Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I noticed I have very few reviews for my programs posted here, so with an eye on student progress here's some from over the years!

TripleCrown 09-25-2006 06:50 PM

Mystery Method - OC BootCamp with Sinn

For all you window shoppers out there, let the debate end here. That was some of the best money I have ever spent!
Last month, before I had ever heard of this community, Mystery, The Game or the MMBC's, I spent almost the same amount of money on a tuxedo (the JazzBaker by Hugo Boss for all the other fashion gurus out there) and other bullshit for an old girlfriends wedding where I wanted to woo a lady I had met at a previous engagement. What a dumbass I was...
Let me tell you right now that I wish I had just saved the money and used it for the upcoming DayGame Seminar by Sinn to follow and build on the already awesome MMBC. My MMBC experience was unreal. Sinn, Masters and the other instructors have the program wired and give you the "tough love" approach that you really need to get your ass in gear and out in the field.
Personal attention was awesome. My only suggestion would be to provide a syllabus that more accurately and closely follows the lecture material given by Sinn. There is so much good information that I just could not write fast enough and unlike college, we were not allowed recording devices, so I lacked a reference for my notes for later correction. If the handouts had the basic lecture outline, it would afford students an opportunity to write down the "lecture-only" gems that can sometimes really make a difference.
Again, totally worth it. If you are thinking about signing up or are on the fence, get your head out of your ass, pony up and take your licks like a man at the MMBC. It may just change your life...

Mr Bigshot 09-26-2006 04:27 AM

OC Bootcamp with Sinn

I am sure a majority of people were skeptical before they signed up. It's understandable to question this. I mean, how can it be that easy?
Then came Day 1 in field demonstration. What. The. F.
Sinn ran text book material with Vision within earshots of groups while Masters and Kevin dissected the action. The effect was unquestionably visible within minutes. First, I saw them do a 2 set who invited them to the bathroom. Then Sinn winged a student and got the target's friend hanging all over him. At that point, I was already in awe but I had to challenge them with a tough set. It was a group of 3 girls and 1 guy. Sinn and Vision dismantled that like clockwork. And for the night's coup de grace, Sinn did a solo set literallly within 1 step of the group at closing time. The set was 10 minutes tops. Unbelieveable.
Day 2 in field was an even better experience. Sinn kicked off the night by pulling the waitress but the opportunity to run in field sets and to have the instructors provide immediate feedback was the quintessence of the bootcamp. Instructors were constantly challenging me to improve my game and I shocked myself consistently getting postive reactions by employing crudely learnt routines from the seminar 3 hours prior. The impact was apparent.
The seminars and events were well organized and ran with impeccable professionalism. The only thing I regret about this program is that I did not learn about it earlier.
(Added bonus: you don't have to buy drinks for girls again. Half a year of that costs more


  1. Sinn, when are you posting your company's program schedule and costs?? This is something I'd save up for.

  2. Ah Sinn, you didn't have to post old reviews, we all know you're fucking awesome :)