Thursday, January 21, 2010

Replay Link for Last Night's Call

Hey guys,

We had a great turnout of over 250 people on the conference call last night with Inner Game Guru Carlos Xuma.

It was a great call where we covered a ton of info from Inner game to "bringing out the Badboy side of your personality."

Be sure to check out the replay Here in order to hear it for yourself.

And be sure to hit me up with comments.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Jon this is great. I missed the call due work. Thanks for the chance to hear it!

  2. Good shit. I really agree with the importance of being authentic and warming up.

    By the way I like how your blog posts don't promote some product you're selling like most of the other blogs. More people will take your teachings as authentic if you aren't trying to indirectly sell them something.

    You should contact Dream and speak at the 21 Convention again this year.

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    great opener for lairs nowadays:

    "hey guys, real quick....what do SNLs and Haiti have in common?"


    "At some point it only comes down to logistics."

  4. Hi Jon,

    After finding the SUISC not too long ago, I've seen a fair share of different products that "PUA"'s have been putting out. I've noticed that they are all focused on cold approaching women. As a big fan of your blog and material, I was wondering whether you would be providing material for attracting women other than cold approach stuff. Maybe material tailored towards "social circles" and not just the ones that you create with some "crazy PUA lifestyle" ala afc adam type social proof. I am just a normal guy trying to get a girlfriend, and although I know cold approach is just a tool, I feel that it is overemphasized and is definitely one of the hardest ways to meet women. There are plenty of women in our social circle, girls in yoga class, friend of friends, etc. Instead of learning some difficult system that requires a lot of steps and contingencies, maybe just some simple tips focusing on basics would help. Cold approach is defiantly hard and honestly I think there are alot of people who would rather what the
    "PUA"'s call social circle game. There are definitely a lot of material on club social circle game but not just regular social circles. I think there is defiantly a market for guys in my situation. Maybe you can provide us with your insight on this, or heck even make a product, I'm sure a lot of guys would buy it. I know you don't respond to comments a lot, but hearing a response to this would be great. I have an account on the forum, maybe you can respond to me there?


  5. Anonymous12:20 AM

    "You should contact Dream and speak at the 21 Convention again this year"

    Totally agree on this, maybe talk about some advanced stuff on sexual escalation as you always call yourself "the guy who gets laid the most in the community" ....

  6. Anonymous12:16 AM

    thanks for the link, i wasn't able to make the call :)

  7. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Hi Guys,

    I am a new to the pick-up scene and want to sharpen my skills. How do I get invite to the conference call?