Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Hall Of Game and Nominee # 1: Slade Smiley

Ok, so I have become obsessed with that Episode of " How I met Your Mother" where Barney has a perfect week ( 7 girls in 7 nights with no rejections).

At the end the group ( Not Gang as that would be The Always Sunny Crew) gets personalized hats in honor of Barney's election to the Hall of Game. Which got me thinking that there should be a Hall of Game.

So... since I'm an authority on such things and love to make lists and have hypothetical arguments I've decided to create the Hall of Game, much like Bill Simmons created a Hypothetical Pyramid Basketball Hall Of Fame in Indiana in The Book Of Basketball. Except I'll let you guys vote on the first nominee.

The Hall Of Game could only exist in Las Vegas, Miami, or Hollywood. Personally I'd put it Beachfront in South Beach at The Versace Mansion.

I'll probably have running columns about this from time to time and I plan to pull inductees from the PUA community, Celebrities, Fictional Characters and more...

We'll start with five no brainer first ballot Hall Of Gamers:

1. John Mayer. Seriously. The run of hot women until the recent racist comments was pretty ridiculous. He ran through Hollywood shamelessly.

2. Justin Timberlake. When I lived in LA he blew me out just by standing a few feet away... Twice. Broke up with Jessica Biel for a week to bang Rihanna...

3. Tommy Lee. A historically long career ranging from Heather Locklear to Pam Anderson at her peak to Pink! If he were a basketball player, he'd have played 20 years as a 20 point per game scorer.

4. Joe Nameth. I had to throw a sports star on there and Broadway Joe was the biggest celebrity in Manhattan in the swinging 60s...

5. Mystery. I had to have one PUA in the mix and Erik makes the most sense for his contributions to Pick Up Overall. It wouldn't be right to have another PUA here.

All right now on to the fun part.

I'm going to create a poll dealie on the side where you guys can vote on the next entrant into the Hall of Game. I'm going to present 5 candidates with reasons they should be inducted and reasosn to ignore them and we'll let you guys vote. on the side.

The nominees will be:

Slade Smiley
Barney Stinson
Colin Ferrell
George Clooney
Derek Jeter

Nominee # 1 fits in with my recent writing about the RHWOC.

It's Slade Smiley...

Why Slade SMiley deserves to be in the Hall Of Game:

He's slept with 3 of the 7 Orange County Housewives despite the fact that he NEVER has a job, he's a deadbeat Dad to a child with BRAIN DAMAGE, and he's a shameless publicity whore who is often referred to as "The Sixth Housewife." To top things off he got himself a job as Jo's manager, and now works for Gretchen. He also moved in to Gretchen's house, because my guess is it's hard to live in your own place in OC without a job or you know... money. He also jokes about being poor, because as Gretchen herself says "Slade jokes about being poor, because well,he's poor."

Why Slade doesn't deserve to be in The Hall of Game: Ummm he's a good looking guy and that helps him? I have no reasons why Slade shouldn;t be in. The poor guy who picks up rich superficial women while being a well known scumbag.. How is he not in The Hall of Game. He may not be a first ballot inductee, but like Jim Rice in Baseball, his time will come.

The Poll will be up later today and I'll announce the winner at the end of the last post. Probably a week or so from now.

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Slade used to be an insurance sales mogul and talked about how he hit seven figures ($1m+/year) before the age of 30, that's how he got Jo. He lost his job and most of his money when he moved to L.A. to be Jo's manager and have his own reality show, which he thought would catapult his own career but it did not. So he doesn't have AS much game as you'd think.

    Him banging Jo and Lauri was purely a function of him being a rich, former male model who was somewhat charismatic. Gretchen I will admit is pure game but he was already a resident "OC" badboy who bangs HouseWives so he already had some social proof.

    He doesn't deserve to be in the hall of fame, sorry Jon.

  2. This list should begin and end with Scott Baio.

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Tiger Woods . . . Not really.

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I have a nominee that singer from the Counting Crowes wasnt he the John Mayer of the years 1993-1997? also if this really is the hall of game the first inductee has to be Warren Beatty he's the Hank Aaron of muff

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Russell Brand.

    He's slayed a who's who of hot girls and he is marrying Katy Perry. Checkout a PUA explanation of Russell Brand at:


    He should be #1 Hall of Famer, he's like the offspring of Ovechkin and LeBron in terms of game.

  6. Slug of Atmosphere
    Jesus John

  7. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Funny thing is that all of these guys are tall and handsome. And we are taught that looks dont matter in pickup and game? All of these listings prove that wrong..

  8. From what Ive seen on Real Housewives Slade is always hilarious and sort of looks like ewan mcgregor in star wars episode 3.

    Overall Ive heard women fawning over george cloony now since I was about 7, and they still do, so he's probably a good one for your list.

  9. Justin Timberlake got my vote

  10. What if you just WANT to be Jesus John?

  11. Anonymous6:17 PM

    My vote is for Slade. Only because he doesn't have a celebrity status and is the most thing to a non-famous person on the list.

  12. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Wow no one even mentioned Tucker Max. lmao. u guys are nuts.

  13. DTrain6:46 PM

    How could u not mention Tucker Max? Fo Real? Hes up there.

  14. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Hank MOODY

  15. Anonymous11:26 PM

    since I'm an authority on such things

    lol..says who?

  16. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Russell Brand all the way even if you didn't put him in your voting list yet, he is the best!

  17. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Slade, he has really probably slept with 5/7 housewives ... people are pretty good at keeping secrets

    Also, he is the least famous, could be looked at as a role model to many (because he doesn't have money) and he is banging E! celebs lol... more access to other E! celebs, etc.

  18. Anonymous7:25 AM

    I think you need to include Wilt Chamberlin and Gene Simmons. I second Warren Beatty.

  19. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Napolean Bonaparte should be in the hall of game. He was an animal.

  20. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I think you have to consider both quantity and quality. They had a good Maxim feature a couple years ago about the 10 guys who had the most women. I remember Charlie Sheen, Jack Nicholson, Gene Simmons, Wilt Chamberlain, and Enrique Inglesias's dad were all on that list. But that list was strictly quantity. Leo Di Caprio gets some hot girls. Enrique Inglesias maybe. Barney Stinson is fictional. I'd vote no fictional characters. I'll vote for Colin out of your nominees.

  21. Anonymous1:35 AM

    One strike against Tommy Lee:

    When watching one of those "Behind the Music" documentaries about Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx said something about their drug use to the effect of, "After the show the girls went to Vince Neil's room, and the drugs came to our room." So maybe Vince Neil should be on that list instead.

  22. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Hank moody.

  23. Anonymous1:33 AM

    your'e forgetting

    Wilmer Valderrama (has banged lots of HOT young chicks)

    Warren Beatty (banged over 10,000 girls in 30 years)