Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Wire is AWESOME!!!

Hey guys,

As the 00-10s wound up I was egged on by several people to watch the HBO show The Wire. So I bought myself the DVD set for Christmas and so far I'm about halfway through season 4 of 5.

The collection of characters and different wasy that they all seem to move through the parallel worlds of the Baltimore police/political scene and the dope game on the streets is pretty spectacular. You add to it that every season and episode seems to build upon something we've already seen or add a new element or dimension to an already existing character is something I've never seen a show do before to this degree.

Friends of mine have been arguing for awhile about whether The Wire or The Sopranos was the best show of the 2000s and I'm not really sure right now. Maybe I'll have to re-watch the Sopranos at some point soon to get a fresh look as I remember being more into the Sopranos, but The Wire feels like it's done a little bit better.

But I'll reserve judgement until after I finish the series.

Anyone else have Wire thoughts?

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Mike R11:09 AM

    The Wire is way better

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    The Wire was solid all the way through. The Sopranos started off strong but got weaker towards the end. The best HBO show was Rome, however. If you know a little about Roman history or have ever read/seen Julius Ceasar then you will love Rome. It's more than just blood & guts and T & A. It's a look at history from a new perspective. Check it out.

  3. Bill Moyers did a great interview with David Simon, producer of The Wire. Well worth the watch.

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM


    I was poked and prodded by my best friends and my sister to watch "The Wire" and truthfully I will say I believe it's the best television series ever.

    The character development, storylines, accuracy of the life, it's just brilliant.

    Favorite character is by far Marlo Stanfield.

    On a game related standpoint, Marlo is a GREAT example of powerful body language. Jamie Hector said he used minimal speech and movement to convey this power in portraying the character.

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I'd say best show I've seen on TV, that and Lost.
    Favorite scene: Weebay eating chicken
    wings carelessly as he admits to 20+ murders or whatever.

    Funniest show on HBO has to go to
    Eastbound and Down, new season coming
    up. Stevie Janowski greatest character in television history.

  6. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I don't know why you sign blog posts like this with "JS - King of Content."

    Just post on your blog and that's all.

  7. The shield is better than the wire

  8. Fader's Gay Boyfriend3:06 PM

    One reason The Wire works so well is because it was mostly a cast of unknown actors and actresses. This gives the roles much more credibility and believability.

    I remember seeing "Daniels" on Lost and saying, "Oh, that's Daniels from The Wire!" and his character on "Lost" lost all credibility with me.

  9. Anonymous3:19 PM

    The creators of The Wire recently did a miniseries about the second Iraq War called Generation Kill. It is also awesome. It's only 7 episodes long, definitely worth checking out.

  10. Corner Yo3:24 PM

    Best show ever. Season 4 is great, innit?

  11. It's pretty F'ing spectacular...

    Sopranos definitely didn't have 4 seasons of the same quality of the first 4 of the Wire that's for sure.

    But Sopranos was revolutionary in terms of making us care about the bad guy so in terms of impact kinda a dead heat.

    Character development is WAY better on The Wire as the Sopranos just made Chris a weirdo and the rest of the characters didn't really evolve in such interesting ways...

    The Wire is also way harder to predict

  12. Anonymous4:46 PM

    You should watch ``Breaking Bad`, once you`re done with the Wire.

  13. Anonymous6:53 PM

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  14. Anonymous9:50 PM

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  15. Anonymous1:05 AM

    True blood is pretty good jonsin 1st season there was some filler. 2nd season a lot more killer. Entourage though all killer no filler.

  16. Entourage... Best show ever! Hands down.


  17. Wow - how on earth did you only watch this superlative TV whow now? Like EIGHT years after it started on HBO?

    The Wire is the best TV show ever !!!


    It has gained a huge cult following in Ireland and the UK over the past couple of years.

    Flawless. Perfect. Superb acting. Excellent storytelling and a damning indictment of the abject failure of both the war on drugs and capitalism.

    David Simon wanted to re-created the novel as a TV show and to that end, he uniquely succeeded.

    It is universally hailed by critics - scoring a unique 100 percent on Metacritic.

    The characters are incredibly fleshed out and are compelling.

    Stringer Bell
    Jimmy McNulty
    Avon Barksdale
    Marlo Stanfield
    Prop Joe
    Bodie Brodus
    Mayor Carcetti

    It is just a wonderfully realised show.

    perfect in every way.

    glad you caught up with it Sinn :-)

  18. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I bench pressed 515 pounds today at the gym. I say that because even I, in all my manly aura, cried when they killed Wallace...To this day, I've never seen any season but the first.

  19. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Yo the wire is sick. When I first saw the police follow Stringer Bell and he was in a fucking community college class, I was blown away. But what about D'Angelo? Where's the love for him? He was the conscious of the streets? Sinn if you like this show, you gotta check out OZ man. IMO that's about as good

  20. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Yeah The Wire was The Shit.

    Loved that show except for a little bit of season 2 on the docks that was just OK.

  21. Avon Barksdale is the most Alpha dude ever! 'If I see you on the westside without a ball again........I'm gon light yo' ass up'

  22. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Yo Jon why does this bonsai dude keep stealing your routines and claiming they are his

  23. I agree with JF. Entourage. Then again I'm also a pseudo-socialite prick who enjoys the temporary company of highly insecure and often drug addicted models, strippers, and occasionally porn stars.

  24. Anonymous6:44 AM

    The Wire KILLS. Season 4 is probably the best... and Season 2 is the worst. Honourable mentions to Seasons 1 + 3.

    OMARS COMING!!!!!!

  25. Anonymous8:45 AM

    The wire is amazing!!! completely agree...

    1st season was in my opinion the best though...

    While the earlier seasons of the sopranos were amazing, i think hour for hour the wire is stronger.

    The new show im hooked on now is Sons of Anarchy....pretty dark at times but very good!


  26. Anonymous9:45 AM

    The Wire highlights on YouTube:

    When you walk through the garden, you better watch your back..."

  27. Anonymous10:56 AM

    They were both excellent at different styles of genre. The sopranos is modern Shakespeare: violent, character focused, and very interested in morality.

    The wire on the other hand, is a modern Greek drama: very story focused, and not so much concentrating on morality as inescapable fate. They're both amazing in their own respects, but the Wire is more engrossing to me. Wait till you see the second half of season 5, possibly the most amazing television ever.

    - ThatDude

  28. Anonymous4:16 PM

    wats the wire

  29. Anonymous12:55 PM


  30. Anonymous7:02 PM

    What is up with the forum? Can´t reach it

  31. Anonymous8:56 AM

    My vote is for Mad Men. Incredible show.

    My top decade non-charlatan vote:

    1. Mad Men
    2. Sopranos
    3. The Wire
    4. Aquateen Hunger Force
    5. Rome
    6. Dexter
    7. Anything with Larry David

  32. I guess i'm going to have to check out the series. I'm a big fan of entourage

  33. Omar Little is a fucking boss. Lovin' both series, but the complexity of Tony as a characters gives the Sopranos a slight edge for me.

  34. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Holy... dude, yeah The Wire is probably the best made show ever. It's not my favorite show (that honor goes to Lost) of all time, but as far as quality, the Wire is tops. Also check out The Shield for another amazing show.