Monday, March 22, 2010

Call Me Dennis Rodman- 3 Minute Guide to Getting Girls On The Rebound.

Hey there,

Over the weekend I ended my streak of not going out at night at about a month (not counting the weekend in Breck) and on my first night out I ended up with an easy SNL with a girl on the Rebound. In fact my new nickname should be Wilt Chamberlain, as I've recently been getting a lot of girls off the bounce. I picked up a girl 3 days off a break up at a bookstore a few weeks ago, I met another girl who was in the "seeing" stage which became the break up stage, which became me grabbing her off the glass like 1963 Bill Russell( Just a warning The esoteric OLD basketball analogies are strong in this article).

Ok so a few things I've noticed about girls on the rebound, that will help you unleash your inner Dwight Howard.

1. They are not looking for a Boyfriend right away. This should be a duh, but I'm consistently amazed by how little other guys (Even those teaching) seem to understand the female reltionship cycle. Thus any sort of overly deep Breakthrough Comfort Style game will be less effective with rebound girls. If you want to make a rebounder(Like Charles Oakley in 88) your Girlfriend, you're going to need to treat her like an FB for awhile until she starts to chase you for commitment. Once a rebounder ( Like Tim Duncan in crunchtime) is seeking commitment, you can be sure she's moved on to the "Looking for a relationship" part of the cycle.

2. Don't avoid the old relationship talk. Obviously you don't want to become a crying shoulder or EVER give her relationship advice( I made this mistake in Breck and blew a sure SNL) Instead (try to) sympathize and if I may invent a word Emotionalize( Maybe I didn't make it up, spellcheck seems to think it's a word too) What I mean by emotionalize is that you need to allow her to become emotional and if you can, increase that process. More Emotions = More Attraction/Comfort/Seduction. Emotional language and sharing similar sympathetic stories helps. Trying to be MR DHV(I like that term for try hard dogmatic PUAs) and talking about how you NEVER get dumped. Doesn't.

3. Don't be afraid to escalate. Most girls on the rebound want to bang out that next guy to get the grieving process moving forward. Like Dominique slamming back his own free-throw in 89'. A lot of the time earlier in my life I would miss all sorts of signals from girls in these kinds of situations. Girls are people too, as such they are responsible for their own emotions. If you escalate and she's uncomfortable, she will let you know. Or she will ask you if you can give her a ride home in the morning like the girl last night :)

Hope that helps you guys get out there and swoop up rebounds like Moses Malone in the 80s.

JS- The King Of Content/ Dennis Rodman Of Pick-Up


  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    And I will call you the Doctor J of content, because you always play about the rim and slam dunk, dude. Always.

  2. John more sports analogies are always welcome, never sensor them or hold them back. Challenge yourself by picking a sport for each day of the week, like monday is basketball, tuesday is football, wednesday for baseball, thursday for hockey and friday is a free-for-all... maybe some bad reality TV references.

  3. Good shit.

    I've always like banging girls on the rebound, because they are a fairly easy lay. A few times though, I've been banging a rebounding chick for a few weeks only to have her break off contact and ignore my calls and texts all of the sudden out of nowhere. Then a few weeks later, I'll notice via facebook that she's back with her ex. Lol, I find that amusing, but it also sucks, because the pussy I was just beating up regularly is now gone. Is there anyway to combat this? Or that's just part of the cycle?

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Another great post from the King!

    Gracias :-)

  5. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Nice post John.
    Say, can you make one about the signals the girls on the rebound give. What's so different about then when compared to regular (forgive the "PUA" speech) IOIs?

  6. I think this is a very key point. Often times its your timing that creates a result such as a SNL. I've found that if you want a short term sex partner or just a one night stand, there's nothing better than a girl that's on a rebound. It's very rare that a girl thats been just dumped will wanna jump into a relationship with you. I have found myself in situations where I was just a distraction from her thinking about her ex. As willy wonka said, the girl will stray away a lot of the time because I think you are put in that role of rebound sex guy and she doesn't take you seriously as a potential long term boyfriend.

  7. Anonymous12:07 AM

    i think basketball analogies are perfect for the game more than any other sport. It's a game of more individual performance than other major sports. As someone who's been specializing in stealing girls away from their boyfriends for some FB action, I believe escalation is the most important part of rebound game. Without it, you'll be stuck in the friend territory, regardless of how great your game is. to add to the rebounding analogies, take tim duncan for example. he might not be the most athletic or gifted, but he has the best fundamentals and his ability to position himself for a rebound still makes him a very efficient rebounder. escalation is like giving yourself the best possibility to be a rebounder, and its a lot easier to grab boards when you put yourself in the right position.
    Thanks for the post, lets keep the basketball analogies going: steals(hardest to pull off, easiest to close), three-pointers(9's and 10's, almost impossible without the right technique), blocks(or how to avoid it with an up-and-under move aka. better framing), almost everything in basketball can be translated into real life game. I'm not the biggest kobe fan, but he's got all the fundamentals, and that's why he's still one of the best in the game, and it applies the same way in pick up; if you know how to pick apart any defense that's thrown at you and you've put yourself through every situation and know how to counter it, your chances increase sevenfold.

  8. Anonymous12:57 AM

    thought Dennis Rodman was Dennis Rodman of pickup

  9. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Here you go: empathise vs. sympathise. :)