Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Hall Of Game Part 2- Clooney

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So I went snowboarding late last week and was stuck in a lodge with no internet, until I got back yesterday and had to post about the upcoming teleseminar.

Our first Hall Of Game poll closed yesterday and George Clooney was by far the runaway winner with almost 50% of the vote.

Clooney's reputation with women speaks for itself as he's rarely ever linked to one woman at a time.

It's actually really funny that Clooney won the poll at the time he did, because when the poll first went up, he did have a girlfriend who it seemed as if he was finally getting serious with.

And then yesterday this happened:


I'm going to personally claim responsibility if they did actually break up, as George probably read this blog and decided the only way to influence the voting committee was to break up. I for one applaud George for this. You've gotta commit to win :)

Clooney's charisma comes from his peace with himself and the world. In fact this confidence is so powerful and charming that it can make movies about sociopaths like Up In The Air seem charming. There is something about George Clooney that makes you want to like him, whether you're a man or a woman. Despite having been on Tv since he was a teenager there is some ethereal quality to Clooney that makes us think he'd be the type of guy to buy us a beer at a bar. To women he has been a sex symbol since his days on E.R.

Clooney's type of seducer would be the Charismatic described thusly by Robert Greene's book The Art of Seduction:

"The Charismatic: Charisma is a presence that excites us. It comes from an inner quality — self-confidence, sexual energy, sense of purpose, contentment — that most people lack and want. This quality radiates outward, permeating the gestures of Charismatics, making them seem extraordinary and superior, and making us imagine there is more to them than meets the eye: they are gods, saints, stars. Charismatics can learn to heighten their charisma with a piercing gaze, fiery oratory, an air of mystery. They can seduce on a grand scale. Learn to create the charismatic illusion by radiating intensity while remaining detached. "

The Charismatic has an easy road to seduction as women tend to pursue these types of men. Not everyone has the ability to become charismatic though and it is one of the hardest archetypes of seduction to pull off. This is one of the reasons so many guys fail at methods that rely on " Holding court" or entertaining larger groups of people as non-charismatics have a ton of trouble playing that role and often wonder what they need to say and/or do to keep people interested.

I'm gonna write a little more about the other guys this week, as the types of seducers going in to the Hall Of Game are fascinating.

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JS- The King Of Content

PS: Thanks to EVERYONE who voted for the Hall of Game, we'll have more nominees soon!


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    As he's open about not wanting to have kids, Clooney always dumps a lady when she asks for a long term commitment, no matter how extremely hot she is, but the large majority of guys don't have his extreme good looks and natural charm and wit, so he and Brad Pitt have a massive advantage most guys can't relate to. If charisma is something you reckon guys can learn to be much better at, please teach it and/or give recommendations.

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    To the guy commenting before me: disagreed on Clooney's looks. I think he looks just a bit above average at best, possibly even plain. It's just his charisma making you backwards rationalize how good looking he is.

  3. Anonymous6:09 AM

    I have a friend that is a limo driver. This guy's company has been driving Clooney whenever he is in town for the past 5 or 6 years. He has always said that Clooney seems to be the most genuine and friendly of guys that he has driven. I mean of course it could be a giant ploy, but this guy's nose for BS is top-notch.