Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Female PSychology rough notes

Hey guys,

I'm busy designing the new 12M2M packets for bootcamp this weekend and I figured I'd share some of my notes here.

Here's half of the notes on my female sexuality talk, I'll put the other half in an email for the guys on my list tomor. If you're NOT on my email list sign up today by going to Sinnsofattraction.com, you'll get a free 7 part video course on opening and attraction just for joining and you'll get to see the second half of this post tomor.

Here's the outline of my talk, or half of it at least!

Female Psychology: Day 1 –Hour 2

I. The Key to understanding the relationship between evolution and attraction can be stated thusly. Women are evolutionarily programmed to seek out the sperm(and consequently man) who will offer the best chance at helping her have healthy(and sexy) sons and daughters. Subconsciously this causes women to sort men into two categories, Lovers and Providers. Furthermore the difference between a lover and a provider often comes down to the man’s ability to demonstrate dominance. Dominance is THE factor that causes attraction, as women are evolutionarily programmed to seek out dominant men. If you want to learn more about evolutionary biology I suggest The Red Queen by Matt Ridley, Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, and The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

II. Another factor to understand is the power of the female sex drive. Society has been set up in a way to make it seem as if men are the only gender that enjoys sex. This could not be further from the truth. Additionally women do not experience their sexual peak until the age of 32 while men experience their sexual peak at the tender age of 18. That means women are continually becoming more sexual until the age of 32. To learn more about the female sex drive check out Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden, Erotic Surrender by Claudia Varrin and the Story Of O by Pauline Reage.

III. Triune Brain Theory

Mammalian- Wraps around Reptialian. Limbic system. Hippocampus and the amygdala. Power station of our desires and motivations. Controls bonding and complex emotions such as jealousy, envy and love.

Reptilian- In charge of fight or flight instinct and automatic functions, also helps determine hierarchies and our need to dominate and one up others.

Cerebral Cortex- Controls Logic

IV. Logic Vs Emotion

All people make emotional decisions and then come up with logical arguments to support them.

What a woman says, indicates what she logically thinks she wants. What a woman does indicates what she REALLY wants

V. Sexual Arousal

Arousal is a combination of the Limbic and Reptilian brain. There are physical things happening as a woman becomes attracted. Arousal is an autonomic function.

Arousal must have the appropriate perceptual filter on it, in order for a woman to act on it(Credit SwinngCat for the wording). Each Brain system acts as a filter; logical- “He’s my type”, Emotional(limbic) Jealousy or Compeitition. Reptilian- Fear builds arousal. Women are sexually aroused multiple times a day but are not given the right desires to act on this arousal.

VI. Attraction is the feeling of wanting someone and the compulsion to act on that desire.

Attraction is a feeling, which means that it is transient and can end at any time.

Attraction in and of itself is useless without the proper amount of investment.

This is why investment and not attraction is the secret to seducing women.

Attraction exists only as a tool to increase a woman’s amount of investment in the man.

VII. Girls just want to have FUN!

Emotional Stimulation- What you gets you the girl is one thing and one thing only, THE WAY YOU MAKE HER FEEL!

Fun is the ULTIMATE attraction switch.

The Roles Emotions have with women and pickup

Using emotions to relate, ground yourself, and establish an identity for the

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM


    You mentioned that it is investment and not attraction that leads to success. With investment there are two schools of thought.

    School 1 - the foot in the door. This technique involves asking for a small favor and then gradually upping the ante.

    School 2- the door in the face.
    This technique involves asking for a favor that's too big. When you are rejected for this favor you dial it back a notch and get that which you originally wanted.

    Long story short after reading your lay report book, you seem to advocate using the foot in the door approach (a small agreement here a minor move there and then gradually raising the level of compliance required while calibrating to her state every step of the way).

    My question is two-fold. 1) is there a conflict between dominace and comfort? 2) Do females take comfort in dominace as accepted (or perhaps expected) gender roles?

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Nice, thanks a lot

  3. Anonymous12:31 PM

    this is ganster I need to make some notes

  4. Listen up PUA bloggers!

    There's a reason Jon is the King.

    It's because he actually delivers quality content in his posts..

    Keep swinging that massive value hammer man!

  5. Anonymous6:05 PM

    TO :Mr Chode

    Adam Lyons came up the the "investment leads to attraction".

  6. Anonymous3:23 AM

    This is awesome Jon, would be great in the future if you can cite your sources on which psychology books, journals, documents etc you are referencing. I know you mentioned a few books but I am talking about the "scientific facts"

  7. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Listen up Mr. Choad that is true on one level or another but investing with certain girls will help and other times its a waste of time. Sinn qualification is the most important tool we have which may be true with certain girls. Whereas naturals can have a 1-2 min convo with a girl and there good to go. Tell me what investment was there? Those girls were horny or they were sexually open. Its a case by case thing so there is no need to be rigid. Its a matter of calibration. If a girl as soon as you walk up to her shes eyein your cock then chances are if you get her alone its a done deal. Again its a case by case thing. Getting a girl to invest is important as well

  8. .....dude
    I have the feeling that you have no damn clue about female psychology, sorry.
    All this evolutionary bullshit has very little to do with
    "How to deal with and understand women".

    and now bash me :D

  9. Hey Sinn, love the blog and your notes, thanks for all the content. I had a request for a better/clearer picture of the model you described at the 21 convention in '08, do you have one available? That'd be rad, keep hustling brotha!

  10. If you made equivalent "rough notes" for male psychology. What would it look like?

  11. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Very good summary, you hit the nail on the head with this one and with the newsletter.

  12. Relldarake10:32 AM

    good game...you nailed it!

  13. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Self-help guys have really got to drop Triune brain theory. While an interesting metaphor, it has been completely disproved by biomedical researchers over the last 30 years.

  14. Who cares about Triune brain theory.
    Have any of the biomedical researchers got laid even once over the last 30 years?

  15. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Love your blog, Sinn. I'm curious, do you have an idea of when your breakthrough comfort product will be out?

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    nice article

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    Hi, thanks for sharing your blog

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    rofl hhahaha i reckon bb's response is the best-reserchers and getting laid classic!

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