Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Night one with Moxilicious J Moxie.

Moxie ad I headed out last night with the full intention of workshopping each other in the things both of us are good at. The night ended up being pretty fun.

It started when we went to the hipster bar. I used to live right around the corner from all of the bars I was at yesterday and even though I've been out of LA for only a year it feels like a lifetime ago. I'm always genuinely surprised how fast LA changes. One of my favorite places to go out burned down( Apparently only last week) Geisha House has a completely different wall theme. My old Apt building actually has a gym and restaurant in it now, and more. I always think I'm going to miss LA when I'm back and I NEVER do. Ever. Ever... I hate it as a city with the upmost. Ok back on topic.

We were at the hipster bar and there was a guy who looked exactly like Brad P but older, and the bartender looked exactly like MaryJasian Future's ex whatever... So Moxie was working on his low energy game and chatted a quick set before we took off to the next venue. Here's where the night got really interesting as Moxie picked out the three most fucked up sets with the three hottest girls at the bar. The first one was a one guy two girl set and I opened it and got attraction really fast and then tried to add too much value to the set which is a mistake I sometimes make with hotter girls. It comes from all those years of basic MM training he ideas of high value and expecting that I need to DO something to get attraction from super hotties. Instead of playing my game I default to something that is less useful for me. It does work well but for my personality, etc... Not so much. That ste is a blow out. The next set is also a blowout as it's an 8 set with 5 guys and 2 girls and I get caught up talking to the guys. Finally I have to approach a set with the hottest girl in the bar and some really good looking guy at a table. I'm hating moxie at this point.

I open it, start teasing her about being tall. Tell her we're not going to get along and that this guy obviously doesn't spank her enough. At this point she is all over me, pulling me in, etc... I find out that the guy is actually her personal assistant and she runs a clothing line designing lingerie. It's really on. She's flustered and goes to the bathroom but asks me to stay and talk to her assistant. I decline and go rejoin Moxie at our table to drink some beer and eat some wings. Later she comes back and Moxie tells me she's eye fucking me. I made the mistake of playing too much value game with her too but was able to correct it when I went back in and I started to run my sexual frames. Then she tells me that she has a live in boyfriend she doesn't have sex with and actually occasionally fucks her assistant but tonight she's trying to hook him up with the our waitress. She's trying to hook him up by doing massive amounts of shots. I wasn't touching enough and I had to keep doing take aways as she, the assistant and the waitress do about 9 shots in 15 minutes. I help Moxilicious work some sets with an english girl. I re-open a group from the smoking patio inside, smoke a cigarette and do a couple other things on my five or so take aways and I bounce between this girl and the rest of the bar. Finally I get her to turn her body completely towards me and start holding her hands. We make out and Moxie # closes the assistant as I # close the hottie, The assistant was completely unaffected by my being there the entire time. In fact he told Moxie that she was his wing and that they have threesomes with chicks they pick up in bars. Weird. He was like an uber natural though. We're supposed to hang with him tonight at some party...

Then we hit up a few other sets, and bounced to a couple of different venues before ending up at Tiny's. Tiny's used to be a regular part of my date in LA. The reason it's DISGUSTING. It literally has velvet paintings of naked women and clowns, and I feel like there should be syringes in the drinks. Still shots are puzzlingly $ 9... Moxie jumps into a three set with a dude who looks like he has aids. He pulls the obstacle over. I had to make sure it actually was the girl he didn't wanted so I just asked if she was cool. If he says she is she's not the target... I tell her I like her dress. One of the things CJ has been saying for a long time is the importance of recognizing a girl's self esteem level. In my new model, there are two parts to the interaction. Where you are and where she is. A lot of other systems put a focus on doing the same thing every time regardless of the type of women and expect results. I think you have to meet them where they are at. Which I think ironically enoygh I have only ever heard RJ say... But this girl was clearly LSE and needed a compliment. Sometimes you gotta compliment. Like sometimes you gotta race :) We start making out and then the bar closes. We go outside and I've got my girl ready to pull. But we need a little more time. It turns out the girls know the guys closing the bar and get invited back in which leaves Moxie and to celebrate a fun night of pushing each others' sticking points.



  1. Interesting stuff about LSE. I think a comprehensive write up about LSE girls would be SUPER helpful.

  2. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Right on! Good report man. By the way why do you hate LA so much? I was looking to get out of the south and LA, Vegas and Austin were a few places I was interested in. Keep up the FR and LR man I love reading that shit. I opened a pretty chick last night with a Cleveland shirt on with 'Go Celtics' and she cursed me but we ended up making out 45 minutes later.

  3. Xtreeme/Alexander4:01 AM

    "Well niggah, some times you gotta race so you race". Funny inside joke there man :)

    Cool FR - it makes you real and really puts you down from the pedestal of untouchable SUPER DUPER UBER PUA OF DOOM which makes it easy to connect with you.


  4. Anonymous4:25 AM

    5+2 =/= 8 lol

  5. Here are my comments.

    First of all, I miss Dave Chappelle and Mind of Mencia is a WEAK replacement of an ethnic comedy skit show on comedy central. BOO!


    "Some dude who looked like he had aids." - HAHA! Jesus dude! Easy! Aside from what the South Park people say, I'm still not sure if AIDS is funny yet. Give it another 5-10 years or so (I still laughed though).

    And finally, I agree with what don said. This LSE stuff that I've been reading on your and CJ's blog sounds interesting. I'd love to hear more about it.

    Cool stuff Sinn! Keep it up!