Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Austin Update!

So El Topo and I will be coming up to Austin on May 2, 3, 4

We will be doing a 2 hour Lair Talk for $50
The $50 Lair talk will come with a 15min phone consult based on topics of Inner Game, Day Game/Under 21, Routine Stacks, and SNLs
I will be giving a talk on Inner Game And El Topo will be giving a talk on Cold Reading and how to use it to elicit Frames and Subpersonalities.

The talk will be held at the Holiday Inn at 8500 NORTH IH-35
AUSTIN, TX 78753

Sign up here or pay $55 at the door

Fri Night- Lair Talk
and First night of Getting Started in Game Course (see below for description)

Sat Day- Getting Started in Game Seminar
Sat Night- Last night of Getting started in Game

Sun Day- SNL Course and Routine Stack Course

Getting Started in Game- $1500 - Sinn/El Topo (limited to 6 Students)
(Coaches Dante and The Goat)

First Day (Fri) 1 Hour Seminar breaking down the basics of what we need to see that evening to properly shape your game, and 3 hours in Field.
Second Day (Sat day into Sat night) 5 hour seminar with 3 hours in Field
The seminar on Sat will completely nail down the new models of Attraction, Comfort and Seduction, giving an absolute structure to your game.
You will walk out of there equip for the night with a complete Attraction Arsenal. In field that evening you'll be opening and should have all the basics down for you to open and transition into relaxed rapport with your targets. This is the definitive coarse on everything you will need to know to Get Started in Game!

Sign up Here

Same Night Lays- $950 Sinn (unlimited attendance)
This is the course that blew everyone away. Over a year in the making Sinn's SNL Course will teach you not only the techniques but also the mentality to master how to meet and close a girl in the Same Night! This was once thought to be a myth in the community until myself and Captain Jack turned it into a repeatable technique. Learn to achieve lays that come as quick as 30mins, learn the proper frame escalation...SNLs are a series of Steps and Experience in Field, not some luck of the draw community Myth.
Even if SNLs are not your goal, this idea of efficient game is the BEST way to game, taking all the unnecessary elements and throwing them out.
Dominate your game knowing,
what to do, how to talk to women, how to frame, and how handle the logistics, all in a 5 hour Seminar!


theREDstack Seminar- $750 El Topo (Limited to 10 Students)
We have all heard about theREDstacks and now here is your opportunity learn how it works. See the design the El Topo formulated so that he could literally get results in EVERY TYPE of Student.
What makes the stack work like no other product out there? It takes parts of Your Life and turns it into Gold. You will learn to properly DHV yourself, you will learn how to frame to elicit a Sub Personality, you will learn how to tactically run your comfort game into a defining tool of game. While simply telling a story about your life (while being honest), imagine if you could build irresistible attraction leading your target right where you want her.
Well worth the 5 hours, you will walkout of the room with another Veil of the Matrix Revealed.
Who knew that all those things you never thought to be seductive just had to be re voiced in a way for you to have any girl melt in your hand.

If you guys have any questions, hit one of us up! or



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