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El Topo's Text Game

This was posted on ET's blog but got largely ignored. I think it's gold. And not just because I'm mentioned in it. As someone who's seen ET's text game in person and the girls responses in real time he's good. He even helped me with some texting stuff in Orlando to get this girl to pick me up from the airport. Serious shit.

Check it...

The Text Game Part one.

This is one long post so I am breaking it down in a few parts.
I will get the rest of the posts up in the next few days.

Texting is something that about a year ago I realized the community didn’t have a lot of solid info on.

Now like all things, there is a lot of info on it, but not a lot of it I found was really useful.
There were some routines to get a response form someone, but none that built beyond that.
There are a lot of dynamics to text game, and I am known for the fairly aggressive style, but I practice a bunch of different forms and have friends who have a lot of different techniques on how to text as well. Hopefully this post will shed some light on that.

I will say that a lot of us actually game with text messaging as a pretty useful tool.
So it is a Tool of Game,
you can take a lot of short cuts with use of Text and IM, and then there are some other things that you can’t really make as effective in it. A good example would be, you can get very sexual with a girl over text in a fairly quickly, but you can’t really show too much of a human side with it either. You can’t penetrate deep 'comfort' emotions in text, you are mainly dealing with surface level emotions, hence the fantasy element.

Not the only way but a way to game.

What inspired this post was a few things.

The First was that someone texted a girl I had dated, “what’s up HOOKER!”. This text was kind of a joke that actually turned into many fruitful experiences, but the thing to point out about texting in such an offensive manner is not to belittle people, but to stimulate a response and have a then door to elicit sexuality.

The Second is that a few email blasts came into my email box saying that they had the Text Message Secrets. Now there is definitely good text material out there, but the series of texts they listed in this email (that was just released last week) was pathetic. I know the guys who wrote it, and they are super PUAs, but it once again opened my eyes to how some of the stuff put out there can be complete bullshit.

And the Third thing I would have to say is that I use text a lot, my friends use text a lot. We all do it a little different, but there is definitely a theoretical formula we follow.

So let’s begin here by saying Game is communication and orchestrating it to follow the direction that you want.
You are Socially Engineering interactions with people.
That includes it all, you can do this in a very Passive way that can be very influential, and you can do it in a Manipulative way. That is up to you. Game has been used and abused like a hooker’s pussy.

So the one thing to realize about any superficial communication is that is can fit a Fantasy World or can be given an Identity or Frame or Linked to a Subpersonality.
What I mean by superficial type of communication is communication that someone’s deeper emotions are not involved.
That includes Communication in any area of Attraction. And the more distanced it is from reality the better.

This way you bypass a lot of comfort and can get to seduction a lot faster than before. This is what Captain Jack did with frames, starting them early and then have him define an out come with less emotional investment. This is what I see when I read Brad P’s LRs (good product by the way), he would make his Attraction Game very Sexual, and made it fun allowing his targets to

So in person, face to face, that is the most ‘real’ you can get with someone. And it is harder to get them to accept a fantasy role in the early stages, or harder for them to accept a subpersonality role. However, the face to face meeting is what our over all goal, it is pretty hard to stick your dick in someone without this happening.

Over the phone, this is somewhat personal but much easier for someone to jump into a subpersonality or live out some extension of themselves. The main point here, is that because there is some detachment from interacting personally people will be more willing to step outside of their identity they convey when in public.

Over Email it can totally be done, but you have got to fish for it. You can’t immediately try and turn someone into a bleeding romantic, a sexually frustrated slut, or whatever your goal is. But you can get there pretty deep, pretty quick. In fact when I first started this was a big tool of mine. Very comfort based, and I still don’t know many people that have met someone for 10 mins and carried out an email conversation with them for a few weeks and then without talking over the phone was able to close them. This I did quite a bit last year consistently.

Over Chat or Text, what this post is about, is a really easy way to get someone to accept some passive role with you and very quickly build that momentum towards sex. The funny thing was that a lot of my friends in the community would not believe me when I would tell them about the texts that I would exchange with people. I would tell them about texts and they thought I was exaggerating. I thought this was a natural thing to do. It always made sense that you can be a totally freak over text.
I thought people did it all the time.

Then I met Levo and Doc Holiday and a few other people in the community that were doing stuff that I was doing. They were also being sexually aggressive in their Texts!
Also one of the books (Social Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman) I have always talked about as having pages and pages full of information relevant towards game mentioned a study about Instant Messenger Game.
If I wasn’t so lazy I would site the page it is on, but the general idea was that there were normal Teen/Young Adults that would have no leanings towards dysfunctional behavior, yet within minutes of Instant Messaging people they went sexual.

I just think that for guys like myself in the Community, we tend to over think how people can normally act. And escalation in Text can be normal. Now mix it with some strategy and you can make it one of your biggest weapons.

But was always doing this sort of thing naturally. I have always been some who could push things too far and recover so I did that in game and I did it in text too.

Although my PUA friends believed me in what I would text wanted to see proof. And they got it eventually.
I was with Sinn and Future in Chicago and we were finishing up workshop.
I started a text exchange with a girl and the value in this was that it was one long exchange. It didn’t happen over days, weeks, months, it went from me having her number sending a text and in an hour or so, she was masturbating (or so she said) while texting me back and forth.

The post is called “the Sexualized Text” I think I put it up in July or August of Last Year.

At this point people would constantly ask me about text, and when I was out they would ask me advice.
I would give it to them and sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn’t.
In fact one thing that Shaft says is that whenever he uses my texts, he gets no response. But what he started to point out was that there was a method to what I was doing.

Also at the time, Sinn and Future with their Break Through Comfort program had started adding a text aspect to it.
They would get girls in a whirlwind of “Hot Cold Texts”. And when we were looking at the consistencies in what we were all doing we were going “Hot Cold”

Now in this I want to breakdown a few different ways to Text.
There is stuff, I do, Sinn does, Captain Jack does, Shaft does, and little things I have picked up from other folks (PUAs and naturals).

There is a lot here, and it really is up to the other guys to breakdown their methods, I am just offering what I notice from observing these guys and how I have been able to replicate it.

Before we get to any sort of “Hot Cold”, we need to establish how we initiate the text.
It is not really an opener, but it contains the same sort of traits as an opener. Your initial text is supposed to stimulate attention back. It is supposed to elicit a response. It is not supposed to gain too much traction, mainly because it really can’t at that point. Like an opener it is just there to open communication.

You also need to realize that one of the best ways to text is text like a girl would. Careful placement of emoticons and capitalization work out well.

So here is the old standard that you can never really go wrong with when initialing text…

“Do you speak text … (name) ☺”

If you want you can be kind of quirky or funny with them, may sound stupid, but they work. Some quirkier ones might be…

“I just totally ate (or any other verb) the craziest thing, and in a really weird way it made me think of YOU! :P”

“I am sending you this text before I forget and tomorrow’s hangover kicks in, TEXT ME BACK WOMAN!”

“Right now I am in the bathroom, wondering if there is ever a beneficial way to write someone’s number on the wall. But it was awesome meeting you last night. :p”

“This is (insert name), text me something cool… ;P "

So now you have opened her up and where do you go from there?
Well what are your goals?
Are you trying to build a relationship with her? Are you trying to lay her as quick as possible? Are you trying to keep her around as a possible fuck buddy?
One thing that I am a big fan of, is that I will treat all the girls I pursue as SNLs. I want to go for the Lay as quick as possible. This is because it cuts out the completely unnecessary comfort that was once thought necessary in the community.
So what I am trying to do in my initial interactions is this-

-I am trying to split her personality. I want text to be a fantasy world with her.
-I want to gain compliance in the rhythm of how I am texting. For instance if I send texts that elicit an emotionally heated response, then I want to be the one cooling it down and turning it sexual.
-I want to get sexual. This is easier than you would think in text. I generally bait for it and it comes to the surface.
-I want them to facilitate a role, weather it is texting me back or performing some task that they are designated to they need to be dong something for me under my definition of them.
- I need to get them in an exchange that they can’t get out of. They emotionally isolate themselves with me through text, thus my interactions with them are a secret.

“Hot Cold”
This is kind of the original consistency we came up with, but it makes sense.
It is pure Attraction Game, and text is really Attraction Game that can be built into so many different realms. to sleep with you.

What this is, is simple. You send a text that carries one nice thing, and one teasing thing. This can go in further extremes, to something totally endearing and another totally repulsive. Like, “Just thinking about you ;)… would you get OUT of my HEAD!”
Why ‘Hot Cold’ works is because it gets a response and you are leading it. If you gain compliance over changing a anyone’s emotions you gain compliance over them. Humans are not logical, drama is a good thing when trying to speed along an interaction with women.
That is how Bait hook Reel Release and Push Pull work and this is push pull at its best. Here are a few examples of initial texts using “Hot Cold” in terms of an Opening Text… they do get better.
As you will see below, I have played around with putting the push before the pull and vise versa. No need to put that much thought in it. I give both examples. I think the lead out with the coldness may work better, but the main thing is that cat-like dynamic we are trying to portray.

“WTF I can’t believe you’re actually going home! I guess the after party will have to be going one without you”

“I am totally thinking about that (some detail about your interaction, like an odd article about their clothing)…You really shouldn’t tempt me creative minds can be trouble.”

“So today I totally ran into your twin! LOL! Except she was a good girl ☺!”

“You’re too much here…so what are up to tomorrow? ;P”

Now what is important here is not the examples specifically, but the nature of the dialogue. The two things at once, the beginnings of Hot Cold. The quicker you can become that guy she texts in her own world rather than that guy she texts that she politely responds to, if at all the better.

Escalating Hot Cold

Now one of the traps of any sort of Hot Cold interaction can be fucked up pretty easily.
It still works like a charm, but it can work like a charm in the wrong directions. So if you are using it to escalate than you need to know what direction you are going in. How it can go wrong is that is can add too much comfort and lead people towards relationships, and using Hot Cold to shape a relationship can be really out of control, cause if you play it how I do than you’ll frame the women to be totally dramatic.
So we want our Hot cold to go sexual and not emotional. To do that we need to start identifying their reactions and roles as sexual, this works out really well in text.

Here is a breakdown-
“Ok so you really think that!? Such a BAD girl…”
So the Cold (negative) part is “Ok so you really think that?” then the Hot (positive) part is “Such a BAD girl…”
Here her compliment is fitting her identity to be a positive one, but positive in a deviant way.
Now Game is something that is not really ‘making’ people do what they don’t want to do. Game is making the right situations come out and leading which way they grow. So we are not saying right off the bat, ‘you are a bad girl’. We are putting a very attractive stereotype out there and seeing if she accepts it. 8 out of 10 times she will.
Remember, we are just trying to help that sort of side come out of her.

So here are some examples of Text Exchanges Escalating Hot Cold-

PUA- “So I was just thinking…WTF did I do last night? Did I randomly text someone I shouldn’t have (don’t you hate that)…you came to mind ;) ”

Target- “LOL! No you’re safe here. No drunk texts.”

(So this is a weak response, but still a response. You want to actually get them invested, but it is your first text so no worries)

PUA- “So either you’re saving me from embarrassment or telling the truth. I like a girl that can keep a secret!”

Target- “I always tell the truth! So now you have got me wondering”

(this is a better response, she addressed both comments but still not too invested)

PUA- “Don’t press too hard WOMAN! Today has been totally crazy, I might SNAP!”

Target- “What? Snap???”

PUA- “Crazy stuff with a client of mine. But now it’s your job to make me feel better! But don’t get and crazy ideas I might not be able to handle it! ;)”

Target- “HA! ☺ Just what did you have in mind? I think I could give you a lot that you can’t handle. LOL”

PUA- “Now you’re giving me making me think of all sorts of crazy thoughts… ease up bad girl”

So what is happening here is using a hot cold dynamic to progress on in the exchange. One of the things here is that I am moving more towards a fantasy dynamic with the target and moving it to bring out a sexual subpersonality for them to fulfill.
But notice how the parts where I am saying things like, “don’t press too hard WOMAN! Today has been totally crazy, I might SNAP!”
I capitalize things like WOMAN! To get a bit of a rise out of her, and then I seed her to take on a position where I can give her a role to fulfill.

The next text I send then says, “but now it’s your job to make me feel better!”
This is something we will get into later, but it is something that Sinn does to gain compliance in a role in text to efficiently begin framing them, saves a lot of time in person with them.

The rest is still to come!


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I'm really suprised nobody commented. As someone who gives great text;) I found this very insightful. I guess that goes to show you how little community guys actually understand how things work and why they rely on lines so much.

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Yeah this is some sick stuff. What I'd like to see more of though is examples.
    I could teach you the algorithms of addition, but saying that 3+2=5 might be easier to understand.

  3. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Great info. I acually used a piece of it and flipped it to fit my game.