Monday, April 11, 2011

The War On The Game Part 2: When I knew Neil Strauss was Scum

What up bitches!

Still at war, don't worry you're pretty little hater heads about that.

Check the video.


  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Neil just cares about $$$ and not pickup. Jon at the same time though you need to keep inovating and not let hating be your full time job.

    There are other dating coaches like Rob Judge that keep inovating. If you stop bro pretty soon you are going to be the next Mystery if you just focus on this.

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  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Love it love it love it! Keep it going Jon... So let me get this straight... You drove two hours to another city just because you got pissed Mystery was gaming a chick you made out with (not a GF)!!! Meanwhile, your game drastically improved because you hung out with this guy for 6 straight weeks. Who the fuck cares? Get another girl. You had the skills to make out with another 5 girls that night. This one was obviously not into you. If you were to become the lead instructor of MM a few months later, why didn't you have the skills to either get the girl back or do the same shit to Mystery the next night? And btw, how did you get to make out with the girl? Oh... That's right... By using Neil Strauss' evolution phase shift routine (which still works all the time today).

    Jon, you're a great instructor and I wish you luck (and I'm very happy this comment bumps your SEO), but this makes you look worse than Style. From your story, Style comes off as mildly opportunistic by fucking up a set you were not even going to close. You come off as immature, bitchy and miscalculating (screwing up an alliance with Mystery over a girl you only made out with just as The Game was coming out... Not the smartest thing ). And I don't know what comments you've been reading, but even the people that like you (as I do) have been writing shit like "I met Neil and he's a cool guy"...

    Why don't you do what you really do best: Using most of the structures and techniques pioneered by Mystery and Style and come up wih variations and distinctions on what makes them work. RIght now, you're just alienating the guys who like you and the students who come to you right after reading the book you're trashing.

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Normally I'd agree with those who suggest you direct your energies toward something more constructive. But it's always mad entertaining when you go on the warpath. And after everything Neil has done to hawk his celebrity gossip book, he needs to be mocked. The "celebrity sarging" thing is just the most desperate bullshit ever. Chris Powles's entire shtick consists of gaining people's trust and then fucking them over.

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    that was awesome. i want more posts this week! you should totally do a roundtable podcast with other PU dudes just to show how widely reviled he is (cameron, julian foxx, savoy, uhh whoever else you haven't pissed off yet). keep it coming!

  6. Anonymous12:33 PM

    what a boot camp.Trying to Steal a woman from young man and telling this is lesson?
    This video was better than first one because you put story in it.
    Either Myster and Neil are not a teacher.They may treat their student same way.How much for one one one?10,000 or something??He get money and get girl and say ok this is lesson?
    You should tell us good one who give good lesson not like Mystery and Neil did to you,I mean good lesson.

    His former instructor is on this podcast.

    This was good video!

  7. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Dude I don't give a damn about this gay war you have going on. I come to your blog to hear your new techniques or stuff you find working. If neil sux how does that affect you? Honestly I thought really highly of you and although you won't care but you just lost a ton of respect from me. Keep hating dude cause its a great way to live life(<--yeah that was sarcasm)

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  9. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Nice stuff, get rid of the comment plugging Rob Judge (he both Robs and Judges ??). I love the story, maybe an MP3 link too, audio rawks. Go on BK's radio show. Cmon man team up with the BK, or Cameron to doo dis!

  10. Anonymous3:09 PM

    This is 99 percent marketing and business, and 1 percent personal

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  12. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Sinn hates a lot of famous PUAs, why is he going after the most famous PUA? To ruin Neil's legacy? No, its for his own monetary gain. When people google Neil Strauss in the future, they'll also see Sinn's name. This war is 99.9 percent business. Although Neil is a scum, I'm sure he knows what Sinn is trying to do.

  13. Anonymous4:08 PM

    wicked post sinn ill back you up

  14. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Ok dude yeah scummy thing on both of their parts. But - can I just ask what your motives are for posting all this stuff?

    Seems a pretty random thing to do after 13 years for no apparent drive to ruin his credibility.

  15. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Even though I am entertained and amused by all this, I am disappointed that this means no new material.

    Sinn incorrectly divided commenters into supporters and haters, but I read the replies from before and there are a lot of people like me, who are neither for or against this "war".

    I'm not saying Sinn sucks for doing this. I believe that he can do whatever he wants on his own site. But the thing is, as a visitor to this site, I am looking forward to on-topic stuff, like those 2 videos Sinn posted; where is part 3?

    As amusing as this war is, I'm not certain how I, and people like myself, can find value in this.

    I know this is SEO tactics, Sinn himself admitted as much. But in between posts of this war thing, how about including some actual, regular material as well?

  16. Anonymous8:09 PM

    >>When people google Neil Strauss in the future, they'll also see Sinn's name. This war is 99.9 percent business. Although Neil is a scum, I'm sure he knows what Sinn is trying to do.

    Smart!Google Neil Strauss,the Game,Mystery,Mystery method,pick up artists, those are key word to be searched by people who shows interest to pick up.

    I think Sinn is not bad teacher and his product is great.

    If my friends asked me about pick up products,I would say "Sinn","Mehow",Brad P" or "Speer".Sinn's explanation is great and easy to understand.I only have not seen him,he is in infield on his products.I think video with narration is one of the best way to demonstrate how it works.Still,his video presentation is great though,you can learn tonality and way he talk is really good example.

    I watched some of DVDs and I think Sinn,Lovedrop and Mystery's lecture are very best.But they don't have own in field video like Mehow or Speer.Mehow and Speer are also good and they offer live workshop with decent fare.

    You say Captain Jack is very best but not many people know his face.He must be good but for me really under-ground.

    The Name newbies know Mystery,Style=Neil Strauss,Sinn,TD and love system (biggest company)but don't know individual name.

    I got to know the name like Brad P,Captain Jack,AFC Adam through your blog.And I got know Speer from your Podcast.Speaking of Mehow,I got know his name from Lovedrop's book Pick up artist.I got to know some other guys name through your blog and podcast,those guys really owe to you.Like the Game help the promotion of this industry.Oh,and Rob Judge from this blog.Oh,and DJ Fuji from your products he was your student.

    Newbie read The Game,Mystery Method,the Pick up artists or the rule of Game then search the guru name and companies.Looks like big one help his friends promotion,like you help new gurus.How do you feel if one of them dis you???Yeah,Privately,Neil did not help you at all but I think he is helping your business.This War may help SEO but I did not feel good because you are helping other gurus and men who has problem.

    I like your no BS style,you can talk even dirty thing.Some guys like me love this personality.

    You are trick star type,like a John Lennon.
    You pick a fight to bigger one not small one.If you start attack new guru for unreasonable reason I mean other than their product quality.That time you lost your edge.

    Ross Jeffris became past when Mystery and Neil Strauss became main stream.I think still those two guys are main stream.Some people say their system is old but still Many of guru uses their terms.

    some people love insider story.Neil Strauss is big target better than attacking small.You don't look bullying weak.You only can attack big PUA for personal reason.New guru,you only can give product comment,you should not attack them personally,it makes you look bully not trick star.

  17. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Awesome brother Jon!

    Please keep it coming.


  18. Anonymous11:13 PM

    This is funny and all but 2 things: Sinn how would you like it if a no-name pua started a war with you in order to promote his own name? And what this war have to do with helping guys get good with women?

  19. hey men.. keep going...

    someone has to tell the thuth... u are a very authentic guy and this gives u the credibility of speech.. the problem is that neil and mistery dont even have that credibility to defent themselves....

    just to all posters saying stuff like: focus on game, ur ruining ur biz etc..

    other things are important too.. unfortunately a few decades of being horny and jerking off makes some people forget that..

    ur old supporter.. Seiya from the forum..

  20. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Whoever your partner is for internet marketing must have done too much heroin and disappeared because this is this worst marketing attempt I've seen in this industry

  21. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Sinn you got cock-blocked by Neil and Mystery. SO WHAT, everyone has been cock-blocked, people have done way worst shit to me.
    Sinn you're great, we all know this war is for marketing purposes, but can you teach us stuff about women during this war.
    btw this type of marketing only works best in mainstream industries, it might help your business a little, but I highly doubt it'll have a big affect on your profits. best of luck

  22. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Your bad ass Sinn. Your the only one who has the balls to tell it like it is.

  23. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Your bad ass Sinn. Your the only one who has the balls to tell it like it is.

  24. Ronnie from NYC10:03 PM

    Jon Sinn I'll admit you can be a cocksucker sometimes but I still love you!

    -Ronnie from New York City

  25. Anonymous10:19 PM


  26. Anonymous11:39 AM

    You have a ball!Always No BS!

    You are 100 miles pitcher and winning a lot.

    Mystery and Neil are Hall of fame.
    Jeffry Allen(RSD) were talking about pick up pension.Once your number reached over 100.You can get a girl like pension.If they are not active like you said need to update product.

    This means they are pensioners.

    Go young and powerful,power pitcher,it's you!

  27. Anonymous4:49 AM

    After all these years, you still haven't learned one of the most basic things in both pickup and personal growth: managing your own state. You still don't know how to get out of anger, hatred and negativity. That's pretty sad because you're so talented and driven. If you fixed that one thing, you might really amount to something great.

  28. Emile1:52 PM

    Poor little boy Sinn! I sympathise with you badly. You are such a good boy and so talented but the big boys mistreated you. They stole away from you the only girl in the world that mattered. You must destroy the bastards and the biggest one of them. Your conquest is so justified. Don't ever forget: You are the most important person in the world. In fact, you're the very centre of the world!!! Vengeance!

    Now seriously: Hey Sinn, your story is pathetic. Your self-importance is immense. You're so immature:)))))). Have you not realised yet that the most difficult people in your life are also your greatest teachers? Apparently not, but you will:)))). You are what you are because of Mystery and Style, including what they did in your story. Now go and thank them profusely for teaching you a lesson.

  29. Anonymous12:51 AM

    you call this war? somebody call a waambulance.

  30. Anonymous11:57 AM

    wow .. So sinns.. youre complaining about some dude who won over a girl you were gaming 7 YEARS AGO.. like wow get over it.. I thought you were a master PUA, shouldn't it be no trouble at all to pick up another girl, have you not got laid since...

    what a whinny bitch

  31. Anonymous10:54 AM

    douchebag!!!! you're a bit of a liar urself!! remember sydney,,,,,,i will not waste any opportunity to ripp you dirty son of a bitch!!! literally your mum is a whore... she cheated

  32. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Hey, as an impartial observer and guy who has been in the game for years, I'd say what Neil was doing was actually not that bad. I don't really equate him trying to makeout with her as trying to get laid. He sounds like he really was trying to teach you guys a lesson. He was just doing the best he could dude. You obviously really liked the girl though, so I can understand you being pissed, and it doesn't reflect well on Mystery.

  33. Anonymous3:51 PM

    you sound kind of sad man. are you doing this too boost your self up because people google neil more than you so you can ride his and the games coattails ? would really such a great pick up artist be soo bitter over 1 girl who obviously wasnt worth salt if she went onto your friend within an hour it would appear that thats all neil was trying to prove that to you. instead you take your anger that you lost one and redirect it into something completely different ... you basically look like a poor sport im positive that you gained more from mystery and neil than you lost and theyve helped lead you into making a ton of cash . stop being a whiney little bitch and come up with something new to evolve the game instead of trying to put up beef videos your not a fucking rapper