Monday, April 28, 2008

LR X 2 Anal sex, death threats and underage girls

It's been an amazing time out here in Vegas with El Topo and our super student. This guy was super serious about getting better and has spent 9 days total with myself, and ET. We've even been engineering a new way of lifestyle development with these one on ones as a way of integrating the habit of pick-up into your own life. It's super exciting stuff and we will be posting more about it later.

Onto the LRs. Since I've been in Vegas I've pulled every night. The first night I even got a death threat from the guy I pulled this set away from. It starts out with ET and I at a famous circular bar in Vegas where we ran into Brad P running a workshop. Brad has a new product called the adventures of Brad P which is awesome and only $ 19 bucks. I'll be posting a more in depth review of it soon. But we also run into former student Eight Rope and some creepy Indian dude( from now on CRID). 8 rope is doing well with his girl but the other one is clearly creeped. Somehow I start talking to her and she's all over my shit. The reason being that I actually escalate. 8 rope later said he was amazed watching me and ET work the set because we were getting them touching us and accepting escalation super fast after they had been talking to them for an hour. This is a lesson on why we have to escalate. Blow me or blow me out!

Anyway the CRID comes back into the set and I let it go as I'm not trying to steal the set. Now the girl moves away from where I had her isolated and rejoins the group to get away from him. She of course comes right next to me as I've already run strawberry Fields, rings on fingers and qualified her. SO it's on with a sexual vibe. there's a key distinction between it being on and it being on with a sexual vibe. if you don't try to communicate sexually with women it will be on but you will get LMR. Trust me I know from personal experience before I met CJ. So here comes the CRID again and now the girls are trying to bounce with us. The girls move away as the CRID grabs the hand of the girl I'm talking to. A minute before this I had explained to him that he creeped the girls out and that's why they were leaving I even gave him examples of how he was being overly aggressive. Some people read reports like this one and think all they have to do is grope and pull. There is a dance to escalation and the real power is in the take aways... I finally decide that since he's creeped them and they're leaving I'm gonna grab them. ET and I walk up say " We have to go to the bathroom and pull them away. Now he starts blowing up Eight rope's cell threatening to and I quote " Kill all of you!" He even continues to call the next day and say that he's with his boys and we can settle this now. Psycho Alert. The dude's a nutcase. Proving yet again why it's usually a bad idea to meet up with people off message boards. If you're reading this dude, you need psychological help and I hope you get it.

We bounce to a lounge in the same hotel and it's really on. We're making out she's trying to get me to dance and her and her friend begin talking about how my girl needs to get laid and how logistics are going to go down. Eight Rope politely excuses himself and we bounce the girls back to our hotel to smoke...

Now it gets tricky as I'm escalating on my girl on the bed and ET's chick wants to watch. but we separate and all goes well especially as this particular girl loved it up the butt. Various inappropriate things happen after this point.

The second night (Sat) I pulled a set and was having her flash people in the cab but lost it when her friend who's 30th Bday it was freaked out and they all had to rush to get her. I say save the drama for your mama and peace out!

Last night I got laid again with a 19 year old I met in the lobby of the Excalibur of all places. This is a big reminder to everyone(myself included) to kick game to girls all the time. You never know where those lays are going to come from and it's important to always have that SNL mindset even if you're chilling in a lobby of a gauche themed hotel. We game them and exchange numbers and through text I progessively escalate

Some ex:

Her: What are you doing tonight?
Me: Besides pinning you up against a wall and making out with you? Undecided...
Her: Yummy... How do you know me so well already?
Me: I'm awesome.
Her: That explains it.
Me: Aww you're making me blush and other things...

It continues like this but I'm a gentleman with class and won't sully my reports on the internet telling people about various chicks I bang with such filth :)

Anyway we meet up at the bar and bounce back to the hotel and the girls won't come up to the room. Fucking underage girls... I made a rule awhile ago to not fuck with girls under 25 as they know what's going down and how SNLs work. It's ok we build comfort at the bar. I escalate.ET brillantly bounces his girl to the lobby " To handle some shit and then up to the room"

I get a text from him that says in the room fucking. I tell the girl they're probably in the room and we should go break up their party. She agrees and we go up there. Now I know I'm not breaking up shit so I have to get her super aroused enough to fuck in the bathroom before we get to the room. So about 20 feet before our room. Which is down the longest hallway known to mankind. I slam her against the wall make out with her and start dirty talking. Now luckily she's wearing a skirt so I start to play with her and then I show her the text from 5 minutes ago and pretend we just got it. I go shit they are fucking we can't go in there... Unless you want to go in the bathroom where we have some privacy. She says she's down and I get a cramp from fucking this chick standing up in front of the mirror American Psycho style.

I guess the major lessons here are to be aware of logistics, use arousal to overcome bad logistics, start sexualizing the interaction as soon as you possibly can and have the balls to take the opportunity when it presents itself. I wasn't going to post LRs anymore but I think I'll go back to it as it gives me easy stuff to write about. I usually get between 5 and 10 a month and I will let you guys decide.

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Do you think the LRs are helpful?


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Of course LR's are helpful.

    "if you don't try to communicate sexually with women it will be on but you will get LMR."

    see that? You probably didn't even think much about it.

    But, that's a nice little nugget of info right there.

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Go Gunwitch on em

  3. Anonymous8:36 PM

    hell yea Sinn...first of all, awesome, good job...and second, that was really interesting to read...its like, here's some info to know and work with, and here's how its applied and the potential...loved always, nothin but respect for you're the man

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    The LRs are entertaining, but I'm sure they're motivating for the people who are not having your level of success.

  5. I like reading LR's a lot. Like that other dude pointed out..."'if you don't try to communicate sexually with women it will be on but you will get LMR."

    see that? You probably didn't even think much about it.'"

    Little shit like that sticks in my brain, and accumulates into a ball of knowledge...kind of like when you put a bunch of those last slivers of soap together to make a whole new big ball of soap (OK, i've never actually done that myself, but I've heard of people who have).

    But anyway, yes, they are helpful, and they are a lot more fun to read than shit that is just straight up theory - although obviously there is a need for just straight up theory posts as well.

    -Hope this helps!
    Brett (aka IRONJOHNson)

  6. Vision10:27 PM

    LR's are good bro. Keep posting them. I'd like to hear more conversational material from key moments in the pickup. Thanks for posting though.

  7. Anonymous12:06 AM

    You the man Jon! Keep them coming.

  8. Real good. Sexual framing is pretty important. I loved the text convo.

  9. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Hell yeah, man. You need to post more of these...

    ~ CJ ~

  10. Definitely keep posting LR's.

    I learn something everytime.

  11. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I heard you can AMOG Chuck Norris, is there any truth to that?

  12. Def write up LR's. Super helpful to see how you guys "handle your shit". Your sense of humor is funny as hell too. CRID, Longest hallway known to mankind, American Psycho style haha


  14. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Yes! Great Points.I've been in girls bed from the same night pickup and had LMR because I didn't build enough sexual esculation prior. And I had to learn the hardway and analyse where it went wrong! One of the key points was not communicating enough sexuality. But I didn't learn this after a couple of times of the same happening!

    I love field reports! Because most theory is segments, like lego pieces but noone really shows you how to put them together properly and build that strong castle like that is a SNL. It's interesting to know how it works. It would be great if you can share more actual real material or infield sayings, like that tiny texting example. Plus field report allow us to appreciate your abilities of what's truly capability. Such reports are a real reality kick.

    Thanks always.


  15. JugglingNYC10:13 AM

    Awesome - and El Topo rules. Thanks for including the text, too. It's cool to see that you are still running Strawberry Fields and the rings on fingers routine; I gotta bring those back into my stack.

  16. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Its easy to read info on pickup, but hard to integrate them into your game unless you have examples to give you context. Plus, I know I remember nuggets of info a lot better when I have a funny example that my brain can associate them with. Keep em coming.

  17. One of your best posts in a
    long time.

  18. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Yes. Post lays man!

    -R (arr-ah)

  19. Anonymous12:22 AM

    yees more LRs man we learn a ton out of it

  20. Anonymous2:38 AM

    awesome, sinn!

    you know as one said before, the information is out there. at least enough to get started and to get some results. but there's a big lack of info where the information is applied in real time from pros like you....because usually that's the tricky part!!

    LRs are much appreciated!

    thanks for this one,


  21. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I'm glad you are posting LR's again, I learned tons from this one. Thanks!

  22. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Post LRs man. I learn tons form them

  23. yep keep em comin...

  24. Finally, something good out of you!!!! :D


  25. Anonymous7:21 PM


    Yes, keep posting them pls.

  26. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Yes, very useful

  27. So its ok if we steal sets?