Monday, March 08, 2010

5 Underrated Types Of Girls

I'm super disheartened today by the guys who have posted comments on the last post about Women to avoid saying that those women are 95% of all women. Obviously the guys doing this commentating don't have female friends or women in their lives. Most likely because of their misogynistic and angry views towards Women. Very sad...

Anywho, here's some Awesome types of girls I've dated and where you can find them.

1. Artists. Artists are my favorite type of girl. This girl is creative, open minded, interesting, smart, and fun. I personally prefer painters, and other kinds of visual artists. An added benefit if you like Tattoos like me, is they can help you with designs. 2 of my last 3 tatts are girl inspired... You can meet artists at painting and drawing classes (Community college, Learning Annex, or Private studios) Art exhibits, Museums on weekends, or any kind of artistic festival or Art walk.

2. Fitness Models/Pilates/Yoga Instructors. Fitness models are not female bodybuilders, and they tend to look more like strippers than workout freaks. Their bodies are ridiculous, but so are their diets and eating habits so be ware. I learned that when I invited a girl two days off a show for drinks and she showed up Orange and chewed Ice. You can meet these girls at fitness expos, competitions or parties after these competitions. If you live in a smaller town look for local fitness shows. I've dated a ton of Yoga/Pilates instructors, you usually meet those girls at coffee shops near yoga classes after the classes are over. Get a schedule and check up times if nee be.

3. Graduate Students. These girls are like the mature version of the college student. They're ambitious, driven, smart and interested in getting ahead. Unfortunately they often have to study a lot. The best way to meet graduate students is to find a Coffee Shop near the Graduate campus. A lot of Colleges have two different campuses, one for undergrads and one for post graduate work. The nearest Starbucks to the Graduate Campus is a gold mine.

4. Nurses. Nurses are hot, caring, and fun. But where do you meet them? Well Hospitals have these things called Cafeterias. If you were to go there one time a week to grab a quick lunch, my guess is you could meet a nurse or two on their lunch break sitting alone.

5. Canadians. If I ever settle down ( Which is as likely as cold fusion) it will be with a Canadian girl. Candadian girls are super laid back, fun, very weed friendly, sarcastic, funny and have cute accents. They are by far my favorite Nationality when it comes to Women. Obviously you meet Canadian girls in Canada... Or Miami there's a ton of them at the University down there...

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Marclee10:33 AM

    Alex, pls check the comment in your last article.

  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    haha, I am going on a date tonight with a Canadian Musician in Law School.

    3/5, what up!


  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Very weed friendly is hard to come by... lol ;)

  4. Anonymous6:24 PM

    John that was great, especially since I'm Canadian!!! But oddly enough since I live here, I've found that when I got to the US, Americans are almost friendlier... very strange in comparison. And I signed up just yesterday for some local photography classes, and since everyone has to post their picture on the class website, things look good for me meeting an artist!!!

  5. Though it's a generalization, I particularly agree with the Canadian girl thing, every Canadian girl I've met here in Boston is usually super cool, kind of like hanging out with my bros except they have boobs.

  6. Anonymous9:16 PM

    I'm Canadian and I can say that Canadian girls are often really cool, but I think people are people no matter where you go. I find Americans almost more opionated and respectful in some ways, as Canadian girls are so easy going. Depends on where you live I guess.

  7. Man, and here I am in Canada wishing there were more American girls around.

    For your list some important traits that stand out are:
    - intelligence
    - taking care of themselves (their bodies, their careers, etc)

    thats seems to be it. but theyre good.

  8. 95% of the attractive girls are used up and no longer girlfriend material, after getting fucked by people like yourself.

  9. Anonymous7:05 AM

    So I went on that date, everything was going great, Kino and what not, got back to her apartment, go for a makeout and guess what, she has a boyfriend.

    She wasn't lying (he called). Anyway, I was a little disappointed, how did she not tell me earlier? Oh well, good date experience anyway.


  10. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Love more tips on dating fitness girls please

  11. Anonymous C3:57 PM

    Nurses like teachers can be very fun and wild at night. I've been going out for a little over a year with women in the medical field. Either Nurses, respiratory, sonography, and radiology. The interesting thing is that I've been with only 3 women majoring in radiology and they've all been super freaky is there a correlation going on here?

    Right now I'm dating 3 nurses and one of them is black which i want to fuck since black girls are rare over here plus she's straight from africa.

    A good place to find these girls are also universities and hospitals. At universities there has to be a building strictly for this profession and you'll see them walking by in halls or study areas in that building. Classes are 80% female or more. You can go for a lecture if its a big class and the instructor won't say anything since he doesnt know everyone.

    Another good place are any areas around that university building or if there's a starbucks or a bookstore in the university thats even better! You can also grab the school newspaper if you have one to know of any events.

    Hospitals is like sinn said in the cafeteria or a coffee place around the hospital. Grocery store also if it is walking distance from the hospital cause they'll buy their food for their coworkers and themselves there.

  12. I've dated 5/5 on this list and agree with pretty much all points. I LOVE Canadians and wish I could find more of them in FL. I had this job for a year where I had to interact with like 12-14 hot canadian women on daily basis and it drove me nuts mostly because I wasn't allowed to bang them. Also visited Canada many times. They're all freakz.

  13. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Dude, how could you forget about teachers? Aside from the obvious of playing out the hot teacher fantasy, most are really sweet and are doing it because they are want to "save the world". Also, you tend to find a lot of "good girls" who are teachers.