Monday, May 19, 2008

Where have I been?

Sorry guys another layoff as I had to move and then had no internet.

I switched buildings back home and now live in a place with a much better gym and that's about it. I stupidly decided that since I had checked out the one bedrooms with CJ awhile ago that the one bedrooms would be just as nice. They're not. My Apt now is markedly smaller and less nice. I know a little about interior design and Feng Shui and the whole thing is off. Except the view. the view is incredible and the balcony has access from my bedroom and my living room which is nice.

But when I switched, of course i didn't realize to schedule an extra week for all the installation stuff so I had to spend Tuesday sitting around my apt reading and waiting for the cable guys who don't install internet. I really don't understand AT&T if you have a home set up system for high speed internet and you have cable guys, why can't they deliver those packages. They don't even have to install it just carry them around on the trucks and give them to people who chose to get both services. Right? Am I missing something here?

Then Wed I left to meet with Moxie and a student in lovely San Fran. I really love that city but the nightlife is atrocious. No hot girls( though there were cuter ones this time :) and it wasn't very well layed out in terms of bar hopping to bars you would like to go to. Great food especially in China town. Moxie and I got Dim Sum a couple of times while there but as is becoming the theme of this trip I made us late for lunch and we had to spend 30 minutes trying to find an open restaurant. Then we ended up out in the marina where I had a couple of close lays including one that led tot his text message exhcange.

Girl: Think I'm calling it a night. When are you in LA?
Me: But I wanted to fuck you :(
Girl: Wow I guess it's out there like that. Let me see what I can do...

But alas it was not to be and the night before I had a girl trying to propsiton me through text message but my phone had died and Moxie was busy doing street sets for around an hour so I couldn't charge it until it was too late.

Sun we rented a car and headed down to Napa for a very heterosexual two days of wine tasting which is where I am writing from as we missed wine tasting because I overslept( I was getting sick last night) and now we're waiting for our dinner reservations.

Tomor we'll make the drive down to LA. I hate LA and am not looking forward to this. Except for Tito's tacos, shopping, and catching up with some old friends. I'll also be talking to some execs who may have some reality show interest from back before I left LA. We'll see my perspective on hollywood is that unti you get a check it's not real.

I have a bunch of ideas for articles and should be back to a regular posting cycle now.




  1. I figured that was you walking down Powell Street on Thursday afternoon. Great posts lately, by the way. Keep it up.

  2. "But I wanted to fuck you :("