Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Review from Austin:

This review is from our student Jazzed who just came out and took SNLs, Getting started with game and Routine stack seminar

There will be more of these in Boston June 6-8th, Detroit June 13th-15th and Carolina June 27th-29th. You can sign up for Boston Here

Detroit Here

And Carolina Here

Now onto the review...


I have seen the future.

Having only been in the community since this past
December(when I had my amazing MM Boot-camp
experience!), I have worked very, very hard to improve
my Game.

I had spent hours practising routines, and researching
techniques with good success. But I never really
understood "how" they all worked? Certain techniques
always seemed like a bad fit for me?, and I struggled
at times with ideas I just didn't understand . . .that
was until this past weekend . . .

In Austin I got it!. . .Game is F-U-N!

Sinn (THE most fun guy to Game with), gave me alien
technology which immediately helped me in-field.

He also never left my side?. .I don't know how he does
it . . .lol. . .He was always there, diagnosing my
EVERY move in set. Without his help - I may never have
understood my true sticking points OR how to correct
them! Thanks bro!

I also worked with El Topo, and what he gave me was

He demonstrated in-field, how wrong my old thinking
was that Game was ALL about dominating sets and being
a spectacle of positive female attention!

He showed me how fast and deep people will connect
with you when you are a "real" person. He also had
some really creative ways to do this. These ideas
helped round out my game in a big way!

For anyone looking to go beyond a boot-camp and
actually internalize - HOW it all works, this seminar
is a for you! These concepts will allow you to better
perfect your own style and "flow".The result - WAY

I would also add that if possible, always take a
Boot-camp with other seminars. Since I took all three,
Sinn and El-Topo were able to custom fit the SNL and
Routine Stacking seminars to my exact style and
sticking points!Instead of just text book information
- they related it to REAL examples from the REAL sets
all weekend!

I now know the power of ongoing coaching and what it
can do for your Game! This is the next level!


PS:On this being a biased review. There was a BIG
negative. A 6ft 9 I may not have lost had it been
after my SNL seminar on Sunday!!! Straight torture

Here's the links again for those who have to sign up now!

Boston Here

Detroit Here

And Carolina Here



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