentence going down my left side. From under my arm to the side of my hip. That one definitely didn't feel good. I just had to have a little bit filled in on it the other night, and eventually I'm going to have more shading and stars around it.. to go with the 5 stars i already have.

ps- thanks for not assuming me a total nutcase :P

My Response:

Oh man you're not rich?? Damn! You're messing up my lifelong goal of being a house husband. I could just see it now ( Cue cheesy Jeffersons style intro music) I wake up pump some iron to show the little lady what she's paying for then watch my stories and have a massage... All crushed now :(

Not only do I not think you're nuts, I might be dangerously close to developing an internet crush. Which I don't like so stop being cool!

Her response:

Ha well, I will be one of these days, so you can dance around to your Jeffersons style intro music and have all the massages you want :P And make all the movies you want! Don't give up on me so quickly!
Ooooooh somebody likes me :P (Middle school singsong tune lol)
Coming to visit me when I get down there?? :)

Here I know I've gone far enough to get her on the phone as these things can easily fizzle over Myspace messages. So I give her a reason to call me as opposed to me trying to call her. With internet stuff I always try to make them get my phone number and contact me first that way I set the frame that they are chasing me from the beginning of the interaction all the way through.

Here's my last response before getting her on the phone:

I think like would be an overstatement for now... But you're growing on me :) You could grow even more by writing me a good luck text message before my open mic tonight. My number is xxx-xxx-xxx. There's gonna be like 100 people there tonight! Nervous!!

From there I spent about 3 hours on the phone with her and exchanged a gazillion texts. She's actually a really ute, funny girl with the best accent ever. She's also smokingly hot she sent me nude pics and she's insane hot. So I convinced her to fly out( despite her being terrified of flying and only being on a plane once in her life before) here to visit me. I'm picking her up from the airport in about 2 hours and she's staying here until Thursday. I should fuck... I mean make sweet love to her tonight as I have closed every girl I've met off the internet except one and that was because I made the mistake of having her meet me out when I was already slightly intoxicated.

I'll update the rest tomor but I since I just got this text :

This is kinda exhausting! Sheesh. I can't wait for your arms to be around me! :)

I feel confident in calling the lay a la Babe Ruth.

Tune in tomor to find out:

Same Sinn time, same Sinn blog.



  1. It's funny that you mention automating internet dating. Tim Ferriss, author of "The 4 Hour Work Week" outsourced his online dating to various countries for $200 or so over the course of 4 weeks in order to cram 20 dates into 1 weekend. I actually found out about this through him directly when he talked to an entrepreneurship class that I'm in, but a quick google search pulled up a little article about it at Seduction Chronicles:

  2. Hamburglar10:08 PM

    what got her hooked initially, your profile, your pictures, or your e-mail exchange?

    i'm really curious to know what your ideas are on profile making? share please!

  3. Really good shit although I'm not a huge fan of internet dating unless its just a side dish from going out fairly frequently. Very good though.

  4. Anonymous7:06 AM

    ha ha..nice lines exchange..i like her:D

    show her a good time Sinn.

  5. Flying out to meet you after three hours on the phone. Well fucking done.

  6. Please don't ever stop writing. This is the best blog! There's so much value in every post.

  7. Awesome post Sinn, would love to see more along this line.

    This was the best line: "I might be dangerously close to developing an internet crush. Which I don't like so stop being cool!"

  8. BlackQ1:01 PM

    This is inspirational. I want to gauge how long it took you too get so good. I feel mad frustrated too, but hearing how it is possible to consistently get lays just makes me want to never give up.

    And you did this over the NET? WHAAAT?

    Killer job yo.

  9. Anonymous2:18 PM

    awesome post. I've been adapting cajun's online method as well. The "climbling trees and drinking kool-aid" part is the best

  10. Hamburglar3:54 PM

    Do you answer comments or what?

    my original question was what hooked her initially. it seems that your profile did it. if so what are you doing in your profile that is making 10s message YOU.

    i've used myspace and nerve and i NEVER had 10s openly message me and i always thought i had a pretty decent profile.