Thursday, March 04, 2010

RHWOC: Queen Bees and WannaBees Applied Part 4 of 4: Tamra Barney

I have a love/hate relationship with Tamra Barney.

For the most part she annoys the hell out of me, but every now and then she says some real shit...

Her feud with Gretchen was what initially got me hooked on the show. As I talked about in the last post about Gretchen, Tamra was alledgedly called by a guy named Jay who is a photographer in the OC late at night. He told Tamra that he was dating Gretchen while she was supposedly dating or married to Jeff... Then Jeff left Gretchen 2.5 million dollars (according to court papers) and I think Tamra was mad because she still had to sleep with the guy she was gold digging, Simon.

Tamra has a horrible relationship with her husband Simon. Leading to my favorite scene of the entire season where Jim and Alexis and Simon and Tamra are out to dinner. During the same scene, Simon talks about how he's always right, has had to say " I told you so." and Tamra talks about how she obeys him... But that's a whole nother blog post in and of itself...

Tamra is Vicki's Sidekick, this is a great position within the group and provides her the protection to attack Gretchen without fear of group repurcussions. While Vikci may not share Tamra's views about Gretchen, she does nothing thus granting tacit approval to the attacks. This is why the Vicki/Alexis conflict is so important because it can shift the entire weight of the group and both conflicts.

Let's look at the QBs and WBs definition of Sidekicks:

The Sidekick:

She’s the lieutenant or second in command. The Queen Bee and Sidekick are often the first interested in boys and are often interested in older boys. Sidekicks also can stage a coup and become the Queen Bee. She is jealous of anyone else being the Queen Bee's friend. The Queen Bee is her authority figure, She feels like it’s just her and the Queen Bee and everyone else is a wannabe.

It's interesting that because of her job and cuntish personality, no other women try to become Vicki's friend and the real jealousy that Tamra has relates to Vicki not hanging out or coming to her B-day party because of work.

It's interesting to watch how Tamra reacts to other attractive women, when she first meets Alexis she goes over the top to flatter Alexis' looks. She does the same with Gretchen when they are forced to interact as well. It's funny how well Tamra pulls off the role of Miss Congeniality while making such ridiculous sacrifices to her looks such as not eating during summer.

Miss Congeniality:

When girls are among friends, they put themselves down and compliment their friends. Girls must degrade themselves after being complimented as to not appear vain. Girls also must leap to another girls defense when they put themselves down, so that other girls will do the same for them. Girls must be aware of not doing this too much or it will look like they are begging for compliments all the time.

Drama, drama, drama.

The season finale is tonight and Vicki and Alexis will be getting it on!

I'm psyched.

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  1. I saw an episode of this and I could just think "Vicky, shut the fuck up and go away".

    The other girls seemed pretty reasonable to date, or maybe Ive just spent too much time on the west coast with blonds for my own mental health :o

  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    sinn you are the king of content, why so much tv analysis