Saturday, January 02, 2010

I'm # 1- The People Have Spoken

Hey guys,

Just checked email for the first time in the New Year, and I saw that I had been voted the # 1 PUA of 2009 by readers like you over at TSBmag.

I'm really flattered by this as I don't consider myself a PUA, let alone the best one of an entire year, but it's very nice to be voted in by all of you.

So thanks for the votes, and I promise, I'll keep doing what I've been doing, bringing the content and calling out the charlatans...

You can read the full list at:

Top 10 List


JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Sinn for president

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Yeah man I voted for you. I think we all crave for more PUA content but you always balance it out with pop culture bashing and general goodness. Keep it up man.

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I voted for u !! :)

    Can I ask you a favor? Please analize my favourite player: James Bond.

    I would die to see that.

  4. James bond fan11:43 AM

    I voted for u !!

    Can I ask you a favor? Please analize my favorite player: James Bond.

    I would die to see that.

  5. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Hey Sinn quick question. I know you consider yourself and expert on Day Game and same for Cameron, but what about Jeremy Soul??? He seems to have a pretty good thing goin and seems legit. Any thoughts on him one way or the other and any reason why he isn't in your top 10?

  6. Anonymous12:43 PM

    hey sinn. i wanted if you will ever release a product with your complete system?! including the 1+1 model and stuff.. i would die for that

  7. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Your last podcast really illustrated why I love your stuff. You are unpretentious, honest, like sports, and are just a really good guy. Meeting girls completely aside, you are the kind of a guy most would like to hang out with, having a couple beers and watching a ballgame. I don't like giving my money to douchebags, and you seem to be the antithesis.


  8. Mike R3:30 PM

    Yes man you are the real deal take the credit in john because you are the shit like Lil Wayne says "I don't cruise control i control the cruise" I applaud you for your life work.

  9. I like the picture. Reminds me of a time I was partying with you in Vegas with an ex-girlfriend of mine... =)

  10. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Hey Sinn wanna hang out?

  11. Congrats Sinn and I love how your listeners compare you to the president and lil wayne haha.

    As for the James Bond thing in the words of Lovedrop "James Bond is a fictional character," (much like the avatars some of the charlatans have created) and you should never model their game for any real life situations.

    Sinn and CJ actually close a lot of real life girls so their advice should be all you need with respect to SNL game. Even though AFC Adam got married he is really good in real life also.

  12. Hi Sinn
    I have become a big fan of your podcast stuff these days :)

    Anyway, I wanted to note an observation that I have made in the recent past

    In all the girls I get numbers with and having been gaming (for the lack of a better word), I have observed a weird pattern that has been occurring in almost all the girls - say more than 95% of the girls

    The girls are in fact attracted to me and very warm and friendly to me when we're together and hitting it up. They respond when I flirt with them. They respond to my texts and phone calls. I can see some of the standard IOI's from them constantly and all the non-verbal cues that I get from them sort of reinforces my thoughts on this.
    But, they never take the initiative of engaging me on the phone at all (or even online) Its always one way when it comes to follow-up game

    Has something like this happened to you before?

    Is it because I am not running qualification (because I think that could be the reason and I haven't been doing much of qualification)
    Or I think,
    Maybe these girls could be "less experienced" and don't know how tp convey interest??

    Thx and Have fun :)
    - R

  13. Didn´t vote there but, you seems like one of the most sensible guys.
    Lots of wierd shit out there.

    I also think you and Brad P are on the right track when having programs rather than just weekend long bootcamps. Also everything that has been released in digital form WILL be available for free. Individual coaching is harder to torrent.

    Greatings fom Sweden btw.

  14. "I'm Sinn, the world's 2nd best Pua."

    Sure you're not a pua? Says so right on your blog. Apparently the 2 needs to be a 1 though...

  15. Anonymous12:37 AM

    You know whats wrong about the internet sinn?

    Idiots have the same "air time" as everibody else.

  16. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Wutchu think of Sinn vs. Vin DIcarlo in a pick up game of Day Game?

  17. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Sinn it would be nice if you made a product about General Social Skills becouse you seem to be pretty good at it, im sure it will help alot of people including me...

  18. TightGame9:15 AM

    Congrats on the ranking. I think it was well-deserved on content alone. Sinns of Attraction has a winning combination of audio, video, and writing. There's also a great balance of game content, general entertainment, and just shooting the shit with guys like Cameron. Getting a few other cool people on the podcast would be a further plus for 2010.

    It would be nice to see other people in the industry being so innovative around content as you have been. Hopefully the bar has been raised for the scene as a whole.