Friday, March 05, 2010

5 Types of Women you should NOT make your GF

Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre once famously rapped " You can't turn a Ho, into a housewife." and while the phrasing is a bit misogynistic, the message remains true. There are some types of women you don't want to get into a long term relationship with, no matter how how hot they are, or how much you like them.

So because I like lists, and because I have made the mistake of dating every one of these types of women I present my 5 Types of Women to avoid:

1. Strippers/Escorts/Porn Stars/Sex Workers- Here's a HUGE community influenced line of thinking( That I used to teach). In the real world strippers are considered kinda gross. and it's well known that most of them moonlight as prostitues if not at at least offer "extras". In the community, they are held up as the pinnacle of GAME achievement. I have dated a LOT of strippers, and while there are some that are normal, well adjusted and even cool. The vast majority have A LOT of problems, dramas, and baggage. They also don't have the best ideas about men, relationships, etc... I threw in the others because all of these women work in the sex trade. An industry where money is in some form or another exchanged for her sexuality, they may not all be whores but they're in the same industry. Porn is the funniest example of this because as my buddy Cam always says " The only difference between porn and prostitution, is a camera". I'm a little more of a Feminist than Dre and Snoop, so I'll just end this with my own quote that you SHOULDN'T make a sex worker a housewife. Sex workers tend to be targets or pleaser/wannabes that grew up to become attractive after high school. Queen Bees don't work in the sex trade.

2. The girl who cheated on her BF with you. This one is my personal favorite because sooo many guys I know seem to do it. I understand that if a woman is in a bad relationship or even an average one it's not THAT hard to pick her up, if you know what you're doing. The reason being that instead of having to compete with the 800 guys who are trying to court a hot single girl, you only have to be better than one guy. It's still the least logical, most arrogant way to get into a relationship. It's illogical, because she cheated on the last guy with you! Ergo she is predisposed to cheating on people. Which is not a good characteristic in a girlfriend. Don't cheat on me is pretty much the basement bottom of relationship requests. It's arrogant, because the only reason to even try to date a girl who cheated on her BF with you is because you think you're somehow different, or special and will be able to make it work where that other "loser" didn't. You're not special, neither am I and if a girl demonstrates that she's the type of person who cheats, she's the type of person I don't date. Girls who cheat run the entire spectrum of QBs and WBS there is no real correlating factor.

3. The Social Climber- Social climbers are a little harder to figure out as almost all girls are in a way social climbers. When I talk about social climbers here, I'm basing it on a friend on mine in the Los Angeles area. You can tell social climbers by the name dropping they do, and their obsession with the "NEW" and the "Exclusive." A social climber also tends to have A LOT of orbiters. She definitely isn't afraid to use her female friends and even in dire situations herself as "bait" to get older rich men to pay for dinners, invite them to parties etc.. Social Climbers generally will ONLY hang out with a specific group of people. Everyone she ever introduces you to will know every other person she introduced you to. She may talk a lot about her "reputation" and how people know who she is. Social climbers are bad to date because they hold their status in the overall social heirarchy above any relationship and are always looking to "trade up" so to speak. Social Climbers tend to be Queen Bees, Bankers, and Sidekicks. The other kinds of types from QBs and WBs get into the game too late to understand how to climb socially while preserving a spotless sexual reputation. The other girls in these cliques eat them for breakfast.

4. The self proclaimed "Bitch"- Out of the girls on this list I've dated a lot of strippers and a TON of these girls. I actually like this type of girl a lot. Maybe cause I'm a little bitchy myself. There's a lot of good qualities self proclaimed "bitches" have, they tend to be hot, smart, funny, honest, and fun. They also tend to be extremely sarcastic, emotionally distant, cold, rude, demanding, and outright mean. These kinds of girls will talk early on about how they're a "bitch" they may even drop it the first night you meet them. These girls will usually be really hard "testers" or they may bust your balls a lot while being really physically engaging. The problem with dating these girls seriously is that they will not treat you well. Fundamentally these girls are fairly selfish and at the end of the day they will always come first in any relationship they're in. After a recent fairly intense break-up I swore off bitchy girls. These girls tend to be Queen Bees of fairly small social circles. They can;t climb too high socially because of their attitudes. Occasionally a Queen Bees sidekick will be this kind of girl whose job it is to keep everyone "in check" within the clique.

5. The Drama Queen- Drama Queens make EVERYTHING about themselves and their problems. Drama Queens are frequently the girls who start sentences with things like " I hate drama." or " I have mostly guy friends, because girls are too catty." Much like when racist southerners say " I'm not a racist, but" or " I like rap music, but..." you can be sure they're about to say some racist shit... When a girl rattles off one of those gems, you can be sure she loves the drama. I personally don't trust a girl who doesn't have close female friends. Drama Queens are bad because they are addicted for lack of a better word to the constant stimulation. A Drama Queen will also probably exist in a heirarchy like those in QBs and WBs she may be any of the roles, though most likely the Banker.

Monday I'll have a list of the 5 most UNDERRATED types of women to date.

Have a great weekend!

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    wow... thats about every girl 13-47

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Appreciate the insight!

  3. Anonymous2:33 AM

    thats awesome, thank you :)

  4. This is a great article but doesn't this weed out like 90% of the attractive women in western society?

  5. The "I hate drama but actually revel in it" girls and social climbers are by far the most annoying.

    I dont really mind the bitches or the cheaters... probably because I just make sure to give it to them extra hard and that seems to take care of things.

  6. I've been warning my mates about numbers 2 and 4 for a long time.

    I would also add a sixth: The depressed chick. This is the girl who may/may not look like you have it all together. A lot of guys will date a girl like this and take them on as a 'project', believing that they can change her for the better. Unfortunately, the chances of her pulling you down to her level is a lot higher than you bringing her up to yours.

    Good post Jon, keep up the awesome work :)

  7. Anonymous12:37 PM

    So true. I've had the last two types. There's a girl I've been dating over the last few weeks that could be classed as both number 4 and 5. She would always start arguements about the tiniest little things, and everything would be about her. Nothing would ever be her fault ever. She warned me she was a bitch. I decided to stop talking to her today, she did my head in.

  8. Anonymous7:26 AM

    this space is like womens hearts empty

  9. Anonymous1:23 AM

    You should add a 6. The girl with too many past bfs. I found out a girl i dated, who was 21 years old had 14 previous boyfriends. She is the type of girl who immediately jumps into a relationship right away to avoid being called a "slut". She cant be a slut when she only sleeps with her boyfriends right? This girl will seem awesome like there is some connection between the two of you, but you are not special! She is a relationship addict and you are the same as the guys before.