Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review of The PUA summit plus bonus vid of Brad P and I

So this past weekend I was speaking at the PUA summit with mixed emotions. I was excited to get to talk to a big group of people because I really do believe in the value of what I teach, but I was also a little worried about how weird the crowd was going to be. Any time you get a bunch of unsocially calibrated guys ( as I was so no judgement) together it has the potential for weirdness and discomfort. Luckily the weekend was a lot of fun.
The last thing I posted was the LR from Wed night at Bar Marmont. I actually ended up pulling another three set from there on Sat night. I took them back to Savoy’s place but rushed the pull as I opened her at about 1:00 AM. It turns out I had opened her sister and her friends earlier by singing Leona Lewis’ “ Bleeding Love” loudly. I was actually out with Moxie’s bootcamp and they watched the pull go down. It was hilarious because Moxie handcuffs his students if they don’t lock in in the first minute of the set. So we were getting pretty rowdy in there… And somewhere in there I picked up a girl.
But before that even happened it started with Thursday and Moxie and I making a pilgrimage to get the milanesa tacos from El Indio in Northridge. I first discovered these delectabls when my friends Ron and Gabe were in a fraternity at CSUN. We got recommended to the place once and it was nauseating except for some reason Ron liked it and eventually persuaded us to try these breaded steak tacos. I have since introduced CJ to them who was suitably annoyed when I texted him to tell him were eating them and throwing one away for the absentee pirate king.
We ended up at Beauty bar for a bit that night and then we headed to Savoy’s to play some Madden Wii. I lost as I could figure out any of the controls. Though I did annoy Savoy by picking the chragers. So there’s that ☺
Then Friday I sat in on a bit of Moxie’s lecture had sex with the girl from Wed night again, ran some errands and picked up some new clothes. I got a few new shirts but generally was less than impressed with the LA fashion scene. Especially on Melrose. I get it Affliction shirts are “in” because everyone wants to pretend their ultimate fighters, because one time they spent all day watching an Ultimate Fighter marathon on the Versus channel. And I understand that Phoenixes represent overcoming and such.. but enough with the phoenix, the skulls, and the Fleur De Lis… I get it, you’re conflicted and there’s problems of religious symbolism that cause you great consternation but I’d like to stop having it shoved at me when I’m trying to purchase clothing to make women like me :P

Fri night we ended up bouncing around to a lot of bars at which point I got ridiculously drunk(with a bit of help from Savoy) and ended up passing out back at our lovely motel around 4 AM when I knew I had to be up to support AFC Adam on his talk. So I wake up, hung over and head down to the summit. I meet up with Kurgen who if you guys don’t know about him is a guy I NEVER thought would get good. He’s also over 40 and Asian so he’s not one of those guys who you can say succeeds because of his looks or natural advantages. His story is actually pretty funny.

About three years ago Fastlife, Matador and myself used to go out in Orange County. We’d go to this ridiculously hard 18 and under club and to an the Skybar of Orange County for those of you who go out down there. Now bear in mind this was right before or right after the game had come out. SO there weren’t a lot of PUAs. We NEVER ran into guys. Except for this one guy. Back then Kurgen dressed terribly he looked like an old guy trying to look young. And he had taken 2 bootcamps with a different company that teaches more of a party style of game. Not the right combination. Plus he had some issues with touching and teasing girls. Plus his routines sounded like bad acting. We tried to give him some advice here or there and he never took it, but he kept going out. Then finally about two years ago, he started to get better. He even told Fastlife about how he started to tease and touch and we were both like “ DUH”. But he really got better fast once he changed his style to reflect his age a bit and he added teasing and touching. He got good enough that I asked him to help me format the routine stacks recently. The reason I did this was that he broke all his routines into micro pieces and learned them with the touching points and everything in order to internalize the attitudes etc… So now he’s helping me to break up routine stacks into digestable pieces that make sense and accomplish a certain amount of objectives. But I digress. The point of the story was that Fastlife and I had frequent conversations about how he was never going to get better and he was still able to by taking the steps on his own and staying committed.

But he and I ended up at the summit and the first person I saw was Zan. He happened to be in LA and stopped by with the guy who wrote the upcoming community movie. I think it’s called Rules of The Game or something similar. I caught up with Zan and we made plans to catch up and talk about some of the ideas I have. Then I saw AFC Adam and his girlfriend. It’s always great to see Adam as he’s one of the coolest most fun to be around people I’ve ever met. I also got to catch up with some other guys I’ve met over the years. A bunch of former students were there so it was cool to see where they are now as opposed to where they were the last time I saw them. The summit was held in the Rennasaince Hotel which is always a great choice, we filmed the Savoy, The Don and I filmed the classroom segments of the Dr Phil show in a room across the way from where we were now. When I got there Savoy wasn’t even on stage yet so the event like most summits was running a bit late. It was good to see Vince Kelvin and Johnny Wolf again as well. It seems like the crew they were working with was a bit larger than I thought it was going to be. I was busy catching up with Zan while Savoy was speaking but I came back in the room in time to hear Adam mention that I was in the crowd. Always appreciate the shout outs ☺ Adam’s speech was great. Very informative and funny his method of breaking rapport to build attraction and using PROVEN psychological techniques such as social proof and operant conditioning is pretty interesting. Personally Adam has some of the most ridiculous attraction game I’ve ever seen. And is super normal while doing it. His speech included a look at a NEVER to be publicly shared video that more than proves his level of skill or any questions about his abilities…
After Adam talked I bounced with Kurgen to work on breaking down the routine stack process and we made some great headway towards our new attraction model ebook being ready as well. Plus I got to eat Carney’s which is another one of my favorite places to eat in LA. As I’ve mentioned before one of my rules in life is that hot dog is never a bad choice. It’s hard to find a better hot dog than Carney’s including Pink’s.
That night ended in the previously mentioned pull and LMR combination.

Sunday I wake up at 10 AM and have to be on stage at 11:30. I grab a quick shower, wake moxilicious up and head down to the seminar room. I walk in as David Wygant is on stage and I keep waiting for him to scream " RESPECT THE COCK!!!" He kinda reminds me of Mark Wahlberg in The Departed. He tells us he spent all night having sex with his girlfriend and is on two hours sleep. He mentions girls being horny and going home to masturbate while thinking about guys who approach them. But he spends most of his time dissing routines. Which is hilarious because my talk is on finding your voice in set through the use of routines. I tell this to Torres Adam's girlfriend and she's amused as well. After the talk I tell Johnny Wolf what I'm talking about and he looks visibly nervous.

I get on stage and nail my talk. I covered a lot about being willing to be different, putting your core personality on the line, and using good routines as opposed to bad ones. This doesn't mean other people's routines, it means having good answers to the questions that come up every set, etc... I also notice that I swear more than any other guru I've ever heard. I'd think it was nervous energy but I swear more than any person I know also...

After my speech I'm mobbed by a bunch of people including Sean Messenger who tells me he's really proud of my growth since the last time we saw each other. Coming from Sean that means a lot. I talk to students and end up giving everyone a free phone consultation. that's something I've been doing for everyone who comes and hears me talk at a lair meeting or a summit, whatever. I want to spend 1 minutes talking to you and seeing where you are and what things can be done to help you get to the next level.

I grab a quick lunch with Moxie and then head in to watch Brad P speak. As regular readers of my blog are well aware I'm a big fan of Brad's. His talk started out with his standard stuff about social anxiety and developing balls. I frequently point students in the direction of his social anxiety exercises and do myself on a fairly regular basis. He also told some funny stories about how he infiltrated or one of those file sharing networks and did a poll o how much guys were getting laid. It revealed that most of them were virgins or had been with less than ten women despite having access to EVERY product. This was actually one of the better talks I've seen Brad give as he later took questions and revealed some great tactics or handling shit tests. I even got on stage with im and did an exercise on absuridfing shit tests. You can see the video here:

Then he wrapped up and he and I did an interview about the summit, having balls, making things sexual etc, etc... Not sure when the videos are gonna be up but I'll post them as they get up. The guys filming the interviews liked the way I interviw Brad enough to do an interview with me, Adam, and Torres, and Sean Messenger. Fun times. I like interviewing people.

I also got to see Mehow for the first time in a long time. I was really happy about that because I wanted a chance to apologize for all the aggression towards him last year that was pretty unwarranted. He took it really graciously and I had a really good talk with him and look forward to seeing him again. I also saw his presentation and really loved the way he broke down live pick ups in real time. Apparently he did a demo on some girls he brought with him too but I didn't see it. I'm very interested to see what new technology will bring to ways of learning pick up. The last person I met was Don Diego Garcia from Stylelife who has a really different image to what I was expecting and seemed like a nice guy. We should be doing an interview soon for Style life so look for that.

I finally got a call from Moxie about coming to pick him up from his bootcamp and had to leave a bit early but overall I thought the summit was a great success and I'm excited to see what happens next year with it. I'll post the videos as I find them.



  1. Haha cool to see you liked the video, since I filmed it. I got some pieces of your talk. If you don't mind, I'll post them later this week.

  2. Fader7:34 PM

    Highlights: It gets alot worse

    Loved Sinn using Brad P's own opener against him (no one seemed to pick up on that), also little applause to when he said the worst line in the world which was hillarious.

    Daddy's talking, how many times I have seen him do that in set

    Sinn resulting to his classic SNL game I just wanted to hit on you

    It's not real your imagining it.


  3. Brian8:53 PM

    It's really awesome to see two of the best out there working together.

    So much value in this video and this blog in general. Great stuff as always.

  4. Wow, absurdify is excellent. Such an easy thing to easy remember and execute. I'll be adding that one to the repertoire...

  5. Hey Sinn what did you say after you said: Yea I love the cock after brad p says that you're gay. I couldn't hear the rest because the crowd was laughing. You mentioned breakfast

  6. BTW: Brad P just sent me an e-mail and he doesn't want his face on youtube. So upon request I removed the video.

  7. Anonymous11:39 PM

    video remmoved?

  8. Anonymous12:37 AM

    AAAAaaaaaaaaah the crosses and fleur de lis shirts!!

    I remember coming back from Kingston to Melrose and I saw those and thought they were the shit. I brought it back to Canada and I was a big pimp.

    Proudly I sported the crosses and the skull. For a time it was glorious.

    Then I got back to LA later in the year and found myself surrounded by magic dragons and skulls -- now the emblem of the chode.


    I now ask "Is there a dragon or skull or cross??" any time I get brought clothes to a changeroom by those aggressive store girls.

    True story.


  9. I am proud of you, you handsome little emo devil. Your talk made a real difference that day, and it is going to resonate for a long time, my friend. :)

    And thank GOD I made sure not to watch Brad before I went on stage. It's like being in Jane's Addiction, thinking you are the bee's fucking tripped out knees, and then finding out you have to follow fucking Zeppelin. :)

  10. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Can you at least repost the audio portion if the interview?

  11. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Oh no, I miss a day visiting your blog and the video is down.Any chance for re-posting it for another day?


  12. Anonymous6:25 PM

    please can we get the audio pleaaaaaaasseeeee

  13. BTW: I just posted the AUDIO ONLY version of this on my blog, so for the people who never have seen the video, check out the audio rip here:

  14. Very awesome. Its too bad the video doesn't work anymore. Why was it taken down?

  15. Thanks for talking at our little summit this year. Was a huge success. Will be checking out the El Indio tacos tonight...and yeah, Melrose sucks as far as fashion. NO MORE CROSSES AND SKULLS! It's not peacocking if you look exactly like every other chode in the bar.
    So yeah, I'm told Brad doesn't like his face posted anywhere. Oh wells.

  16. Anonymous4:43 PM

    the kurgen was my anthropology/history teacher.