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RHWOC: Queen Bees and WannaBees Applied Part 3 of 4: Gretchen Rossi

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Today, I want to talk about another personality type in QBs and WBs. The Target.

"The Target:

She is the girl who is set up to be humiliated, made fun of or excluded. These are your typical “Losers”. Girls are generally outside of the clique when they are targeted but could become targets if they challenge the Queen Bee. Sometimes these girls pre-empt the rejection by first rejecting everyone by saying they don’t like anyone."

When Gretchen joined the show there were problems from the start...

Gretchen was married to a man named Jeff who was significantly older than her and dying of Leukemia. Then there was this whole controversy between her and Tamra about whether or not Gretchen was actually in a relationship with Jeff, gold digging Jeff, or paid help to take care of Jeff. This can all be researched with a google search but came to a head during the premiere of season 5 AKA the first episode of this show I ever saw.

The Tamra/Gretchen confrontation at dinner has to be seen to be believed but is highlighted by Tamra, calling Gretchen a whore and then telling her that she(Tamra) doesn;t have pictures of herself on the internet with vibrators in her whoo-hoo or some other such cutesy euphemism for vagina... Really you have to see it to believe it.

Tamra and Gretchen also have conflict because of their similarities. Both are outgoing, attention loving blondes, who use their sexuality and flirting to captivate people. They're both fairly vulgar and are equally comfortable flirting with guys or girls...

Gretchen is targeted by most of the girls for various reasons ranging from her choice of BF( The ALWAYS awesome Slade Smiley) to her "copying" of Tamra's motorcycle. In fact in a few days when I post my RHWOC social heirarchy, you'll see that both her and Lynne are outsiders or "Losers" within the overall structure of the group, until Alexis is added and the numbers swing things from Vicki's favor to Alexis'.

Gretchen strikes back at Tamra with the following blog post which again has to be seen to be believed read it HERE

So obviously couple that blog post, with her being Alexis sidekick during the Vicki confrontation at Waterbar and you can clearly see that Gretchen has played two roles on the show. She started as a traget when the group was composed of Jeana, Vicki, Tamra, Gretchen and Lynne. Then when Alexis replaced Jeana who was neutral but had known Vicki longer thus being a default member of team Vicki, Gretchen became a sidekick to Alexis' QB. This is a BRILLANT decision on Gretchen's part. Because she is not the QB nor the one starting the attack on Vicki, she can attack Vicki without repurcussions. Plus if it fails, everyone will blame Alexis, not Gretchen. So socially she has raised her status no matter what happens between Vicki and Alexis.

Tomor, I'll talk about Tamra and explore why she and Gretchen butted heads to begin with.

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  1. It is interesting for sure. I could totally be wrong - but planning the guitar lessons to the follow up "picnic in the park" email makes me think he knew what he was doing the whole time...