Friday, April 11, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates

Hey guys,

I've been doing one on ones for the past I don't even know how many days. I've been in Houston, SF, Vegas and now Northern California again. Often without internet. So I apologize and I will get back to blogging soon. I just don't know how soon as I have one on ones until Tues and then have to get back home and pack to move a few days later.

I'm on it though.



  1. PUA! at the Disco5:59 PM

    hope you're having fun man! and thanks for all the value man.

    don't forget to post up that toecutter review when you coming around. ;)

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    hey sinn,

    how can i take a 1on1 with you?
    i'm from austria and therefore not involved in any big u.s. lair.

    i consider you the best and would love to read a post with details or some description on your website.

    thanks in advance.

    afc martin

  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Hello Sinn,
    Understanding that, as the #2 PUA in the West, you must be very busy with your workshops, trips, and blogs.

    KoreaLair would like to help you, when you're ready, to begin your conquest of Asia, and perhaps become known as the #2, or maybe #1 PUA in the East as well.

    I remember reading that you enjoyed traveling around the world and sharing your teachings with Lairs. I find this to be very generous, as well as pro-active..especially for someone in your position who could just endorse someone to do these trips in your stead.

    How would you like to go somewhere new? Seoul, Korea is currently a city that is still fresh w.r.t. the Pickup Scene and you can begin making your mark in the East. KoreaLair offers prospective clients for you, a place to stay, and a tour of NorthEast Asia's up-and-coming cities.

    If you would like to learn more, or wish to contact me, please email me at and we will continue our discussion.

    Thank you for your time Sinn,

    The KoreaLair Team

  4. Whats going on man? This is Anthony out in Vegas. Can you tell me what books you would say are must reads. You've mentioned them before but I dont have the sheet with the names anymore.

  5. Xander10:17 PM

    New Jordan commercial you've probably seen but if not I think you'll like it....

  6. Hey man, how do we get in contact with you about coaching. what email?


  7. You're the best sinn... you never cease to deliver!