Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tour schedule:

Hey guys,

Here's a brief list of where I'm going to be over the next month or so.

First I will be in Austin for a talk and a few seminars the weekend of May 2-4th. It starts Friday night with a talk about Inner Game and Advanced body language with myself and El Topo.

You can sign up for that Here

Then after that night we're going to be rolling out our getting started with game seminar. Which is two nights in field and one day of seminar and debrief focusing on the sticking points and issues guys have when getting started with game. You can sign up for that Here but hurry as there were only 6 spots originally and 2 are gone...

And finally I'll be teaching Same Night Lays on Sunday Which you can sign up for


Then I'll be teaching for the rest of May and speaking at the LA PUA summit run by Johnny Wolf and Vince Kelvin May 23-25th. Speakers will include myself, Brad P, AFC Adam, and more.

Then June I head back out onto the road with talks in Boston the 6-8th of June, Detroit the 13th-15h and Carolina the 27th-29th.

So for those wanting to book me, that's what we're looking at and July gets worse as I'll be at the under 21 convention and the Amsterdam Summit.

The joys of teaching...



  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Hey it's AJ from the Big Apple.
    I am hoping you can do an
    SNL seminar in Boston
    while you are there in June.

    Maybe something on customized
    stacks as well. We are feeling
    Sinn and El Topo deprived on the
    East Coast.

    Thanks for sharing all your thoughts.

  2. Anonymous11:19 PM

    What is the Amsterdam Summit? Do you have a link?