Friday, May 23, 2008

LR Little Miss Insecure from a night out with J. Moxie

This is actually from Wednesday night. The second night of my hanging out with J. Moxie. We started off by grabbing a hot dog at Carney’s which is one of the things I actually really like about LA. As well as one of my rules of life which is that hot dog is never a bad choice. Seriously how often do you regret eating a hot dog even if it’s from 7-11. From Carney’s we went to the lovely Saddle Ranch. That’s def not on my list of things that I like about LA. Saddle Ranch is actually one of the only venues I have ever seen that was killed by the community. On any given weekend you have 3 or 4 bootcamps being run and an additional group of about 10 guys who took workshops and never bothered to figure out anywhere else to go. It licks Satan’s anus not to put tooo fine a point upon it. After about ten minutes of wanting to bang my head against something or light myself on fire, we bounce to the next place. The Standard. It was a weeknight so it was dead. Like five people in the whole place dead. Then we bounced to some bar that I was at with HB perfect on her birthday but can never remember the name of the place… I open a stripper at the bar by talking about my manliest of drink choices. It’s always funny when I order my uber masculine vodka and diet Cokes. She was super up front about being a stripper and I was starting to gain traction but I didn’t lock in fast enough and she was friends with the bartender so I had to do some take-aways and then finally ran out of steam completely. J Moxie was gaming up a black girl on the dance floor by spanking her with a rose. There’s also an older lady dressed in all red. See through red. Her nipples were literally the size of quarters. There was also a woman who was wearing a jumpsuit of some sort with her boy shorts hanging out of it. Apparently this bar is non-officially sponsoring an ugly person lingerie show…

We bounce finally to an upscale hotel bar and there’s a decent amount of hot girls ut the sets are pretty badly logisticized. The first girl I notice has (Shockingly) huge boobs and is seated in a mixed five set with three girls and two guys. I walk past the set to see what else is in there. Thee were some community guys out and some weirdos as well who were wearing pink psycho sunglasses that looked like they came out of the mutants in The Dark Knight Returns. I decide I’m going to open the 5 set before we leave so I walk over and notice that she’s creeped out by the one of the guys in the set. So I open while he’s distracted by saying that her facial expressions are priceless, and that watching that guy freak her out has been the highlight of my night so far. The set opens really well and I start talking to her friend on the left who was actually a super hot stripper. I ran rings on fingers and then just started talking about myself and what I’m doing in Hollywood. Especially how much I dislike Hollywood. She’s not believing anything and constantly keeps asking me if I’m really what I say I am, if I really like her etc.. Normally this would annoy me but with my recent focus on LSE girls I instead decide to just comfort her and let her know that I do actually like her. Which I did. She’s really funny and vulgar and should win a prize for eing the first person ( who isn’t English) to use cunt before me in a set. Kudos majorly… She and her dad cowrote a book which is pretty interesting and now works for a major production company. She also has a kid. Oen thing I really learned from El Topo and CJ was how to use women having kids as a major way to hook into comfort. The part of them that is a mother cannot coexist with a part of them that is a club girl at the same time. So by engaging the mother part of her you by default disengage the part of her that would have a “ Bitch shield” if you like to think in those terms.
The stripper girl leaves and it turns out that her and the two guys just met my girl and her friend. The girl’s friend excuses herself to et a drink and is gone for like 30 minutes only to re-emerge with a French guy. He’s totally harmless so I just ignore him for now. I run strawberry fields on her and she starts giving me major sexual iois. She’s a bit older so I got to set up frames that she was at her sexual peak and trying to take advantage of me. She mentions that she has a sort of boyfriend she still fucks and that she’s on her rag so we can’t have sex that night… This would be a recurring them. This is one of my newer concepts I’ve been teaching to guys on bootcamps and one on ones as well as in SNLs. The idea is prompting and passing sexual shit tests. This relates to doing and saying things to provoke women to tell you things like “ We’re not sleeping together etc.. and then passing it with a set structure for sexual escalation. This girl probably told me she wasn’t going to fuck me or blow me about 15 times.
Around 12:30 the girl’s friend and the French guy invite us to go back to the Mondrian and have some wine. I decide that at 12:30 it’s too late to keep doing more sets and pass up this opportunity. I head back to the Mondrian with the group and when we get up there my girl tells me that her friend is a golddigger. But the French guy CANNOT escalate. The friend was even saying things like “ That bed looks comfortable.” I tell my girl about all the things I’m going to do to her and finally we decide to go back to her house. To “cuddle”. She goes to the bathroom and tells me that she’s at the end of her period… Which means it’s time to fuck and we do…

The weird thing is that after sex she freaks out when we’re talking about how her kid lives with his dad and he’s not learning the right things. It actually made me feel weird that I had created this much intimacy or she’s crazy but I prefer my explanation of intimacy as it makes me look better : )



  1. Ok, so what I'm getting from this LR in terms of game is this:

    Girls who demonstrate LSE will say things like, "do you really like me?" "this can't be real," ect. And when they say those things, all you have to do is reassure them - but beware because that builds a LOT of comfort and intimacy as we saw later when she started telling you personal things about her kid and so forth.

    Does that sound like a good summation?

    Let me know,

  2. another nice story!
    but how do you respond when she's telling you that she won't sleep with you that night?

  3. Wow, sexual shit test. I never heard of that before, but it sounds like you're constantly getting rejected!

    Could you explain how you made that work to your advantage. Could I use it on a girl I'm well acquainted with. Sound extremely useful. Didn't see that in MagicBullet.

  4. Good stuff. Maybe run a spell check before posting though, but always grateful for the LR and some of the techniques/body language/ terminologies used to break down the interaction.